Kinky Delightful Goods

We were pretty busy last week and never got a chance to pass along Maui Kink’s August newsletter. Take a look at their specials and discounted offerings especially if you happen to be in a particular part of California at a particular time.

As if that isnt enough, they sent Graydancer a buffet of kinky items to display at his various travels around the continental US. With an almost dreamy orgasmic delight he put together a video wherein he speaks about few of his favorite items, check it out here.

Enjoy !

Birds & The Bees Response

Our Rope-Idol, Graydancer, was entertaining the topic of sex education, aka ‘the birds and the bees’ that prompted this response from me:

I have an 11 year old daughter (going on 23) who just underwent the per-requisite ‘birds and bees day’ at school. She brought home the form, and giggled, and said ‘do I really have to do this? I already know all this stuff!”

I’m an RN, and she is my 3rd trip down the hormonal hell-train that is puberty, she’s been very educated about her body and we’ve started talking about sex (in a sex-positive way, of course!) She came home from ‘V-Day’ (Vagina Day) at school with a little package containing a pamphlet for her and one for me (on how/what to talk to my daughter about puberty) 2 pads, and a mini Secret deodorant. I started looking through the booklets, and it was like Nickelodeon and Disney combined to vomit all over the traditional material! So very upbeat about the whole ordeal! They went into a lot of detail about every, and I do mean EVERY possible symptom of puberty onset.
That all sounds pretty good, right? But as I kept reading there was NO mention of sex at all. Lots of info about pubescent changes (and the boys got the same deal in a separate room, of course), but NOTHING about masturbation/sex (although she did ask me about wet dreams…lol). The funny/tragic thing about the whole deal was they still talked about sex that day. On the playground at lunchtime, my daughter said the boys and girls compared booklets in their little cliques. (one of the boys apparently asked how he would know if he had an erection, and the teachers response was ‘it will be staring right back at you’…lol…the one-eyed-wonder-worm strikes again!) She says no one offered ‘show and tell’, but the majority of the conversation that was relayed to me was about how the two genders fit together in a sexual context. I answered all of her questions she garnered from her lunchtime schoolyard quorum, which she promptly ran to the computer to send off messages to her little pals to clarify their confusion as well. Since then, Ive kind of turned into the impromptu Dr. Ruth for her and her 6th grade pals! I figure as a nurse, at least I’m making sure they have accurate info (instead of the usual fallacies that are circulated at that age) but I was sad that even after revamping the whole ‘sex-ed day’ at school, they STILL are not covering safe sex, or sex at all for that matter. So I cant speak for anyone else, but I am spreading sex-positive education in our neck of the woods! lol

I ask myself as I sit here, why is the general consensus society-wide that sex is bad and should not be discussed? If you enjoy sex, in any of its many, many flavors, why wouldn’t you want to make sure your child enjoys something that is such an integral part of successful relationships? Certainly there should be some small constraint as to when a child is emotionally/physically mature enough to handle the content of such education.  But if we teach our children how to be kind and generous, manage money, take care of themselves physically, and drive a car, as well as a zillion other lessons taught by example every day, why shouldn’t they learn that amazing joy and fulfillment can be had and shared? Why DON’T we want our children to feel good?

I think society as a whole should get over their own discomfort about talking about sex, and quit leaving their children’s sex education to the internet and gossip circles at school. After all, everyone knows those are VERY credible sources of information.

Thanks for listening to my rant…you can read Gray’s original article here



Bright Podcast

Stumbled across a podcast from a couple of Canadians, though I wont hold that against them. Their podcast is a new, refreshingly laid back approach and subdued tone you dont often find in podcasts. They talk about all areas of kink, a couple of episodes involve interviews with John Baku, the founder of Fetlife, and Graydancer, the humble steward of the bondage capital of the world.

Feel free to download from the itunes or listen to them on the web.

Enjoy !


Rope In The Woods

Graydancer has a sexy, fun, and informative video available on his Ropecast site, or you can view it on his profile if you are a paying member of Fetlife. Featuring himself and his friends having a ropey fun time in the woods, somewhere near the bondage capital of the world !!


La Creme’ Ropecast !

Check out the latest edition of Ropecast.

There is always the link on the lower left, and I have mentioned Graydancer, here, here, and here.

His latest ropecast is a special one though. He responds to a question we emailed him. Yeah, we have a long distance crush on this fine rigger and sex positive human. So him answering our question on his podcast at length is, to us a tickle on Georgia’s happy place.

Thanks GrayDancer !

Jay N Georgia

More Car Bondage Fun

As is shown in a a previous post we spent part of our morning the other day playing with each other, then me tying G.  There was a “reason” we were doing this. Graydancer over at Ropecast is giving away a 50$ dolla’ gift certificate from Twisted Monk, purveyor of fine bondage rope. So go out get some rope, then a car, then a camera take a few pics, send them to this address. Even if you dont win its a good excuse to run around naked for a while.

Heres a few more pics from the other day. Was really hot watching G strut around teasing me while I fumbled through the rope.

Driver seat view.

Even though the rope isnt taught I really like the picture and her position.

If someone walked by they might have seen this lovely present waiting for them.

Something almost psychedelic about binding someone in rope, them being bound, its an electric sensation that pulses through both bodies.


Bondage As Visual Art

This morning Graydancer was up early with the bread delivery guy, sure delivered some yummy hot treats. He has provided a couple of very unique stellar bondage documentaries.

The first is this one by Hakalax Productions a terrifically Japanese piece called Kinbaku the Art of Japanese Bondage.

The second is a documentary piece done by Lord Morpheus, which is incredibly hot !

Its called “Comfortable ? I can fix that.” Warning: the trailer is very hot, may cause nether regions to become stimulated.

Then if you happened to be in Cleveland over the weekend of March 20, you might have caught up with Graydancer at the Cleveland GRUE.

Many, many props to Graydancer for his effort this morning. Enjoy the morning treats, then be sure check out his Ropecast, much more rope goodness to be heard.


So If You Like Rope

There are a couple of rope bondage personalities that I like to read, and yes learn to emulate. One is Twisted Monk, the rope maker extraordinaire, the other is the mystical Greaydancer. Graydancer has a podcast, er ropecast,   that provides enlightened, intelligent commentary in the world of kink. Both gentleman have a solid pedigree in the rope/bdsm/poly et al. communities.

So I am encouraging, or prodding anyone interested in rope bondage specifically to check out both websites, their writings, and products. Right now they are currently offering a contest in which they are giving away a 50$ gift certificate from Twisted

From Graydancers blog:

“That’s right, giving them away. Use it to buy a couple of lengths of your favorite, or towards a bigger kit, whatever. It’s yours. All you have to do is come up with a creative entry.

What do you mean “creative” ?

Exactly that. A picture. A poem. A story. A limerick. A drawing. An interpretive dance.”
So cruise on over to their blog listen to the ropecast and enter the contest, you never know, you could be the lucky winner !