Sharing The Ropey Goodness

We met a M/s couple recently, who are new to are area, and have an interest in kink.  He was slender and confident, she the picture of dark desire, a very nice, pleasant couple; who shared with us mutual interest in business, eating healthy, and kink. We chatted a while eating a bite of pizza, talking about respective lives, interests, and the inability to attend enough play parties.

We made a group decision to take things back to our play space, delaying our drive only momentarily to purchase some liquid spirits. After arriving at our pad we talked for a bit, then got the rope out for a demonstration. I would not dare pass up a chance to show off G or get a chance to tie someone.

I did a basic suspension with Georgia stringing her up,  face down, then spinning and swinging her, getting her to laugh with delight. This entertained our audience quite a bit, displaying G’s legs languidly, her slender body sparkled in the reflection of the overhead light.

By happenstance it turned out to be the deftest I have ever tied Georgia, it was a simple tie, yet held her quite comfortably. My reward of course for tying G so quickly is that I forgot exactly how I did it so fast.

Then our female guest wanted to be tied, and with her Masters permission she was about to be. Honestly, I was quite apprehensive. I was confident in my ability, confident with what sort of tie I would use, for better or worse. In my mind I reminded myself of the basic rules of rope safety,  trying to suppress the nightmare images of the bottom dropping three feet down face first on a hard surface. I was looking forward to the opportunity though; since usually I am tying Georgia, this was a different person, with a different body type. I needed to make sure she communicated with me, and I with her. Even though her role is a slave, communicating and watching their response is crucial to ensuring good productive playtime.

I stuck with simplicity, wraps around the trunk of the body, tying hands, breasts, hips, and ankles. Making sure the knots were tight, confident nothing would slip, checking the wraps again, I felt good about what I had done. Once I had her tied, she went airborne and it looked something like this.

After the first time suspended, we let her down for a few, asked her how she felt, checked her body, then to my surprise she wanted to be suspended again. How could I say no?

It was a stimulating erotic evening, being stopped only by the lateness of the hour. Smiling satisfied with each other G and I communicated effectively.  Also, we learned some important lessons in rope suspension for an audience. Experiences like this strengthen mine and Georgia’s relationship. We become closer to each other as our minds begin to think as one when we share play space with others.


An Extremely Tardy HNT

I apologize for my tardiness….anything I can do to make amends…let me know ;o)



Ceremonial Bondage

I mentioned ceremonial bondage in a twitter reply the other day. Certainly it can mean a lot of things to many different people so I wanted to play around with the idea, research it, and maybe see what kind of scenarios one could come up with. Consider this the first steps at untangling a string of an idea.

In the following set of pics, I am thinking some sort of rite of passage for a woman moving from one phase of life to another. Yeah its thrown together and impromptu spur of the moment idea so apologies ahead of time.  I did try my best at a dragonfly sleeve which turned out to be a really fun tie.

Jay N Georgia

Rigger And Rope Slut

The last couple of days we have enjoyed a feasting like junkies on rope bondage. Taking turns tying and suspending each other, learning what works, what doesn’t work, why stuff hurts afterward, and what not to do next time. I spent a couple of hours suspending Georgia, twirling her in the air, moving her around, pinching her ass, it was all very sexy.

I learned a great deal, most importantly I figured how to really tie G, how her body and the rope react to each other. I am learning to become one with the rope, and the person I am tying. Knowing exactly how the rope snakes over her body, where it will pull on her, where it will tighten, or lose slack.

We have communed on a deeper level these couple of days, many different ideas are percolating into a potent brew which we will share soon.

A lovely pic of G enjoying the suspension.


An ever-so-slightly-early HNT for you…



He’s so pretty! HNT

We post lots of pictures of my ass (and every other part of me for that matter), but typically Im the eye candy and Jay’s the brains.  Today he was doing his morning ritual of exercises, predictable as taxes, but happened to be talking to me and standing in front of the blinds with the morning sun coming through.  He was such a pretty sight I took a couple of pictures. I love the way the shadows around his muscles stand out. So Sexy…

Besides….he likes to be ogled more than I do! ;o)



At Home Suspension

We have had quite the whirlwind weekend, add the sunny short shorts wearing weather, a pinch of an empty home, and cupful of deviant lust, and you have a consumable brew of erotic libation.

So I installed some hard points in the bedroom, which was pretty straightforward, and will post about later. At the same time we purchased some rope to try out the aforementioned hard points.

I will have to elaborate when my thoughts are fully processed, but the process of tying then suspending someone regardless of whether you are going to have sexual congress or no is always a surreal experience. It’s a transformative process that happens between two or more persons, transcending each others emotions they on some level develop an erotic synergy.

G loves the sensuous nature of the rope around her body, I in return enjoy the connection I have with her body. Each time I tie her I discover her lovely figure again, her shallow curve from her lower back down to her thighs. I run my hands down her long lean legs, skin that is softer than the rope in my hands.

The pictures aren’t the best as we just snapped a couple quickly.

The first tie we did was purely aesthetic.

Then we finally got to the suspension part.

That’s G suspended, it was intoxicating having her in that position. I was able to turn her, gently rock her, tease her, tie the rest of her body.

It wasnt that hard to get the hard points at all, there was minimal impact on the structure of the house. When we move it will be as easy as unscrewing the bolt, then filling the tiny hole with a dab of spackle, and no one will ever know they were there.


Eye Candy

Looking at her

while listening to this 🙂


Happy slightly belated HNT!



Flower Power

Its been a good busy couple of days 🙂