Dear Diary – Take Me Down

Dear Diary,
Jay and I havent had as much time to play lately, and I find Im sorely missing it. So the other day I decided to take matters in hand myself.

I sat and waited patiently, excitement and anxiety bubbling up from my core.. Suddenly, I didn’t want to wait anymore. Im naked and impatient. He sits in front of the computer, contemplating something, anything but me.  I reached out to stroke his muscled chest and kiss his neck, and my hands are suddenly, and forcibly, halted in their exploration.

“I said wait,” Jay says to me patiently.

But Im impatient this time.  So I ignore him, and when he frees my hands again to resume whatever intellectual pursuits he is engaged in, I immediately reach for his cock, hoping to inspire him. He immediately slides the chair back from the desk, giving me a brief surge of joy at my success.  Faster than I thought possible, Im face down on the bed, with my hands pinned behind my back.  The feel and weight of his body holding me still was more, and less, than my body and spirit were craving at that moment, when suddenly I realize ‘I dont have to take this’.  I buck my body, twisting, wiggling, struggling for freedom.  The mood became serious and intense in a flash, and as his muscular arms strain to hold me still, I feel the caress of the hemp rope on my back and arms. As I wriggle and twist my upper body in a half-hearted attempt to free myself, my long, tan, nicely muscled legs try to wrap around him. My greatest fear at this point is not that I’ll be restrained, but that I wont get the orgasm that Im desperately needing. The rope cinched tight, my hands immobilized, he helps me up from the bed, pulls me gently, but firmly, to the end of the bed nearest the desk, where Im forced to my knees and secured to the bedpost near the floor so I cant stand.

“Now….I said wait,” Jay says patiently.

He resumes his position at the desk, where he pulls up some of our favorite porn for my torturous entertainment. Feeling my pussy throb, hot and moist, I watch as my tormentor pushes the desk chair back again, stands briefly to remove his clothing and reveal his sexy body that so enthralls me. Sitting back down, he pushes my knees wide, exposing my clit nicely for his viewing pleasure. Slowly, lazily, casually he strokes my cock.  I feel breathless and light-headed with raw, primal need.

My arms strain, every muscle in my body taut, and leaned forward to the farthest reaches of my tether, trying to reach his now-hard cock that is jutting up at the perfect angle to penetrate me in any way he sees fit.  Keeping himself just outside reach of my mouth, he laughs the low, deep, sexy laugh that touches something low in my body. Standing, he fists his hand in my long red hair, and thrusts his beautiful cock in my mouth with little regard for breathing or gag reflex. Over and over his head and shaft crawl down my throat to the fine line between pleasure and pain. Unable to swallow, saliva rolls down my chin, emulating the wetness bursting from my pussy.

He pulls out of my mouth, making me whimper with need and longing for more. Bending over to untie me from the bedpost, a bite his firm ass.

“Your going to pay for that you know.”

Standing me up, and adjusting his ties around my body, he bends me at the waist to expose my rounded ass, resting my head on the bed.  As the first kiss of our suede flogger caresses my ass, I close my eyes to savor the sensation.  My body freezes, afraid that if I fight or resist, he will stop. He has found the key to my complicity. Then an unexpected snap burns a series of red welts along my ass cheek. My spine bows, air hisses through my teeth, and any fight I had in me is suddenly gone.

Over and over, the mean flogger whistles through the air to connect with my ass, hips and thighs. Every muscle in my body is tight and straining, like a bow with an arrow pulled back, ready to fly to its destination. I lose track of how many times my ass has been bitten by the thin strips of leather. My body has never been more ready to explode, the line between pleasure and pain temporarily erased.

His gentle but manly hands are suddenly smoothing over the skin that is hypersensitive now with every nerve ending on fire. I’m beyond words now. I whimper and border on the edge of tears. Then without warning, the head of his hard cock is sliding around the lips of my aching and wet pussy, still teasing me.  His hands grab my hips to steer my ass down hard on his jutting member.  He pounds into my aching body, and in addition to the tap on my cervix at the height of each thrust, his body slams into the so-sensitized skin of my ass.  Within 3 thrusts, my body explodes without warning into a screaming orgasm, the likes of which I have never experienced.

Pausing to savor the contractions of my orgasm around his cock, he leans down over my back. His breath warm on my ear, he whispers ‘don’t you wish for someone to tongue your clit right now?” and then resumes pounding my body.  My vision narrows, and there is no coherent thought, just primal, animalistic, need. The orgasms come every few minutes, until they seem to run together.  As the tears pour down my cheeks, and my cum runs down my leg, he thrusts one last time, deeper than ever before, and he yells wordless, enraptured with his own orgasm.

