Girl On Girl In Rope

So it was a Saturday evening, spring is the current fetish, trees in bloom, bees buzzing, flowers pollinated, animals frolicked. Our friends Kenny and Dolly were destined to arrive at our home for an evening of our own spring time frolicking. Rapid texting throughout the day as last minute food decisions were made, a lighting concept was decided upon, snacks gathered to be spread upon the table.

Georgia awaited excited by the nights potential activities, she was getting wet thinking about what was to happen, it was a trial the entire day to keep our hands off each other, awaiting the debauchery of the evening for fulfillment. Always it seems before an encounter like this your mind wanders in exuberant nervous anticipation of what might happen, or what you would like to happen.

Georgia and I each discussed some possible scenarios we would like to try. It’s the anxious thoughts of how to initiate pleasure without it being forced or awkward.  We feel pretty comfortable with Kenny and Dolly, they are very easygoing, open minded, and intelligent. Georgia wanted to have Kenny and I hold Dolly down on her back using her tongue to lick Georgia’s clit.

Georgia and I were busy lighting the last of the candles when they showed at the door. Inviting them we stopped in the kitchen briefly, Kenny fixed the margaritas, while we all smiled at each other hungrily.

After some settling in the girls decided to get dressed into something much more comfortable as the cliché goes. They trotted out various outfits, Georgia trying on a couple before settling on a slinky black number, Dolly came out wearing a purple lace body suit, both extremely sexy .

Our guest brought along a bag of toys that we were pouring through like we had just robbed a local Adam and Eve store, various clamps and dildos were displayed, several bondage devices were examined.

As Dolly stood, we began to decide what to do first, there was so much to be had, I think we were all kind of overwhelmed. So I decided to get some rope to begin tying her. Mouth watering at the chance to tie hot bi female, I started tying a simple chest harness around her. After a suggestion or two from the gallery about how low to go around her ass, then which knot to tie around her front, I went with the double coin knot.  The chest tie was hot, exposing her tits, her nipples were getting hard as Kenny and Georgia played with them while she was being tied.

After getting her tied, compliments were paid to her, she like having herself tied in such a way. We then went ahead to cuff her hands behind her back, cuffing her Georgia and Kenny in earnest began playing with her nubile petite body. Dolly was getting off on being restrained, her moans, seeing her exhilaration while she was brought to climax. Georgia was having her way with Dolly, kissing and teasing her, savoring the moment, I was getting hard watching them kiss, Georgia’s hands caressing Dolly’s ass. Kenny was lightly fingering G’s pussy, G writhed on his finger, all three were in an intense state of erotic euphoria.

Dolly’s knees were weak, Georgia and Kenny were attached to her body, licking, sucking her nipples, her clit, bringing her to moan in pleasure. She dropped to her knees, enjoyed some of Kenny’s cock while padding was prepared for her. She laid on her back hands still behind her, Georgia began to apply some gentle licks of her tongue, to Dolly’ s wanting clit. Dolly was on the floor, moaning that she wanted some cock. Kenny took off his pants, his member stiffening at the sexy sight of his Dolly getting licked by a sexy woman. His cock was in her mouth, Dolly was sucking away, taking all of it as it were the last cock she would have. She turned looked at me hungrily then Kenny invited me to join. I certainly couldn’t resist my cock was pulsing at the site, my cock entered her mouth, the warmth engulfed me. It was what she was wanting, what Dolly was needing at that time. Georgia was enjoying the wet pussy, while our cocks were being slathered and stiffened. It was all I could do to not let myself just explode in her mouth. There were many more things to explore, and pleasures to be savored.

Just the beginning of our evening…


Bi Females Naked – The Story

Well I must say it was one of the best weekends in our blossoming relationship, you never know when good things will happen, always be prepared to get naked ! Not quite the boy scout motto but words to live by.

We are friends with a couple, we’ll call them Kenny and Dolly, a very sexy, ebullient couple who are enjoying their own sex positive pilgrimage.

We met up with them at a downtown bar full of soon to be inebriated frat rats, with their cleavage bearing sorority slags. We chose a table in a corner to wait for our guests to arrive, our server who I would have guessed was legally able to drink but could serve alcohol took our order. We were in the schlocky kind of bar that are pervasive wherever you find “urban renewal”, not much for service as our waitress couldn’t tell us the ingredients in the drink Georgia requested.

