Real Men

I devoured magazines as a kid, this being the pre cable/satellite era, we had a selection of three channels showing essentially the same crap. Grocery stores always had the widest selection of magazines to escape the dreary routine of small town life. Whenever we went to acquire sundries I made a beeline to the magazine rack, especially looking forward to the first or middle of the month when the new issues were available. I went from comics, to martial arts to rock n roll mags, then graduating to the more brazen such as true detective, soldier of fortune, even popular mechanics. My grandparents always had a National Geographic and a Time magazine, I liked the Geographic better, it never failing to place you right smack dab in the middle of whatever exotic destination they happen to be describing.

However I missed the first generation of the men’s pulp magazines, before we crash landed in a world of airbrushed plastic, and tasteless consumerism. The pseudo homo erotic adventure stories, absurdly vivid tales of bosomy jungle women, excellent art work, these magazines would now be castigated for the politically incorrect portrayal of the post WW2 American male.

Georgia’s sexy sketch

So once upon a time, I had an art scholarship to a design institute.  Then I realized one day that I needed to make money to survive…and art just wasnt all that lucrative, lol.  So on the back shelf it went.  These days, Ive started taking it up again and letting my inner creative beast loose.  One of my first efforts:

The apparent trend is my artistic inclination is toward kink/bondage art.  I’ll keep you posted if the trend continues…



Sexy Sketching

Violet Blue elaborates on pic below. We really like it because Georgia loves to draw, especially sexy naked bodies.


Bondage As Visual Art

This morning Graydancer was up early with the bread delivery guy, sure delivered some yummy hot treats. He has provided a couple of very unique stellar bondage documentaries.

The first is this one by Hakalax Productions a terrifically Japanese piece called Kinbaku the Art of Japanese Bondage.

The second is a documentary piece done by Lord Morpheus, which is incredibly hot !

Its called “Comfortable ? I can fix that.” Warning: the trailer is very hot, may cause nether regions to become stimulated.

Then if you happened to be in Cleveland over the weekend of March 20, you might have caught up with Graydancer at the Cleveland GRUE.

Many, many props to Graydancer for his effort this morning. Enjoy the morning treats, then be sure check out his Ropecast, much more rope goodness to be heard.


Erotic Surrealism

If you have to be anywhere near Paris, France this week, take a trip to the gallery Kamel Mennour, which displays an exhibition of surrealist painter/photographer Pierre Molinier. The man was certainly ahead of the curve during that period in French history. Using himself as primary subject he utilized props such as “dolls, dildos, stiletto heels”.

From the presentation:

“Pierre Molinier’s enigmatic photographs influenced European and North American body artists in the early 1970s and continue to engage artists, critics, and collectors today. In the 1970’s, Molinier’s health began to decline. He lost the will to live after he was no longer able to maintain an erection. Like his father before him, Pierre Molinier committed suicide at 76 years of age by self-inflicted gunshot wound while masturbating.”

You can check out some of his work here.