Clouds With Balls !

Georgia took this pic when she was out running errands. She said it looked like testicles hanging from the clouds.

I love how her mind works 🙂

Sex Doesnt Prevent Preggers !

No matter what he says it doesnt work !

Mmmm….Thats Good Marketing !

Looks like there is to be a general election in the UK soon.

So I have to give a hat tip to the marketing department for seizing an opportunity. The folks at LoveHoney are selling a vibrating cock ring for 25p (however much that is 🙂 the only catch is you have to vote for which candidate you would prefer to have a roll in the hay with.


Sex Talking Points

Amused by this unique info graphic for all the sex workers out there the next time they run into any Andrea Dworkin types ! Features all the main anit porn/sex worker sound bites. Its hard rationalizing with such nonsense but props to the ladies who came up with this handy bingo card.

Want to play BINGO with the antis?