Since she is my muse for all that you read in this blog so I should pass on some relevant bits about my lovely southern peach Georgia. Without blathering on and being dramatic about her lovely nether regions, she is the most amazing and sexy woman I ever met. Sorry, I tried not too.

Anyway, we touch each others souls on so many different planes. We have to consume each others essence every day and night.  A look at one another arouses inside of both of us a primitive animal passion that prompts us to devour each other. She loves herself, is in touch with her wants, loves her children and family, and did I mention she was a huge New Orleans Saints foot ball fan. Which btw one of the reasons I am in love with her is that watching football together is great for me especially when the Saints win as she will determinedly devour my cock at halftime.

This blog is about us but she is the key to it all without her I would never have ventured in this realm or realized my own desires and fantasies. We will see in the coming time ahead what works, what doesnt, and what shouldnt be.

Jay Morgan