Slowing his pace, he wraps his long, muscular arms around my shaking body, as we slowly lower to the floor.

I feel nothing but peace, and love, safe and warm,

Who could ask for more from a man? Strong and gentle…forceful and tender…lean and beautiful.

Will update you next week on our intimate adventures.



Swing Sex

Never before had we incorporated some sort of swing into our play. When we do suspensions they have been typically for photographic or rigging purposes, the sexual tension becomes as thick as….well its thick.

The other day I happen to tie Georgia in the perfect position for intercourse. Finally we have discovered rope bondage for sex ! Logistically speaking we stumbled upon the position, physically it was an amazing sensation.

Georgia’s hands were tied, she was suspended horizontally to height of my hip, I held fast to the ropes as I thrust into her, would pause then twirl her in the air in different directions. I had a delightfully sadistic time playing with her, I withdrew a few times, teasing her creamy skin to stimulate a more volcanic eruption from her.

It was so erotic, excitement of the new experience being almost too much to handle. Alas, as we finished the session and I untied Georgia, both of us glowing telling each other we couldn’t wait to do it again.


Birds & The Bees Response

Our Rope-Idol, Graydancer, was entertaining the topic of sex education, aka ‘the birds and the bees’ that prompted this response from me:

I have an 11 year old daughter (going on 23) who just underwent the per-requisite ‘birds and bees day’ at school. She brought home the form, and giggled, and said ‘do I really have to do this? I already know all this stuff!”

I’m an RN, and she is my 3rd trip down the hormonal hell-train that is puberty, she’s been very educated about her body and we’ve started talking about sex (in a sex-positive way, of course!) She came home from ‘V-Day’ (Vagina Day) at school with a little package containing a pamphlet for her and one for me (on how/what to talk to my daughter about puberty) 2 pads, and a mini Secret deodorant. I started looking through the booklets, and it was like Nickelodeon and Disney combined to vomit all over the traditional material! So very upbeat about the whole ordeal! They went into a lot of detail about every, and I do mean EVERY possible symptom of puberty onset.
That all sounds pretty good, right? But as I kept reading there was NO mention of sex at all. Lots of info about pubescent changes (and the boys got the same deal in a separate room, of course), but NOTHING about masturbation/sex (although she did ask me about wet dreams…lol). The funny/tragic thing about the whole deal was they still talked about sex that day. On the playground at lunchtime, my daughter said the boys and girls compared booklets in their little cliques. (one of the boys apparently asked how he would know if he had an erection, and the teachers response was ‘it will be staring right back at you’…lol…the one-eyed-wonder-worm strikes again!) She says no one offered ‘show and tell’, but the majority of the conversation that was relayed to me was about how the two genders fit together in a sexual context. I answered all of her questions she garnered from her lunchtime schoolyard quorum, which she promptly ran to the computer to send off messages to her little pals to clarify their confusion as well. Since then, Ive kind of turned into the impromptu Dr. Ruth for her and her 6th grade pals! I figure as a nurse, at least I’m making sure they have accurate info (instead of the usual fallacies that are circulated at that age) but I was sad that even after revamping the whole ‘sex-ed day’ at school, they STILL are not covering safe sex, or sex at all for that matter. So I cant speak for anyone else, but I am spreading sex-positive education in our neck of the woods! lol

I ask myself as I sit here, why is the general consensus society-wide that sex is bad and should not be discussed? If you enjoy sex, in any of its many, many flavors, why wouldn’t you want to make sure your child enjoys something that is such an integral part of successful relationships? Certainly there should be some small constraint as to when a child is emotionally/physically mature enough to handle the content of such education.  But if we teach our children how to be kind and generous, manage money, take care of themselves physically, and drive a car, as well as a zillion other lessons taught by example every day, why shouldn’t they learn that amazing joy and fulfillment can be had and shared? Why DON’T we want our children to feel good?

I think society as a whole should get over their own discomfort about talking about sex, and quit leaving their children’s sex education to the internet and gossip circles at school. After all, everyone knows those are VERY credible sources of information.

Thanks for listening to my rant…you can read Gray’s original article here



New Reads

Some quick bits.

