A Quick Spank

Mia was naked, bent onto the table her round ass displayed seductively. She was blindfolded, her hands were bound in leather cuffs behind her back, her face laying on a pillow facing her left side. Her legs were spread exposing her ready lips, light brown pubic hair glistened in the light.  Marko was standing behind her naked save for spanking new white Nike shoes on his feet. He had just spent the last few minutes oiling both their bodies, taking his time to massage Mia, fondling her breasts,  allowing her to relax her mind, letting her body swim in the ocean of relaxation.

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Sugar Caned Me

I experienced for the first time being caned, it was not at all what I expected or assumed would be. I am not a masochistic person, at least not in the painful sense of the word. I do enjoy teasing in a “masochistic” way, but sensually, with humorous improvisation.

That evening G and I were with some new friends learning about suspension, discovering whats its about, see what we might like or might not enjoy. As I watched Georgia being tied our young lady hostess who I will call Sugar, produced a flog, a riding crop, and a cane. Since I was just observing G being tied I thought what the hell, lets see what its about.

Sugar sensually drooled the cane on my back. From out of nowhere it was like the most ferocious mosquito bite ever inflicted on me. It was the surprise of the strike that was more nerve wracking. Sitting there waiting for it to land, I was keeping my breathing controlled, deep breaths in deep breaths out, releasing my tension, I focused on G being tied. My back burned,  fire seeming to wash over me for an instant then disappearing. It was amazing, I awaited for the next strike, smack ! As intense as the first strike my back burned again, a million mosquitoes feeding at once. The sensation was dizzying, similar to the first crazy waves of psychedelic rushing into your brain. I was elated, but that was all I could take, being my first time, my body could only take so much.

Sugar’s handiwork, Taz wasnt amused, lol.

G and the lovely sexy Sugar, admired the marks, their jaws dropped, and DAMN! was exclaimed by each. I had to see the mark, I rushed to the bathroom mirror seeing the mark, it was amazing, sexy, a real turn on for me. The feelings I had were a surprise to me, doors had been open, I was going to walk through pour a drink and make myself comfortable.

Back in the play space this time on my knees, Sugar stood behind behind me, gently tracing my back with the cane, that touch electrified my buzz even more. There were two more smacks delivered by the lovely hostess, she was very precise, controlled in her delivery. She was very kind, patient, always making sure we were communicating. Sugar wanted to spank my ass, which the thought really did turn me on, and possibly if G and I didnt need to leave early in the morning I would have entertained the idea.

It was amazing I would never think I would enjoy such play. The entire next day my back was tingling, a good sensation reminding me all day of the fun we had the night before. Never understanding the psychological implications of playing like that I certainly understood now why people do it.

I feel like its the first time I did mushrooms, an out of body type experience that leaves you yearning to do it again.

I must say I cant wait 🙂


Drinks and Suspension

Last night after drinks with some new friends we participated in a bit of suspension, some light flogging, caning, it was a lot of damn fun. Going to put a quick pic up then will get the rest up when I have some more time.

My first time feeling a flog, then a cane, was very very different from what I thought 🙂

A helping hand 🙂

Off to a wedding this weekend, staying in a classic Victorian hotel, going to do our best to have some very un-Victorian sex 🙂