Knowledge Is Power

Listening to Kink On Tap this week reminded me of the ever widening gap between what passes for information and knowledge these days. I like Kink On Tap, applaud what they are doing, so this is no way a critical assessment, merely an observation.

What leaped out at me was how outrageously taken out of context the quotes from Camille Paglia’s article talking about the drug Flibernasian, and bemoaning the poison of “bourgeois propriety“.  Kink On Tap discussed briefly an article that was written using two quotes from Camille’s article somehow placing the blame for middle class white folks lack of sexual satisfaction on the social networking phenomena of 2009.

It was odd that the hosts of Kink On Tap were not aware of Camille Paglia, given that they counter second wave anti porn feminist, they were not familiar with Camilles 1990 treatise Sexual Personae, or her work in general. I don’t agree with all that Camille writes but her essays are a relevantand useful tool in the sex positive “movement”.

Sexual Personae, attacked the academic, and cultural inbreeding that has spawned such creatures like this anti porn group. Camille celebrates the sexually risque, the queer, androgynous cultural history that is hidden from society.

There is so much information in the world, but very little knowledge, you can scroll through news groups, or social networking sites. After a while though its much like riding in a car on a freeway through a busy city, lots of bumpers stickers slogans, soft porn billboard advertising, and consistently dull uniform retail outlets.

I like Kink On Tap, hope they will maybe sift deeper through some of the raw material that is being produced, smelting that information into the hard steel of knowledge.


Poser Women

I dont often pay heed to the anti porn/sex crowd, kind of similar to an angry homeless women shouting at her grocery cart you cross the street to avoid. You know shes more of a harm to herself than anyone else, but you still want to keep your distance.

While this group had a conference making the best use of its time speaking about degenerate men in basements. I was looking for them to say something about the corporate exploitation of its teen age demographic ? Or how bout taking on Cosmopolitan magazine ? I first grew hard over naked boobs in Cosmo magazine, or is it ok to for them to do it since they trowel on the makeup of self serving stylish aesthetic.

I noticed too that they are against violence, but I guess its ok as long as the women the violence is done to look different from them.

You can find out more about the anti porn conference hysteria listening to Kink On Tap’s latest show.