Old Timey Part 2

Finally got some time to review the photos we took, make some notes, and plan for round two.

The challenge we encountered was getting the correct lingerie for the period, the granny pants were easy but where do you find bullet bras ?

Enjoy !

The whiskey bottle in the last pic was spontaneous, inspiration for the next time !


Old Timey Tribute

We finally had time last night to get a first run at our Irving Klaw/Bettie Page photo tribute. Lots of pics were taken, shots of whiskey consumed, copious amounts of notes were taken, lots of fun and work, now to the arduous task of editing them.

Then trying to recreate this:

Stay tuned, we will post the rest soon 🙂


Photo Tribute

This last weekend we spent part of our time cruising local shops for props to use for an upcoming photo shoot tribute to Irving Klaw, the guy who brought us Bettie Page.

Looking to emulate something like this:

Stay Tuned