A Weave And A Patch

Yesterday, we received our Rope Love patch from Jo Qatana, to get yours there is a link on the left that will take you to the order form. The patch’s colors are vibrant and we are so delighted to have ours. Now just to get one of the Maui Kink gear bags to apply it too.

Speaking of Maui Kink we had a few moments last night and threw together a breast harness, but added a nice weave of Mohair on the back. The pics are not the greatest but seeing the idea come to life it inspired a few ideas.

Have we mentioned how we are smitten by the hemp rope !


Groovy Rope Grope

We had a chance yesterday after business errands to play with the colorful Maui Kink rope. We are smitten completely with their rope, its feel, its texture, not sure what their secret sauce is but damn is the rope just yummy.

The one aspect we particularly like with having the various colors is being able to create, no matter how it might look, a colorful tie that looks ever so sexy against Georgia’s skin. The Blue Hawaii, the Purple Poni, and Natural are such vibrant, electric colors, that we sit slack jawed, staring at the rope.

The Blue Hawaii is a color that says Aloha! shhh…you can almost hear the Ukulele in the background !

We were feeling very exotic so Georgia picked up some peacock hurls, just to tease !


Happy Diamond Wrap

We were passing the time in between menial household tasks playing with our oh so sexy Maui Kink rope and came up with the following. Not wanting to keep these to ourselves, we thought we would share. Enjoy !

A couple without the Mohair.

Then we added the Mohair.

Since Georgia had her hands tied, I thought I would take the time to tease her, pinching her, tickling her, til she had enough then started fighting back !

It was a good way to pass the time. If you would like to have the wonderful Mohair rope next to your skin, check out Maui Kink’s site. Right now you can get 15% off your order, listen to Graydancers Ropecast to find out how !


Healthy Kinky Cooking

I tell anyone within shouting distance at meal time about how laser awesome Georgia’s culinary skills are. She is an amazing cook who can take whatever we may have in the fridge, instruct me to slice and dice to her specs, then cook it into a dish so savory Emeril would bam in his pants.

Georgia cooks with mostly natural ingredients, a bit of olive oil perhaps, but spices are her forte. I try my best to recreate some of her concoctions but can never quite get it to her level of tingling tastiness. For example when it comes to cooking something as simple as grilled cheese I am no match; the youngsters that lurk around the homestead will gleefully point out this discrepancy.

Which inspired the idea to start a series of ropey cooking posts that might include: a super healthy recipe, healthy lifestyle tip, exercises for kinky activities. All the posts will include some sort of photo incorporating rope in some way, shape, or form. Our goals in our meals are to make them the most nutritionally dense, meaning more veggies, fish, rarely meat products, and no processed or refined foods.

Starting off our first recipe is a simple stuffed zucchini using veggies from our garden.

Crammed Zucchini

First off, let me say that my list of ingredients is in no way definitive, its just what I happened to have on hand from our garden and pantry.  Generally speaking, the fresher the ingredients going into a dish in my kitchen, the more scrumptious the return.

For this particularly phallic dish, gather the following ingredients:

1 Large, thick, round, shapely and satisfying zucchini, washed and caressed gently to bring out its most fulfilling taste

1 medium tomato, ripened on the vine to a generous handful

1 small onion, peeled to reveal its distinctive aroma

4 cloves of garlic, diced

1/2 cup soy crumbles (although any flavorful meat, pulled chicken, tofu, or ground italian sausage could be used instead)

1 jalapeno, diced and spicy like me

1 egg

1 cup brown rice, cooked

1 cup mozzarella/parmesan  (optional)

1/2 cup bread crumbs

15 ft Maui Kink 6mm Blue Hawaii Hemp Rope

As a note, other things I have included in this recipe before include mushrooms, cranberries/nuts, orzo, leek, spinach, bell peppers (of any color but red being my favorite), banana peppers, and chives.


Preheat oven to 375˚.

Prepare per package instructions the brown rice (typically 2 cups water, 1 cup brown rice simmered for 30-40 mins), unless your using Minute Rice.

After lovingly washing and drying the zucchini, pierce its flesh with a long sharp knife, bisecting it end to end. Taking a spoon (melon ballers work well too), gently drag the edge through the seeds and meat of both zucchini halves until its shell is about 1/2″ thick throughout. Dice the pulp of the zucchini for your stuffing. Gently caress the interior meat of the zucchini with olive oil to soothe its abused interior.  Season it with salt, pepper and basil.

Dice all the vegetables,

Cook to your taste whatever meat you intend to use, whether its sauteed soy crumbles, pulled chicken breast, ground turkey or italian sausage.

Gently but thoroughly  mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, reserving 1/2 cup cheese for the top. For seasonings I used fresh basil and oregano from our garden, dried and ground between my long fingers, and gently sprinkled, sea salt, copious black pepper, sage, and Tony Cachere’s cajun seasoning. Mix well, from bottom to top, to distribute the seasonings evenly through your con-cock-tion.

Spoon into your prepared zucchini halves and place them in a oiled  broiling pan and place uncovered in the oven at 375˚ for 30 minutes.