“There’s like vodka or something in it…umm, Im not sure you know”. Doing our best to feign patience we ordered drinks and appetizer, hoping Kenny and Dolly would show up soon. Which they didn’t disappoint, they were there right as our order arrived, looking relaxed, sexy, they ordered drinks, we made small talk. Georgia and Dolly both looked  scrumptious, wearing provocative heels that brought stares from all the men in the place.

Once we inside we were met with apple red lighting and the sounds of the emcee. To say the small bar was crowded would be understating the fact. We made our way to the end of the bar, I sought relief for a moment in the bathroom, as Georgia and our friends sought out drinks. There were some very kind folks from the local kinkster group who we were going to get to know, but our plans were preempted, they were so very nice to set aside a couple of seats for us, however we had to politely decline, and sought refuge for the four of us back near the pool table. The show was fun, and perhaps if not distracted by our sexy guests or the crowded bar we would have stayed longer.

We arrived back at our place, with Dolly and Ken, we poured drinks, then adjourned to the living room. It wasn’t long before the rope came out, we began to show Dolly and Kenny various rope videos, which was getting us all thinking dirty thoughts.

First was a me tying a simple harness around Georgia, she displayed her sexiness in black hemp rope stretched around her. Sexy in her high heels I delighted in tying her, teasing her during the process.

We could tell our guests enjoyed the display, so I asked if Dolly would like to be tied, Kenny told her to go for it. So I proceeded to tie a simple pentagram harness around her, it gave me a small glimpse of what the perverted pleasure Twisted Monk, Graydancer, et al get to experience.  Very sensual it was to tie her, she has a lovely body, the rope around her exposed her breasts which Kenny complimented as they were displayed. I have never tied anyone else before, it was quite a whirlwind experience, I was more worried about not making it too tight, or causing her to be uncomfortable. I tied her hands behind her back, then sat her on her knees for presentation to Kenny.

Kenny definitely enjoyed the position Dolly was bound in, after a few minutes of her being bound on her knees, she asked if I had ever been tied. I replied in the affirmative, then she spoke to Kenny asking him the same question. She had a motive for her inquiry, because she then said quite matter of fact, lets tie Kenny to the chair, play with him for a bit, then we will do the same for Jay. Hard to say to no to a suggestion like that from a hot naked female.

The girls were gleeful about tying Kenny to the chair, once his hands were bound the Dolly wasted no time seeking his flesh with her tongue, plunging her mouth on his cock she made out with his cock eagerly. As she was beginning to work on his stiffening member, Georgia took a position from behind Dolly teasingly play with Dolly’s clit. After a few minutes of exciting Dolly, Georgia took a position beside Dolly, Kenny began to enjoy two wet tongues lathering his cock. During this time I encouraged differing positions, took some photos, and playfully slapped the two writhing assess in front of me.

It was now my turn, naked I sat in the chair, as the girls tied my hands. Then both began to plant their lips on my cock taking turns swallowing me, each was a different sensation I had no previous experience with. My hands tied, my only feeling were the two bodies leaned into my legs, Georgia taking my cock into her mouth, and Dolly licking my balls. It was all I could do not to explode onto both of them, I was rolling in ecstasy, as their flesh touched mine.

Georgia realizing that I was approaching gratification, untied me, directed Dolly to the couch where Kenny could give her what she was aching for, he spread her legs, licking her sweet patch of fur. As she was laid back on the couch Georgia and I danced around her, Georgia kissing her tits as Dolly gripped my cock tightly with her hand. Dolly was delighting in the sensations, her songs of pleasure showed Kenny playing her perfectly.

For the climax, and how the hell do you manage four simultaneous orgasms ? Kenny sat on the couch, Dolly went down on him, as Georgia slid her head between Dolly’s legs, tasting Dolly again, I spread Georgia’s legs, then slid my cock hard into her. We enjoyed getting Dolly off once more before she mounted Kenny to bring him to climax, roughly we all fucked, grunting passionately, the ladies enjoying the hardened cocks inside of them.

Amazing, the sensations, the group experience of being elevated to the same emotional state. Georgia and I kissed softly afterward, Dolly buried into Kenny chest, enjoying the afterglow. I must say the experience was not what I anticipated, a gentle comfort swept the room as we dressed. We refreshed our drinks, then sank back in the sofa together to view the pics we had taken. We laughed at the fake porn on the tv, as we amused ourselves viewing the pics, thinking we might have a couple of good ones, and what we could maybe do next time.

