Survey Says !

Came across this survey over at Vivianes.

From the survey.

The purpose of this survey is to assess how having a dog or cat may be related to a person’s experience of sexual intimacy within their romantic relationships.”

We have a dog and a cat, both are very much part of lives, but are pretty much non existent when we have play time. The survey was fun, simple, and quick to take. So if you have a dog or cat, click on over 🙂


Calculated And Precise Lovemaking

Here’s an amusing sex survey of students who attend MIT.

Here’s a taste of the intellectual goodness.

“It may not come as a surprise to some that Senior House takes the cake for both floorcest and anal sex. 52 percent of Senior House non-virgins say they have had sex with someone in their living group. 36 percent of non-virgins say they have had anal sex. The least floorcestuous dorm is the Phoenix group (NW-35), where nobody copped to having sex with someone else in the group. The least anal-receptive dorm is McCormick, where only 5 percent of non-virgin girls say they have had anal sex.”