Car Bondage Fun

Jay and I like to listen to various podcasts pertaining to a variety of kinky topics.  Among our faves are Graydancer and Twisted Monk.  They have combined in a giveaway of TwistedMonk gift certificates for submissions of a theme they announce on the podcast.  This months was ‘car bondage’. Now being a creative minded individual, I thought ‘no sweat’, but as it turns out, it was a lot of sweat, for Jay that is.  After we settled on a simple plan (tie me up, and throw me in the back seat of the car damsel-in-distress style), he figured out how he wanted me trussed up, and got to work.  He’s getting very good at getting things secured, maintaining constant contact with my skin, teasing me and slapping my ass to move me this way or that. Chest harness, legs secured, wrists bound, gag tied, he threw me over his shoulder and carried me out to the car, caressing my ass and telling me how sexy I was. Getting me in the back seat was a little challenging, but I think my total dependence on him for my movement and positioning is a turn on for Jay. Once he got me situated, arched, and arranged, he checked me out from several angles, but couldn’t resist popping my nipple out for teasing. Pictures taken, the real fun commenced….and my legs are still quivering!

Here’s a few of his handiwork!



Sexy Rope Burlesque

Graydancer posted this incredibly sexy video, friends of his who, well needless to say its all about sexy women tying each other, yummy !

Enjoy !