During the 30 minutes waiting for the savory dish to cook, and this is entirely at your discretion, you have the time to include: instruct your slave clean the prep work, give the chef a good flogging, or take some time for some slow making out in the kitchen. Something to really kick in the appetite 🙂

After the 30 minutes, sprinkle with remaining cheese and bake an additional 15 minutes, a total of 45 minutes cooking time.

Your healthy, phallic and fulfilling dish is ready when the meat of the zucchini is soft on the inside and crisp around the shell, and the stuffing is golden brown. Serve by candlelight or from the belly of your slave.

Enjoy !

Jay n Georgia

Yummy Maui Kink Rope

We received a lovely gift from our new friends at Maui Kink; super friendly, helpful folks situated on an island paradise. When we got back from a trip to our favorite Ozark river there was a package waiting on our doorstep, opening it we found the following inside.

A couple of lengths of 6 and 8mm hemp, in natural color, along with the cool Blue Hawaii, and royal Poni Purple, a sweet treat was the length of 6mm Mohair, that was a surprise bonus. Laying all the rope out, belly buttons puckering with excitement, we ran the rope through our hands, uncoiling it and loosening the coils.

The Mohair glows !

Something about having the hemp in my hands takes me a to quiet place with pan flutes, rice paper, and tea. The hemp rope causes me to slow down, take my time with the tie, feeling the fibers against my hands; laying against the skin holding it tightly.

We have some time planned next week to set up a decent photo shoot using some traditional knots, maybe giving another go at the ceremonial bondage theme. Something maybe celebrating the fall harvest complete with the bounty of our garden.

But for the time being we did the dragonfly sleeve below, just for fun !

Mmmmmmm thats goooooooood rope !

Jay n Georgia

Swing Sex

Never before had we incorporated some sort of swing into our play. When we do suspensions they have been typically for photographic or rigging purposes, the sexual tension becomes as thick as….well its thick.

The other day I happen to tie Georgia in the perfect position for intercourse. Finally we have discovered rope bondage for sex ! Logistically speaking we stumbled upon the position, physically it was an amazing sensation.

Georgia’s hands were tied, she was suspended horizontally to height of my hip, I held fast to the ropes as I thrust into her, would pause then twirl her in the air in different directions. I had a delightfully sadistic time playing with her, I withdrew a few times, teasing her creamy skin to stimulate a more volcanic eruption from her.

It was so erotic, excitement of the new experience being almost too much to handle. Alas, as we finished the session and I untied Georgia, both of us glowing telling each other we couldn’t wait to do it again.


Rope Pride Flag

I remember first seeing a gay pride flag in a antiquated bohemian tourist trap in Arkansas. It seemed most every business had it either waving in front of their business or in sticker form on their door. I never really paid too much attention to their significance, all cultures of whatever variety have some sort of icon to easily identify with others of a similar mind. From the Grateful Dead’s “Stealie” to the Jolly Roger; there has to be an insignia of some sort for whatever fringe culture might be out there. Which is why I like seeing the Rope Pride Flag.

To me the point in this particular debate that is reinforced is that all good ideas evolve; a discussion like this will inspire something special in someone without them even realizing it. Much like playing music, riffing and grooving til you find the magic passage of chords.

There has been a great deal of discussion about it on Graydancers blog. I like the simplicity of the first design, which is very cool, but this latest version really shines. The rope bondage community, like all ad hoc groups, has no design committee to decide what sort of flag rope lovers must fly, its an egalitarian choice made by the individuals who make up the community.


An Extremely Tardy HNT

I apologize for my tardiness….anything I can do to make amends…let me know ;o)



Adventures W/Rope: Lessons Learn-ed

Over the last week Georgia and I have been able to have some quality practice time with our rope; my technique is finally starting to evolve for the better.

Having a small about of hemp rope, but a little more nylon rope; I am seeing the difference between nylon and hemp. I enjoy using both materials; each has its own benefits depending on the situation. Nylon is  available at the local hardware store, and I live in a geographic region where your only option for hemp is online.

Hemp looks really really good against skin; Georgia’s skin tone is such that it really brings out the color of the rope. The way the material lays purveys a raw earthy sort of tone about the rope, hemp mysterious allure can almost take you back in time it seems. On the other hand nylon is fun ! Soft in your hands, its like snuggling against your favorite blanket. Nylon looks good and there are some sexy pics with nylon, but I love the hemp look, hopefully soon we will have some more to play with.

As far as stretching or that type of difference I haven’t done enough suspension with hemp to notice, the hemp I have is 6mm and not long enough to do enough wraps for good suspension; 8mm is better for G’s skin and body type.

When rigging Georgia I have to be mindful of her neck when I suspend her, I try to keep her head above her body and square over her shoulders. No easy task. So all of my ties are done with that in mind; which suffice to say has been a fun process figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

And one last thing I really need to get a bigger, better O ring.


Ceremonial Bondage

I mentioned ceremonial bondage in a twitter reply the other day. Certainly it can mean a lot of things to many different people so I wanted to play around with the idea, research it, and maybe see what kind of scenarios one could come up with. Consider this the first steps at untangling a string of an idea.

In the following set of pics, I am thinking some sort of rite of passage for a woman moving from one phase of life to another. Yeah its thrown together and impromptu spur of the moment idea so apologies ahead of time.  I did try my best at a dragonfly sleeve which turned out to be a really fun tie.

Jay N Georgia