Georgia Gets It

This story is a continuation, here is part one.

After a bit Dolly stretched her body, we all refreshed with a beverage, then, it was time for Georgia to be played with. Georgia had been wanting a female to play with for a while, Dolly didnt disappoint in the least. The cuffs no longer restrained Dolly, she was feeling invigorated, deliciously gazing at Georgia who was now on her hands and knees, while Dolly was behind her.

Georgia’s head was positioned perfectly in between Kenny and myself. Dolly requested a glass dildo from the toy selection on the table, then began kissing Georgia, while rubbing G’s ass. During this time G couldn’t resist the urge to enjoy Kenny’s cock, fellating his member, it hardening in her mouth. Georgia’s lean back was arched for perfect positioning. Stripping off the excess clothing G was wearing, the lingerie at this point was just getting in the way of feeling G’s skin, the sensation her body next to yours when she is aroused.

Georgia had her ass up in the air, while Dolly was starting to fuck her with the glass dildo. I was taking a few pictures, delighting in the wonderful display of a woman with tied in rope, wearing leather cuffs, fucking Georgia with a beautiful glass dildo. After a few pics, I was getting so turned on by what was happening that I had to put the camera down to assist Georgia in fulfilling her fantasy. I have this great picture of G cumming, a beautiful portrait that conveys the rapturous joys of orgasm.

Georgia was inhaling deeply Kenny’s cock, she swallowed all of him, her hands pushing his hips into her. I then took the opposite side of Kenny, on my knees, my cock hardening, G’s mouth lubricated my cock sensuously, using her tongue and mouth in concert with her own pleasure.

Georgia began feasting on my cock, stiffening in her mouth, my fingers going through her hair, pulling her deeper onto my muscle, Georgia sucked the head harder, then faster, almost bringing me to climax. I could tell Georgia was getting off hard with Dolly using the tool. Georgia was fucking back against the glassy phallus. Her muted moans of ecstasy disguised the earthquake of orgasm Georgia was having.

Her moans filled the room, we were all getting very near climaxing together. I mounted G, her tightness covering my cock, I furiously pumped into her. Excited by knowing other were watching, I slammed into G, her nails digging sweetly into me. Melting into her, getting off on the sensations around me. G and I held on as long as we could before finally letting go into heavy gasp into each others arms.

All having to refill our drinks, stretch our legs, as we sat around to chat gazing at each other in a post coital glow, we couldnt help but crave more.

To be continued…


Sex Carnival

Well the weekend has come and gone, here is a quick preview of the goings on. So much fun !


Led to this…

Details and pics up coming !


Tied To A Chair By Two Hot Bi Females

The pic below gives a preview of a fantasy fulfilled weekend 🙂

Stay tuned for story behind the picture !