A Strong Elongated Penis Is The Solution

That was the quote from this article in the BBC. Evidently deep sea squids have a penis that is roughly the entire length of their body to facilitate reproduction.

From the article:

“The mature male squid was caught during a deep-water research cruise on the Patagonian slope. We took the animal from the catch, and it was moribund with arms and tentacles still moving, and chromatophores on the skin contracting and expanding,” he told the BBC.

“When the mantle of the squid was opened for maturity assessment, we witnessed an unusual event.

“The penis of the squid, which had extended only slightly over the mantle margin, suddenly started to erect, and elongated quickly to 67cm total length, almost the same length as the whole animal.”

Being the lazy type, I would like to have a penis that extended the length of my body. I could inject Georgia with sperm a room away while I lay on the couch.


Your Thong Is Showing

Georgia and I were discussing if the type of underwear a woman wore indicated anything about their sexual proclivities ? Certainly its subjective and has about as much merit as someone who has short hair is an uptight insurance salesman, but its fun conversation to have.

Georgia wears thongs, and she is pretty sexually assertive. We know of a couple of other women who identify in the same way.

Now we realize that not all women are of the same mold, some women dont care for the thong, some dont care for underwear at all.

We were kind of disappointed though to find out that the woman G was flirting with a granny pant fan.


Trimming Georgia’s Bush

My three favorite pubic hair patterns.

The Landing Strip

The Diamond.

The Heart.


If The Sandal Fits

Going to a ropey fetishy event tomorrow night…would “rope sandals” be toppy enough ?


Clouds With Balls !

Georgia took this pic when she was out running errands. She said it looked like testicles hanging from the clouds.

I love how her mind works 🙂

Slut, According To Cosmo

G and I were eating some lunch together perusing an old copy of Cosmo that was lying about. In between the arrays of perfume samples and plastic models, G came upon the article “Bad Girl Sex Tricks” which despite its sex negative connotation we thought it would be good for a laugh.

Georgia began reading and according to Cosmo:

good girls “show off their body”

bad girls “know the power of their body, might strut around in only lingerie and heels” and insist on the sex with the lights on !


good girls touch themselves

bad girls will touch herself in front of her partner, or maybe while on top, so the partner will know how its done

There were more, but after reading further we found out that according to Cosmo G is quite “bad”, a real slut !


April Is STD Awareness Month

This caught our eye, so, do we celebrate or observe ?


Eye Candy

I tuned into the Olympics, specifically for the figure skating. Heres a spread of some “erotic” photos from the Olympics in Vancouver.

Find them here.


The Sexual Contradictions Of American Culture

After watching television for a couple of hours one might think Americans are exposed to countless images of sex in some overt or covert form. Obviously, sex sells, always has always will. I am not really arguing the point that there is too much sex. My point of view is that sex is treated very immaturely and negatively by mainstream pop culture.

Lets take the Tiger Woods scandal. The poor guy, this is what he gets for being really really really good at something, aspiring in his chosen profession to be the best that has ever been. Who gives a rats ass if he fucks around on his wife, his wife certainly will make him pay, pun intended. Now he has to go through the oprah guilt addressing his sexual desires, not addressing the real issue of his relationship with his wife.

Take the sitcom Seinfeld. I applaud the artistic means in which they employed sexual humor. Subdued, mature, without the junior high embarrassment or giggles. You knew that each one of the characters were having sex in one way or another. There was an episode where a plot point was one of Jerry’s friends had stolen a “sexual” move of his.  Despite what is said of the self important smugness of the show more shows should deal with sex with such intellectual humor.

The area of the world in which I live is very very socially conservative, most of the USA tends to be socially conservative, at least as a group. Which leads me to another question I have to ask. While most persons as individuals are pretty open minded, tolerant, believe when it comes down to it, in personal responsibility. George Carlin was right when he mentioned this point in one of his stand up routines. He mentioned that when people get together they then have an “agenda”. Of course the trash heap of history is piled high with examples of this fallacy.

I am reminded of George Orwell’s book 1984, Big Brother had removed the motivations for sexual behavior from Winston because it led to questioning of the states totalitarian policies. Besides the sensationalist stories that are recycled every few days seems to be what some politicians in this country would prefer as policy, e.g. the abstinence only tripe that is served in USA public schools.

I guess thats why I have always liked  Madonna, she seem to buck the trend, certainly she isnt first, but could very well be the last to do so.


Calculated And Precise Lovemaking

Here’s an amusing sex survey of students who attend MIT.

Here’s a taste of the intellectual goodness.

“It may not come as a surprise to some that Senior House takes the cake for both floorcest and anal sex. 52 percent of Senior House non-virgins say they have had sex with someone in their living group. 36 percent of non-virgins say they have had anal sex. The least floorcestuous dorm is the Phoenix group (NW-35), where nobody copped to having sex with someone else in the group. The least anal-receptive dorm is McCormick, where only 5 percent of non-virgin girls say they have had anal sex.”