Her Animal Lust

Georgia is a big fan of HBO’s True Blood, which is about to begin its third season this weekend.  I like watching the show, but for different reasons.

Something happens to Georgia when she sees real life couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer shedding their clothes on screen. Or maybe its the pandering of pseudo s/m fetish designs, along with plenty of unabashed visual provocation that gets Georgia’s blood flowing.

You can view the trailer of the new season here.

And Who Fucks On Altars Anymore ?

I really enjoyed the HBO series Deadwood, unfortunately when HBO creates a good thing they seem to immediately cancel the program.

Here’s a scene in which, Mr W a fierce sadistic top, and agent for George Hearst patronizes a high end brothel. The character wonderfully played by Garrett Dillahunt, plays a psychotic who, as the madam describes is “a specialist…who enjoys being cranky with his women”.

This scene highlights this tension apparent as Mr W explains to the madam his nostalgia for traditions of the past.

I miss this show.