If Your Not Hetero Your Against Us

You might have heard in the news of a video called Collateral Murder, a video testimony of the uselessness of war shown to the world by the organization Wikileaks. The person who provided that video was a young US Army Specialist by the name of Bradley Manning. You can read background about the story here, here, and here.

Though the media will largely ignore this heroic effort by this young man, the picture they will paint will be that of a solitary, angry man. Already there are allegations that the guy is a “pre transgendered male” who was upset at the dont ask dont tell policy, the media will stoke the homophobic fears of Americans. Painting the young man in a negative light, instead of applauding and standing up for what this kid did.

As if being gay, bi, or transgendered were more of a crime than projecting unwarranted violence on a distant people. For when they mention Mr Manning, with his “stylish upswept hair” or any individual in the media having non hetero tendencies it is usually implied as to “what” type of sex they prefer, not “with” whom they prefer. The Supreme Court nominee Kagan underwent much the same sort of smear when she was first introduced.

Large media outlets today serve as marketing tools for whatever corporate umbrella they would be under. Take this story from Violet Blue, the hidden agenda behind some anti porn groups; or the marketing driven news supplements that play on emotion to jump start sales.

For in this day and age of Corporate Media, sexual acceptance comes down to two factors, on the one hand you need to display along with big tits, a virginal purity, acting whimsical and submissive; or if you are not violently destroying something then fucking it brutally, you are a sodden wimp who deserves to be pushed around.


Truth Dying On The Vine

We were sitting in the bar, its long oak table stretched beside us, its solid surface decorated with various drinks of gold, red, and brown. The altar of various tribes of spirits in front of us as we looked backed at our reflections. We were listening John Pilger on Democracy Now as he was speaking of “a war on truth telling” regarding this article, exposing a small part of the soap opera that is our imperial regime.

Jeez guy who wrote the article must have really pissed someone off, a colleague remarked, putting his glass to his lips.

He told the the truth, he reported what he saw, and who is to say that perhaps, his subject wanted did things he wanted the reporter to see, another of our group of four commented.

A patron from the corner hearing our conversation said; “I cant believe a man of that rank not knowing what he was getting himself into when allowing a reporter to follow him, if he is that naive then he deserves to be fired.”

I agreed with the sentiment by this commentary, and got the feeling the story was written as though the general was working with the reporter to lay the groundwork for either a political career, or a Hollywood film development deal.

Isn’t there an old army saying he was so dumb even the other generals noticed.

Which led to more drinks, then extended ramblings about the larger questions ignored by the laughable mainstream media.

Always at War with something aren’t we ? The war on truth in whatever form, the truth about sex, the truth about our government, the truth about processed food, the list goes on ad nauseam.

We looked back at our beers while on the tv the obedient media wolves continued to descended upon any offensive interloper. Enforcing a strict omerta on anyone who dare speak out, whether it be politics, sex, culture, or education.

The Sexual Contradictions Of American Culture

After watching television for a couple of hours one might think Americans are exposed to countless images of sex in some overt or covert form. Obviously, sex sells, always has always will. I am not really arguing the point that there is too much sex. My point of view is that sex is treated very immaturely and negatively by mainstream pop culture.

Lets take the Tiger Woods scandal. The poor guy, this is what he gets for being really really really good at something, aspiring in his chosen profession to be the best that has ever been. Who gives a rats ass if he fucks around on his wife, his wife certainly will make him pay, pun intended. Now he has to go through the oprah guilt addressing his sexual desires, not addressing the real issue of his relationship with his wife.

Take the sitcom Seinfeld. I applaud the artistic means in which they employed sexual humor. Subdued, mature, without the junior high embarrassment or giggles. You knew that each one of the characters were having sex in one way or another. There was an episode where a plot point was one of Jerry’s friends had stolen a “sexual” move of his.¬† Despite what is said of the self important smugness of the show more shows should deal with sex with such intellectual humor.

The area of the world in which I live is very very socially conservative, most of the USA tends to be socially conservative, at least as a group. Which leads me to another question I have to ask. While most persons as individuals are pretty open minded, tolerant, believe when it comes down to it, in personal responsibility. George Carlin was right when he mentioned this point in one of his stand up routines. He mentioned that when people get together they then have an “agenda”. Of course the trash heap of history is piled high with examples of this fallacy.

I am reminded of George Orwell’s book 1984, Big Brother had removed the motivations for sexual behavior from Winston because it led to questioning of the states totalitarian policies. Besides the sensationalist stories that are recycled every few days seems to be what some politicians in this country would prefer as policy, e.g. the abstinence only tripe that is served in USA public schools.

I guess thats why I have always liked  Madonna, she seem to buck the trend, certainly she isnt first, but could very well be the last to do so.