Your Thong Is Showing

Georgia and I were discussing if the type of underwear a woman wore indicated anything about their sexual proclivities ? Certainly its subjective and has about as much merit as someone who has short hair is an uptight insurance salesman, but its fun conversation to have.

Georgia wears thongs, and she is pretty sexually assertive. We know of a couple of other women who identify in the same way.

Now we realize that not all women are of the same mold, some women dont care for the thong, some dont care for underwear at all.

We were kind of disappointed though to find out that the woman G was flirting with a granny pant fan.


Eye Candy

Looking at her

while listening to this 🙂

Summer Here

The warm weather, garden, and a privacy fence make for a play land of distraction. Hard to focus on work and writing when you have scantily clad female applying herself to a bit of sweaty physical labor.

If I swing the pick, or plunge the shovel deep into the furrowed ground, she rewards me by bending over strategically.

My reward at the end of the day is giving her a cool spraying her with my hose.



Caught these ne’er do wells in action on Georgia’s strawberries of all places.

Looks like he is giving her thorax a good slap !

Hope its consensual and I am not mistaking pro creation for predatory annihilation…


If The Sandal Fits

Going to a ropey fetishy event tomorrow night…would “rope sandals” be toppy enough ?