Interstate Hard Drive

So we had a bit of traveling to do this weekend, shuffling off to drop our kin with seldom seen loved ones. Such is summer, a time of adventurous excitement in some far off mysterious place. Even if that place might be less than a 100 miles away; at least we went to another state, which is entirely like a whole other country. Passing into a picturesque valley complete with a decaying red barn beside a dilapidated white house. Rusting farm equipment stood as quiet sentry over the highway. We felt nostalgic and free as the radio took us on a trip through the laid back seventies, we enjoyed the sunshine on our face as we turned our heads smiling at each other through dark sunglasses.

Georgia looked every bit like a postcard-island-paradise,  in her orange sarong, topped with an orange tiger lily bloom tucked into her hair. She laid back in the seat, stretching out her long legs as much as she could providing me a tease of the matching thong hidden underneath. She lay back in her seat feeling quite relaxed, free, elated.

The sarong was seductively exposing her the orange pink line of her thong, a soft mesh center hid the small mound of her reddish bush. She reached a hand up to stroke the back of my hair as we swooped down into the same valley, that looked the same as the valley before. I laid my hand on her slender leg, feeling the muscle of her upper thigh, dancing my fingertips along her knee, tracing a line back to the intersection between her legs.

The traffic was flowing by, truckers, bass boats, bikers all drifted passed us. Unaware of the exposed woman in the passenger seat of the car they were passing. My hand was now stroking G’s moistened clit, her hips were grinding against my hand as she writhed and ground against me with all the urgency of the passing 18 wheeler loaded with fruit. She used my hand as both vibrator and dildo, regarding not as a piece of flesh with its own determination, but a device for her instant pleasure. She came delightfully, excited by the possibility of a passing truck looking in, seeing her exposed flesh for a quick moment; providing mental fodder for those lucky enough to see her enjoying herself.

Bathing in the afterglow of her own relief, she looked at me smiling, telling me she loved me. I smiled back, enjoying the freedom of it all, the highway, the music, the woman I love. Wishing that for a moment there was no end to our journey, wanting the road to go on forever.

Super Hot Economist

Georgia and I quite often point out various people we find attractive, from the average person on the street to the plastic people on tv. We excite each other speculating about others sexual proclivities, or lack thereof. In fact Georgia cant watch five minutes of Lost without telling me how she would like to be the filler in the Sawyer and Kate sandwich.

The other day Nomi Prins, an economist who has a new book coming out, was speaking on Democracy Now. Smoky good looks, and very intelligent, I had to listen to her three or four times, as I was caught up in daydreaming about her making out with Georgia. I showed her to G to get her opinion.

Georgia gave me a toothy grin. She’s hot ! Is all G could say !  To which G immediately pounced on my rising index, meeting it greedily with her wet mouth.


Evening Checklist

Rope ? check

Leather flogger ? check

but plug ? check

lube ? check

Memoirs of Fanny Hill to read while she is suspended ? check

box of fireworks ? check

8.5″ bionic glass dildo ? check

strawberries to give her ? check

spatula ? check

candles ? check

single stem rose ? check

Looks like were ready !


Dinner Plans

Georgia just texted me saying that we should plan a BBQ for a few friends, I could tie her, and a couple of the guests of course. Present the bound treats on the table, decorated for finger lickin goodness, ready to satiate our guests appetites.


My First Drag Show

So….never been to a drag show, but the local bondage group has a table reserved, so we’re going to check it out and ‘bond’ with some of the group members…lol!  So dressing a little skanky…ok maybe a lot skanky…and meeting up with another couple with a very hot bi-female 🙂

Im hoping its better than this!

Pictures and recap forth-cumming!



Car Bondage Fun

Jay and I like to listen to various podcasts pertaining to a variety of kinky topics.  Among our faves are Graydancer and Twisted Monk.  They have combined in a giveaway of TwistedMonk gift certificates for submissions of a theme they announce on the podcast.  This months was ‘car bondage’. Now being a creative minded individual, I thought ‘no sweat’, but as it turns out, it was a lot of sweat, for Jay that is.  After we settled on a simple plan (tie me up, and throw me in the back seat of the car damsel-in-distress style), he figured out how he wanted me trussed up, and got to work.  He’s getting very good at getting things secured, maintaining constant contact with my skin, teasing me and slapping my ass to move me this way or that. Chest harness, legs secured, wrists bound, gag tied, he threw me over his shoulder and carried me out to the car, caressing my ass and telling me how sexy I was. Getting me in the back seat was a little challenging, but I think my total dependence on him for my movement and positioning is a turn on for Jay. Once he got me situated, arched, and arranged, he checked me out from several angles, but couldn’t resist popping my nipple out for teasing. Pictures taken, the real fun commenced….and my legs are still quivering!

Here’s a few of his handiwork!



Finally A Reason To Go The OB/GYN

This article caught my eye, and since the doctor featured in the story is affiliated with LELO, I thought I would share. Kudos to the doctor for recognizing a demand, then supplying that demand, then breaking down the barriers to good sex.

From the article:

And Scheinfeld’s secret weapon, in terms of making sex toys more attractive and nonthreatening, appears to be Brenda Catapano, 47, his bosomy and effervescent office manager. Since the doctor himself doesn’t feel it’s appropriate for him to demonstrate the vibrators with women, he passes along that task to Catapano, who tackles the job with infectious relish. “This is a keeper,” she purrs, pressing a murmuring cock ring up against a visiting reporter’s belly. “Whenever I introduce it to the ladies and gentlemen, I always have them feel it, touch it, play with it.” She pulls open the rubber ring to show how it fastens around the penis and then stretches it wider to illustrate how a guy would wrap it around his testicles, too.

Now thats our kind of ob/gyn !


Survey Says !

Came across this survey over at Vivianes.

From the survey.

The purpose of this survey is to assess how having a dog or cat may be related to a person’s experience of sexual intimacy within their romantic relationships.”

We have a dog and a cat, both are very much part of lives, but are pretty much non existent when we have play time. The survey was fun, simple, and quick to take. So if you have a dog or cat, click on over 🙂