It was an amazing time, something I had never experienced before. The sex was great, awesome, spectacular ! We will post some more afterthoughts about this in another post.


Tied To A Chair By Two Hot Bi Females

The pic below gives a preview of a fantasy fulfilled weekend 🙂

Stay tuned for story behind the picture !


Ahhhh….sweet relief…

So Jay decided to make up for yesterdays sweet, yet frustrating, torture today…lol

Earlier today…I was surfing blogs…seeing what there was to see…and all the play yesterday just came back in a tidal wave-sized surge…and I decided that the time was now…he could either put out…or I was handling it myself…I searched the house and found Jay in the garage doing whatever man crap he was doing…I walked up behind him, grabbed his ass, fisted my hand in his hair and kissed him hard and wet…an evil grin from him and I was feeling pretty confident I was going to get my way…Next thing I know…Im flipped around and bent over the hood of the car…my yoga pants were jerked down…and I could feel his hard cock sliding along my ass….and then it slid into my already wet and aching pussy…I almost came from the initial penetration. I love it when he fucks me from behind…it hits all my yummy spots just right…the orgasm that came within about 10 seconds was so intense…I was grateful I had some support or I probably would have folded into a pile of quivering boneless flesh….lol…he was as turned on as I was…but Jay loves to torture me…so rather than waiting for him to cum….I took it from him….I slammed my ass against him…burrying his cock in me over and over until he came…

Later in the day we ‘took a nap’ and had an encore to our earlier quickie. I was reading my kindle when he told me to take off my pants. He had me straddle his naked groin with his hard cock sliding against my clit…and told me to read one of my sex scenes from the book Im currently engrossed in (Kushiel’s Chosen) Needless to say that I wasn’t able to read for long. I was wet…my clit was hard…and I was so turned on. He wrapped his arm around my waist and flipped me over on to my belly…and fucked me….whispering in my ear fantasies inspired by (and specifically intended) to push me over the edge…I came 3 times…bam bam bam….and when he decided I’d had enough…joined me in bliss…

While yesterday was frustrating….today was satisfying…and I still have time before bed for the trifecta ;o)


I want to cum…

So…its 6pm where I am….and I find Im having a frustrating day… Jay has been tormenting me all day…

It started this morning…he told me first thing that I wasn’t allowed to cum without asking first…

Then started the torture…it started with a casual caress of my breast while I was cooking breakfast…a slap on the ass if I tried to touch him in return because, as I was then informed, I had to ask to do that too…

Now, I think of myself as a switch…so I definitely have a few top-ish tendencies…but being told that if I didn’t play by the rules he set forth…I would have the pleasure of Jay jerking off and cumming on my ass with no gratification for me…definitely put some motivation to my actions.

A little later, he continued by unzipping my jeans…sliding his hand down the front of my pants…and playing with my wet, swollen clit and slowly, with exquisite precision…brought me to the edge of orgasm….then leaving me weak-kneed and flushed…my pussy pulsing in time to my racing heart…my breath quick and shallow…I want to scream…

Every time I ask sweetly to touch him….or respond with the appropriate ‘Yes Baby’…Im rewarded with kisses on my neck that give me goosebumps…or a quick stroke of my pussy….Every time I forget the rules…my jeans are pulled down so he can look at my ass and stroke the cock I want so bad to be buried deep in my pussy…and all I can do is watch…and get wetter…more swollen….more delicious ache…and then a firm smack on the ass as my jeans are pulled up with no joy for me…

The latest torture….Jay pushed me over so my upper body lay on the bar….jerked my jeans down…and slid his very erect, hard, thick cock in me exactly the way I like it…firm…as deep as he can get…his groin slapping against my ass…the head of his cock gliding over my G-spot…Im so close….my eyes slide slowly shut…I lick my lips in anticipation…imagining a pussy before me to feast on…so close…the orgasm rushes toward me and I gasp as abruptly, harshly…there is nothing…He grabs my arms from behind….pulls me up….turns me around to see his hard cock still glistening with my juices and says…

‘You didn’t ask to cum…’

So now my pussy aches….my nipples are pebbles from the high level of arousal coursing through my body…and I have several hours left before I sleep…and all I can think is ‘Please let him touch me again….please let him make me cum and ease the pressure that has built all day with no release…

I need a cold shower…. ;o)

