I Want One !

We like Twisted Monk’s hemp rope, its soft, durable, and he has a damn competitive price. But the folks at Maui Kink have a hell of a deal on some DIY rope kits.

We would love to have one of these kits ! Not sure what color, any suggestions ? Natural, black, purple, and maybe green color would look sexy against Georgia’s skin.

Should someone who likes what we do here decide to contribute and send us one of these kits, I can pretty much guarantee a photo shoot just for “you” to enjoy for your contribution…hint hint! ;o) you can email us for shipping details.

~Jay n Georgia

More Car Bondage Fun

As is shown in a a previous post we spent part of our morning the other day playing with each other, then me tying G.  There was a “reason” we were doing this. Graydancer over at Ropecast is giving away a 50$ dolla’ gift certificate from Twisted Monk, purveyor of fine bondage rope. So go out get some rope, then a car, then a camera take a few pics, send them to this address. Even if you dont win its a good excuse to run around naked for a while.

Heres a few more pics from the other day. Was really hot watching G strut around teasing me while I fumbled through the rope.

Driver seat view.

Even though the rope isnt taught I really like the picture and her position.

If someone walked by they might have seen this lovely present waiting for them.

Something almost psychedelic about binding someone in rope, them being bound, its an electric sensation that pulses through both bodies.


Car Bondage Fun

Jay and I like to listen to various podcasts pertaining to a variety of kinky topics.  Among our faves are Graydancer and Twisted Monk.  They have combined in a giveaway of TwistedMonk gift certificates for submissions of a theme they announce on the podcast.  This months was ‘car bondage’. Now being a creative minded individual, I thought ‘no sweat’, but as it turns out, it was a lot of sweat, for Jay that is.  After we settled on a simple plan (tie me up, and throw me in the back seat of the car damsel-in-distress style), he figured out how he wanted me trussed up, and got to work.  He’s getting very good at getting things secured, maintaining constant contact with my skin, teasing me and slapping my ass to move me this way or that. Chest harness, legs secured, wrists bound, gag tied, he threw me over his shoulder and carried me out to the car, caressing my ass and telling me how sexy I was. Getting me in the back seat was a little challenging, but I think my total dependence on him for my movement and positioning is a turn on for Jay. Once he got me situated, arched, and arranged, he checked me out from several angles, but couldn’t resist popping my nipple out for teasing. Pictures taken, the real fun commenced….and my legs are still quivering!

Here’s a few of his handiwork!



The Art of Restraint

There are times when living in the midwest has its advantages, then there are times when it has it disadvantages.  This weekend was disadvantage midwest.

If you were in San Francisco this past weekend I hope you were lucky enough to check out some sexy rope fun at the Femina Potens, super suave celebrity rigger/rope maker Monk, the sultry sexy Madison Young and Miss Calico.

SF Weekly has the pictures here. We thought they were pretty hot, G had visions of being in the meat in the Monk, Madison Young sandwich.


So If You Like Rope

There are a couple of rope bondage personalities that I like to read, and yes learn to emulate. One is Twisted Monk, the rope maker extraordinaire, the other is the mystical Greaydancer. Graydancer has a podcast, er ropecast,   that provides enlightened, intelligent commentary in the world of kink. Both gentleman have a solid pedigree in the rope/bdsm/poly et al. communities.

So I am encouraging, or prodding anyone interested in rope bondage specifically to check out both websites, their writings, and products. Right now they are currently offering a contest in which they are giving away a 50$ gift certificate from Twisted Monk.com.

From Graydancers blog:

“That’s right, giving them away. Use it to buy a couple of lengths of your favorite, or towards a bigger kit, whatever. It’s yours. All you have to do is come up with a creative entry.

What do you mean “creative” ?

Exactly that. A picture. A poem. A story. A limerick. A drawing. An interpretive dance.”
So cruise on over to their blog listen to the ropecast and enter the contest, you never know, you could be the lucky winner !


I have really gotten into rope, tying Georgia’s hands together or feet together or hands to feet or hands to breast. It really doesnt matter to me, I enjoy having her beautifully ensconced in rope, the sexy black cords next to her skin stir up the strongest fantasies.

I love the texture of hemp rope, the Twisted Monk hemp rope I have is amazing. Its as if the rope itself has a energy of its own. Not sure what he does to it but when I opened the rope from its package, a very peculiar buzz surged into me. Fondling the rope as I would Georgias ass, I ran it through my fingers doing as was suggested and pulling it through my palms to straighten the rope and work in some natural oil. I wonder how many orgasms he might be responsible for, could he have a better record of getting people laid than this guy.

Lastly I really like tying Georgia, thats really the bottom line. She is so sexy when wearing it, or being tied up that the erotic vibe is surging when we pull out the rope. Its the sexiest kind of foreplay to take your time, touching the skin, feeling at one with your partner. The feeling of your partner giving to you and giving back to them is a constant turn on, pulsing with sexual energy, playing and teasing one another. She gets the wettest when I have her tied, avoiding touching her clit directly, and stimulating the other areas of her that interest me.

We are just getting into it, and I will be writing and sharing more about our adventures with rope. Stay tuned…