Morning Stretch

Images like this wake me “up” pretty quickly.

Bathroom Quickie

When we are pressed for time we will have sex in the bathroom standing up, me behind her holding on to the vanity. But when I get this view I really cant help myself, even if I’m not in a hurry 🙂



Last night I had a hot sudsy bath ready for Georgia when she got home from work. She loves baths, who doesnt, great way to relax and massage your muscles. It was the only way to relax after a long day of work, rejuvenating your mind. We got to take some pictures, I washed her, shaved her legs, teased her nibbly bits. More pictures to be posted soon, but I will start with my favorite view.


Georgia is starting to exploit my stocking fetish !

She Likes It When…

I cuff her hands behind her back, sit her on top of me reverse cowgirl style, my cock erect as she slides onto me. I like her in this position I can control her movements as well as how many times she cums. The cherry on top so to speak is watching her head and hair bounce delightfully as she brings me to eruption !


Ready For A Spank

She loves having her ass played with in whichever way. I have her sit as she is in the photo below, spank her til she begs me to let her cum.

Snowy Interlude

Her: Watching the snow fall.

Him: Enjoying the view.


I enjoy skirts, G has long, yummy stems. One of the reasons we play golf is the ample photo opportunities like this one.

And after looking through our photos we realized we need more skirt pics !

~Jay Morgan

She Is All Mine

When she is just getting out of the shower and standing naked I want to take her hair in my fist and thrust her head to my cock. Positioning my cock in her mouth with one hand the other on her ass seeking her moist pussy, keeping her bent over. She gets wetter the more I pressure her on my cock. Thrusting my hips fucking her mouth her body is completely mine, I work my fingers inside of her, getting her ever more wet and swollen for me. I then push her to the bed, her ass facing me and my cock slides in. I let the feeling wash over me, feeling her warmth and wetness, I thrust harder and feeling her ass against me I sink deep inside of her, slamming her ass and my balls next to her. I grip her hips tighter and pull her into me, filling her, we connect as one  and then fall into a sweet embrace on the bed, enjoying our skins, and our electric love.

Reverse Cowgirl

She takes a deep look into my eyes, hungrily looking at me, stirring in me so much desire that i have to have her. Touch her soft flesh, bathe in her aroma, sometimes I am so overcome with my own need to feel her tight, gorgeous iris of a pussy, that i cannot wait to throw her on her back, pin her arms down, and insert myself inside of her.

There are times such as when I dont act on that initial, primitive impulse I lay back and allow her to enjoy me. She will take my cock; always in her right hand,  providing me with an unobstructed view of her mouth around my cock, . She will look at me deeply sensing my body move, our bodies become like a jazz quintet staying in and searching for the right tempo.

As I was laying on my back she mounted me as one would a horse, throwing her right over me and grasping the saddle horn. She arched her back and reached her right hand around her back grasping my cock in one and gently guiding it to her ass. This excited me even more as we dont often do anal and when she instigates it its even more erotic. Slowly and tightly she grips my cock, squeezing it, lubricating it, the slowly sliding it into her ass, her cheeks swallowing me each time she time she rises and lowers herself, finding her own rhythm she was in control, forcing me to climax quickly. The release is ecstasy connected to one another she holds me inside of her and the waves of emotion bounce off of us, around the room, spinning us dizzy, til we finally collapse, together as one sheet of paper.


lovely for an afternoon snack