A Weave And A Patch

Yesterday, we received our Rope Love patch from Jo Qatana, to get yours there is a link on the left that will take you to the order form. The patch’s colors are vibrant and we are so delighted to have ours. Now just to get one of the Maui Kink gear bags to apply it too.

Speaking of Maui Kink we had a few moments last night and threw together a breast harness, but added a nice weave of Mohair on the back. The pics are not the greatest but seeing the idea come to life it inspired a few ideas.

Have we mentioned how we are smitten by the hemp rope !


Kinky Delightful Goods

We were pretty busy last week and never got a chance to pass along Maui Kink’s August newsletter. Take a look at their specials and discounted offerings especially if you happen to be in a particular part of California at a particular time.

As if that isnt enough, they sent Graydancer a buffet of kinky items to display at his various travels around the continental US. With an almost dreamy orgasmic delight he put together a video wherein he speaks about few of his favorite items, check it out here.

Enjoy !

Groovy Rope Grope

We had a chance yesterday after business errands to play with the colorful Maui Kink rope. We are smitten completely with their rope, its feel, its texture, not sure what their secret sauce is but damn is the rope just yummy.

The one aspect we particularly like with having the various colors is being able to create, no matter how it might look, a colorful tie that looks ever so sexy against Georgia’s skin. The Blue Hawaii, the Purple Poni, and Natural are such vibrant, electric colors, that we sit slack jawed, staring at the rope.

The Blue Hawaii is a color that says Aloha! shhh…you can almost hear the Ukulele in the background !

We were feeling very exotic so Georgia picked up some peacock hurls, just to tease !


Happy Diamond Wrap

We were passing the time in between menial household tasks playing with our oh so sexy Maui Kink rope and came up with the following. Not wanting to keep these to ourselves, we thought we would share. Enjoy !

A couple without the Mohair.

Then we added the Mohair.

Since Georgia had her hands tied, I thought I would take the time to tease her, pinching her, tickling her, til she had enough then started fighting back !

It was a good way to pass the time. If you would like to have the wonderful Mohair rope next to your skin, check out Maui Kink’s site. Right now you can get 15% off your order, listen to Graydancers Ropecast to find out how !


Yummy Maui Kink Rope

We received a lovely gift from our new friends at Maui Kink; super friendly, helpful folks situated on an island paradise. When we got back from a trip to our favorite Ozark river there was a package waiting on our doorstep, opening it we found the following inside.

A couple of lengths of 6 and 8mm hemp, in natural color, along with the cool Blue Hawaii, and royal Poni Purple, a sweet treat was the length of 6mm Mohair, that was a surprise bonus. Laying all the rope out, belly buttons puckering with excitement, we ran the rope through our hands, uncoiling it and loosening the coils.

The Mohair glows !

Something about having the hemp in my hands takes me a to quiet place with pan flutes, rice paper, and tea. The hemp rope causes me to slow down, take my time with the tie, feeling the fibers against my hands; laying against the skin holding it tightly.

We have some time planned next week to set up a decent photo shoot using some traditional knots, maybe giving another go at the ceremonial bondage theme. Something maybe celebrating the fall harvest complete with the bounty of our garden.

But for the time being we did the dragonfly sleeve below, just for fun !

Mmmmmmm thats goooooooood rope !

Jay n Georgia

Maui Wowie !

We have been stalking the folks at Maui Kink on twitter for a quite a while now, and we have developed a pleasant repartee. Such fun Twitter is, kind of like the worlds biggest bar !

I put up the link to their site on the left, and not trying to shill but they have some very cool handmade BDSM gear. Some really nice stuff that would enhance any serious kinksters collection of toys.

MauiKink carries everything from rope to floggers to canes.

Maui Kink rope varieties are nylon, hemp, jute, and some exotics like coconut, and palm tree rope. They also offer the really soft bamboo and silk ropes, you can specify your color, size, and type of end you would like when you place your order.

At Maui Kink they carry a nice selection of canes for the stern taskmasker, a cane for only the best of bottoms. I was delighted to see that you could create your own cane, specifying length, thickness, and handle type. Wonderful offerings !

Maui Kink also carries a nice line of paddles, fire cups, tooled leather work, and eco friendly gear. They have many accessories that take care of the little things like do it yourself supplies, and hand bags to carry all your gear.

But more than that, spending your money with someone like Maui Kink supports a small business that supports other small business. No middle man selling mass-produced toys made in some oppressive factory at Maui Kink, just handmade goodness.

~J n G

I Want One !

We like Twisted Monk’s hemp rope, its soft, durable, and he has a damn competitive price. But the folks at Maui Kink have a hell of a deal on some DIY rope kits.

We would love to have one of these kits ! Not sure what color, any suggestions ? Natural, black, purple, and maybe green color would look sexy against Georgia’s skin.

Should someone who likes what we do here decide to contribute and send us one of these kits, I can pretty much guarantee a photo shoot just for “you” to enjoy for your contribution…hint hint! ;o) you can email us for shipping details.

~Jay n Georgia