Intertwined And Tied

The music plays, a bass-line pounds deep.

Lights flicker, our guiding glow.

Warm, soft, skin, skimming touch, with heavy rope, to bind and unwind you.

Musceles tighten, stress and release, balance, rising to the ring above.

I’m floating, falling, hovering, transcending pain and finding pieces of self.

And above it all is









and a supreme belief in another being.

Intertwined and tied.

Ode To My Cock~

To stroke…
To suck…
To lick…
To nibble…
Long, deep throat strokes that almost gag, but taste so good
Short, shallow, teasing of better things to come
Light, teasing, tongue-flicking,
Wet, shiny, glistening pre-cum on the tip of my tongue
Tracing my tongue from behind his balls to the glistening head
Swirling around and around before slamming my mouth down
Gripping the base
Tracing a wet finger down, down, and around his ass
Finding my rhythm
Up slowly, sucking every long hard inch
Down fast, hard and tight
Up down
Up down
Up down faster, tightening my grip on his cock
Following my mouth with my hand
Up down
He moans, throws back his head, thrusts his head deep into the hot sucking opening to my soul
And his face, in the midst of his climax, reflects the total release of his defenses, his self
His hot cum shoots into my constricting throat, a river of life, threatening to break down my inner walls and outer defenses
Sliding down my throat, a piece of him is mine
I lift my head from my own special joy
To look at his face, his eyes, his body
And I smile.