Drinks and Suspension Part 2

The rope suspension play the other night was pretty amazing. Seeing G get tied up, her ass played with was quite arousing. I was very turned on the whole evening, I almost brandished my cock for her to play with while she was getting her ass stroked. I am sure our hosts would have enjoyed approvingly 🙂

The evening was very sexy, talking about being tied, our lady hostess, who I refer to as Sugar, had stated that it would be fun to tie Georgia. Her boyfriend, and our host Trickster, laughed in agreement. Georgia was dressed in some very sexy heels, jeans, and a black shirt, she was yummy, heads in the bar turned to stare, the yuppie boys all stole a glance. Georgia is one of those ladies who generates a very sexual buzz, the men folk will know what I mean, some women just have that vibe. Georgia is one of those women, yes I thank my lucky stars every night.

The suspension part of the evening generated even more excitement. I was pretty much in my own little half scene going with Sugar, enjoying her caning, flogging, contemplatively looking at me for delectable entertainment.  I watched Georgia being tied, the body harness in the pictures situated her very nicely. She was the tasty eye candy for the evening, we all enjoyed being around her, her playfulness at being suspended was a turn on for everyone. Trickster was very patient, respectful, and deliberate when tying Georgia, he did a wonderful job with the tying showing us some the ways to get a body ready for suspension.

The pink looked sexy against her skin, tied around her hips, knotted just above her tasty parts. I was getting very turned on by seeing her suspended, wanting to rub her ass, to touch her, it was all I could do to keep my hands off her. I continued to dedicate myself to investigating the bottom experience of flogging. Georgia got to be touched and teased while being suspended, Trickster and Sugar, I am sure, had some kinky thoughts going through their minds. Heres one with Sugar teasing G’s ass.

It was unfortunate we ran out time, as I am sure some kinkier play might have come about. We might have had to remove G’s thong to tease what is underneath.


A Hot First Meeting

Recently we met a very sexy couple through a CL post. We had posted an ad for a bi-female to play with, after a few flaccid  responses, a couple of one liner emails of stats and a unflattering beaver shot. Then our inbox was graced with a post that showed promise, an intelligent inquiry into our ad of a man and woman who indicated they shared similar interests.

We cautiously replied, proffered some pics and began an email exchange that turned into some instant sexy conversation. Relating to each other about our shared interests, likes dislikes, and commiserating about the rigors of adult life. We made a time to chat again, G and I were excited about the possibility of sexy kinky fun with our new friends.

We met them at a local bar that had an upstairs pool room that presently was absent customers. A bonus for us I thought, getting excited about the anticipated meeting, fantasies of blow jobs in the corner flashed through my mind.  G and I picked a round table with four chairs in the back corner.

Our new friends showed up and were even sexier in person than on the cam. Her dressed in a sexy black skirt, and him in a casual outer shirt and jeans. Both attractive, fit, and friendly. We all shook hands, and conversation flowed easily, although we at times carried on separate conversations with the others partner across the table. Miss Manners would have furrowed her brow distastefully. However we talked about our shared experiences, they enlightened us to some sexy places around town to visit we weren’t aware of, and finally played some pool.

The whole engagement was very loose and fun, lots of sexual innuendo in the air.  The other guy and I,  are on the same page with each other when it comes to the ladies. Trying to be sensitive to the women’s needs without making them feel like hors d’oeuvres. He and I had quite a time discussing the various sexy positions the ladies presented while shooting pool. Certainly, if for not wanting to hasten away the good vibes we certainly could have gotten more adventurous.

The afternoon whirled by and we ended the meeting by promising to get together again soon. Make a play date to see how things will work out when we dont have to worry about local “decency” laws.

My expectations going in were minimal, I wanted to make sure G had fun, to make sure I had fun, and  to make sure we “both” had fun. It had been worthwhile for us and was a much needed stress relief. In thinking about it afterward, and despite all the nervous anxiety of opening yourself up to people in such a way, I was glad it happened.

And throughout the rest of the evening the guy and I texted back and forth about several ideas for our next meeting.


Sex As A Tool

Why would a couple hold sex for ransom? Pondering this today and reflecting back on a similar situation I was in before I was with G. Sex was a tool, primarily of extortion. Bribing a spouse by asking for a house chore, or participating in some event, to me, is a symptom of the overall sickness of the relationship already.

Sex is one of the pillars of a relationship, along with selflessness, communication, and honesty. All four compliment one another and too little of one or a combination of all three will forever disrupt a couples true rhythm.

