A Step Forward Into The 20th Century

You would think that as a society we evolve physically, spiritually, intellectually. However it looks like those kings of platitude are lock stepping right into the Victorian Age.

A new law passed by the Missouri State Legislature seeks to ban the existence of adult bookstores, strip clubs within 1,000 ft of of church, school, park. It also bans nudity in strip clubs, cannot be within six feet of dancer, no alcohol sold, and strip clubs must close from midnight to six am.

Certainly typical of what you find as either state or local ordinances across the country, it varies of course but seems to be the norm.

But that’s beside the point, the legislation is forwarded to the Governor will be signed into law, then challenged in court, then amended to allow local municipalities to establish their own laws regulating strip clubs. Which then makes the bill nothing more than a political bumper sticker the ignorant use to get votes.

Which in the end will only marginalize those who would participate in adult entertainment responsibly. Cause the dancer to go underground, or allow them to exploited further, at the same time the customer faces increased demonization and guilt.

And the wheel keeps on turnin…


Victory For Free (Sex) Speech

A little noticed ruling was handed down over the last week that affirmed the “rights” of American citizens to freely express their own sexual attitudes or opinions without threat of criminal prosecution.

From the press release:

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on April 15, 2010 that the statute at issue, which would impose fines and prison terms for providing non-obscene sexually-explicit material to minors, cannot be applied to communications on websites, in public chatrooms, and through email listservs and mailing lists.

Dr. Marty Klein, who was one of the plaintiffs sums it up“As the publisher of Sexual Intelligence, I could have been jailed and fined for discussing contraception, sexual assault, testicle self-exams, or nudity. So with the help of the ACLU, I and others sued Ohio to overturn the law.”

Other plaintiffs in the case included; Wilkie News, American Booksellers Foundation For Free Expression, Association of American Publishers, Freedom to Read Foundation, National Association of Recording Merchandisers, Ohio Newspaper Association, The Sexual Health Network, Inc., and Video Software Dealers of America