Over at Counterpunch Dr Susan Block gives us some lovely verbiage with her review of the Bonobo Handshake by Vanessa Woods.

And after a tweet about this new book, a wonderful easy to read dissertation titled Sex At Dawn The Pre Historic Origins Of Modern Sexuality. Anyone interested in any aspect of sexual congress should read this book. Certain the author(s) will be making the day time talk show rounds if they havnt already.


A Strong Elongated Penis Is The Solution

That was the quote from this article in the BBC. Evidently deep sea squids have a penis that is roughly the entire length of their body to facilitate reproduction.

From the article:

“The mature male squid was caught during a deep-water research cruise on the Patagonian slope. We took the animal from the catch, and it was moribund with arms and tentacles still moving, and chromatophores on the skin contracting and expanding,” he told the BBC.

“When the mantle of the squid was opened for maturity assessment, we witnessed an unusual event.

“The penis of the squid, which had extended only slightly over the mantle margin, suddenly started to erect, and elongated quickly to 67cm total length, almost the same length as the whole animal.”

Being the lazy type, I would like to have a penis that extended the length of my body. I could inject Georgia with sperm a room away while I lay on the couch.


Impromptu Slave

It was one of those subdued mornings, birds chirping excitedly under the flat gray sky’s, dampness hung the air as I felt the cool breeze through the opened window.  I wanted to stay in bed, bury myself into Georgia, her feeling my erection grow into her; we are pathological morning sex people.

Usually when we have a day together we have quite a bit of play time to break up the routines of the day; but this day was one distraction after another, household chores, and last minute visits with friends departing town. I had to withhold my impulsive want to wrap my hands around G’s hips, lusting after he walking in a green sarong.

When we finally had a moment together at the end of the day it was all about connection between us. Our attraction to each other was intense, drawn to each other in the most primitive way. She looked into me with submissive green eyes as she stood giving herself to me, knowing what we both ached for.

There were no words between us as I began to remove the sarong and black tank top.  I turned her around, feeling naked skin beneath my fingers that was electric to the touch. Standing behind Georgia, I pressed myself against her skin, feeling her melt into me, I then started to wrap the rope around her breasts, finishing by tying her hands behind her back, then looping the rope to the O-ring dangling over us. I then instructed her to sit on her knees, guiding her down, I grabbed her round ass firmly, running my hand in circles over the hot skin. I then covered her eyes with a black scarf, fixing it properly on her face, she was now completely submissive to me.

I brought over the paddle, told her to bow as far as she could the rope holding her in place. Her tightened ass was presented for me perfectly, the first smack caused her to emit a slight excited squeal, her not knowing it was coming made it all the more sexy. I gave her red cheeks another swat, each time lingering with the paddle, swatting her ass a few more times, she embraced each slap, wanting to feel the firmness of the hot leather against her supple round behind.

I told her to rise up from her bow in front of me, letting her feel the absence of the paddle against her body, making her hunger for it all the more. I told her she was my slave, my pet, my toy, she was craving me inside of her, she told me so several times. Repeating to me.

“I love you, I love your  cock, may I please have it ?”

Telling her to open her mouth for me, she obeyed, looking around through covered eyes searching for my voice, straining against the rope she was reaching out with her tongue for my body. I enjoyed the pleasure of seeing her want me, she was writhing, her hips moving on an unseen body, her lips open and wet for me. I step forward to her, inserting myself into her wet wanting mouth, I was stiff, thrusting into her she submitted to me completely, giving herself to me, as my fat wet cock worked back and forth against her lips. My hands ran through her red hair, holding her head against my cock, using her mouth to harden my ever stiffening member, I let her catch her breath as she visibly came twice for me.

Standing her up and spreading her legs, I inserted my happy, smiling wet cock inside her moist tight pussy. Her body was impaled on mine as I thrust into her savagely. I was a warrior plundering the village, enjoying the spoils of a hard earned campaign, Georgia thrust back into me, satisfying her own carnal lust, our connection together was intensified even more by our mutual orgasm, both of us channeling each others energy. Intoxicated by the endorphins coursing through our body Georgia slumped into me, as I held her next to me. Slowly I untied her, bringing us back down to earth, easing our transition back from our journey and into the distractions of the day.


Fantasy Play

So how much does one express oneself in the arms of another lover while riding the cascading sheets of orgasmic intensity. Do you tell your cohort all that is in your mind. Do you speak about seeing your partner in some various form of sexual pleasure ?
Some have said that what is said in bed stays in bed, and shouldn’t be taken further or too seriously.