In the end its all about taking a leap of faith in someone. Trust is built from the aforementioned parts. Sex of a kinky nature requires that a foundation must be built to enable a remarkably enjoyable experience.

Talking with G about tangibles relating to sex, we have primarily one rule we try to live by. Its based on the fact that we both want to give pleasure too, and enjoy seeing the other receive pleasure and in the end be happy. We remind each other, “not without me”  as long as we adventure on the kinky road together. It has made those bumps easier to absorb.

Not to say that we dont understand that work lives have a place and there will inevitably be times of one of us being acquainted with another person in a work setting, but that is going to happen. We both understand that those types of issues are not threats and we talk and laugh about them. Guessing how vanilla their lives may be, or how cold they might be during sex.

My previous life was a life where sex was negotiated, a “necessary evil” as it were. There were other aspects of the relationship that were problematic, but early on I should have realized. I thought maybe we would grow together as it were and things would change, but alas, it never happened.

However currently, we are very sex positive, it helps us navigate the more stressful parts of our lives. Knowing we have that between us to chase away the howling wolves is what keeps us going through the night and looking forward to being old together, me chasing her around the kitchen still feisty and flashing that super sexy smile.


A Night Of Play Part 1

She was dressed in a simple leather miniskirt, slinky black spaghetti-strap tank top, black high heels, with a single simple strap around the ankle. Sexy simplicity, the basics, black always has great sex appeal, and her summer sunset colored hair, looked great against the black. She had thin, silky lips, bright green eyes, and sweet smile that could light up the darkest tennessee valley. Legs long and tan, topped by a round ass that gave a hello to everyone when she walked down the street. She was standing in the wide open living room waiting for him.

His voice from the back of the house asked her if she was ready, she replied yes  she was, he spoke back commanding her to get down on her knees, and close her eyes. She complied, using the coffee table to rest her knees on the carpet, High heels can be very awkward at times. She put her arms behind her back and closed her eyes. Visions of him were filling her head, his smell, his skin, his touch on her, the way he tasted, all the incredible ways that he could bring her to ecstasy. Her eyes closed and thoughts of him on her mind she heard his footsteps, and then he spoke again. Alright my love, open your mouth for me. As she did, she felt his finger on her cheek, caressing her chin, running around her neck, exciting her to draw her breath deeply and moisten her pussy. His finger found her mouth and traced her lips, he told her to stick her tongue out farther, and she did, reaching for him. He traced her wet tongue with his finger delving deep in her mouth, she expelled it with a sexy resounding pop !

He removed his finger and replaced it with his cock on her tongue, taking her head in his hands he moved his cock in her mouth, telling her to close her mouth and thrust his cock into her, telling her to hold it there for him til he moved back. He could feel her throat tightening against his cock, her pulling back and he held her head there, feeling her straining, beginning to gag on his cock, the saliva circling him, her tongue flailing against his hardened muscle. Her arms caught his hips and she tried to pull back, he eased out of her slowly, letting her swallow and not drool on her outfit. He wanted her ready for tonight.

Standing over her naked. His large erect penis shining in front of her, told her that if she does all she is told tonight, she will get to enjoy more of his cock, and he will give her the hard fucking that she always desires.

As they drove into town, he had her sit in the back seat, in the middle, with her arms and legs, tied to the doors. She was spread eagled and he had adjusted her panties to expose half of her lightly furried pussy. He touched her clit for a brief moment, she gasped, she was very wet right now and despite the logistics of the getting situated in the back seat, he could tell from the smile on her face she was enjoying it very much.

He drove down the road deejaying her favorite music, and keeping the rearview mirror angled so he could look at her pussy. To think about it, enjoy the way it looks, feels, and tastes. He imagined kissing it licking it with his tongue while she writhed her legs around him.

While driving he was telling her the sexy bits of thoughts that made him want her more every day, then segueing into a list of rules. Tonight you will be at your sexiest and sluttiest. I want you to make eye contact and flirt with any sexy person you see, and the ones I will point out. There would be times when he would command certain tasks for her to do. He told her if she did not do as he wished, or questioned his actions, she would take a spanking to the ass while watching him jerk off, nor would she be allowed to cum until he directed her too. She asked him if she understood all of this and she nodded her head, smiled coyly and spoke, ‘Anything you wish baby.’

To Be Continued..