While I would agree that is true in many different aspects, I think alternatively it is important for people to express their desires in bed, talk about them, explore what you like and don’t like.

I think of this reflecting how the kinky/sexual relationship I have with G has grown. Certainly its not limited to merely our sexual dynamic, but has enhanced the relationship in many many positive ways.

At times Georgia and I tell each other all kinds of particular raunchy, or not so raunchy, fantasy’s when we have sex. Saying these things to each other has been the extra seasoning to our saucy mix that is our life together; raising our intimacy, honesty, and communication.

In the middle of sex we are as vulnerable as we will ever be to another person.  Being able to speak freely without judgment frees us from the shackles of pre existing beliefs. Breaks though our fears of the unknown, to experience that what was once thought of as taboo, or forbidden. Georgia and I started teasing each other about being watched, which led to playing on the cam, which then led to daring make out sessions in public, to risque clothing, to then jumping wholeheartedly into rope bondage.

At the same time, other areas of our life have been made easier with the increased trust. The demands of the workplace, home life, non sex interactions with others, all of these particular stresses becomes much easier to handle.

So as I tell G while her long legs are thrown over my shoulder; I want to tie her up and have two women tease every inch of her body at my instruction. I get a greater turn on knowing that she’s thinking the same thing, only its me that is tied up !

Sex Is Strong In Ukraine

Interesting post by the sage of sexually smart Dr. Marty Klein taking a working holiday in the Ukraine.

He said:

I was told over and over that Ukrainian women dressed to kill because there are too many women chasing too few men. Why? The answers reveal plenty about Ukrainian society.

First, many men drink so much that they’re uninteresting companions, poor sexual partners, lousy marriage prospects, or violent. Second, many men clearly have poor job and financial futures—they’re under-educated, under-motivated, and living through a poor economy. Third, many men are unprepared for women who are now feeling more entitled and more independent.

The result: the few guys who are good catches can be very, very picky. For better or worse, young Ukrainian women are competing for these guys by advertising their, um, beauty. Or sexuality—take your pick.

Reminds me of dating in college.

Read the rest here


Just One Piece Of Clothing

As our scene intensifies, her arms are tied above her, small clamps pinch her nipples as the slender crop slaps at her clit.

She is moaning. Each time the leather of the crop hits her clit her legs shudder, I take time in between hits to linger on her skin, applying pressure, outline her hungry opening. I slap some more, a bit harder than the last, she tries to close her legs to enhance the sensation but I dont let her. I apply several slaps in a row to her ever wetter pussy. Turning her around I have a go at her ass, having her count out the ten slaps that are applied to each cheek.

She knows what she has to do, she must beg for my cock, beg for the enjoyment of having it inside of her, beg for pleasure of calling it hers.

Not content for the moment as I know she has more in her to give. I attach a small clamp to her clit, causing her more excited shouts, and wispy chants of giving her more. Sliding a finger inside her, probing her, feeling her tighten and moisten around me, I ask how many times she has cum. She replies with a mumble of six.

Knowing that I can take G to the point where her orgasms are continuous, I push on, pulling on the clamps, kissing her deeply, whispering in her ear that she is mine.

More slaps, but with the paddle this time. Her senses are overloading, the pleasure between her legs has now enveloped her body and mind, shuddering with uncontrolled orgasms. I free her hands, she obediently goes to her knees to inhale my cock with a determined fury. Feeling her about to push me over the edge, I take her to edge of the bed, bending her over, I ease into her. Thrusting ever harder I am holding her body firmly, unable to move she can only succumb to more pleasure as I seek my release.

After scenes like that the most important toy we have is the one below. Anytime we have a scene like that G slips into that and we lay together coming back down the mountain top.


A Hot Piece Of Bamboo Laminate

Earlier this week G posted about her experience with the simple “sex toy” we created.

Have been attracted to the idea of a spreader bar to use when we play. Though I delight in holder her leg to my chest, doing that keeps my hands occupied unable to reach out to trace her curves.

After taking a few minutes to look at the stack of scrap wood I have laying around I pulled out a lonely piece of bamboo laminate. Feeling its heft in my hands I briefly pondered its nomination as prototype. Being worthy I proceed to drill one inch holes at a equal remove, then sanded away the rough edges and we were ready for field trials.

More about this later, but just a simple piece of wood took G and I to a place we had not been, a kind of psychedelic experience that intense scenes create.