Groovy Rope Grope

We had a chance yesterday after business errands to play with the colorful Maui Kink rope. We are smitten completely with their rope, its feel, its texture, not sure what their secret sauce is but damn is the rope just yummy.

The one aspect we particularly like with having the various colors is being able to create, no matter how it might look, a colorful tie that looks ever so sexy against Georgia’s skin. The Blue Hawaii, the Purple Poni, and Natural are such vibrant, electric colors, that we sit slack jawed, staring at the rope.

The Blue Hawaii is a color that says Aloha! shhh…you can almost hear the Ukulele in the background !

We were feeling very exotic so Georgia picked up some peacock hurls, just to tease !


Happy Diamond Wrap

We were passing the time in between menial household tasks playing with our oh so sexy Maui Kink rope and came up with the following. Not wanting to keep these to ourselves, we thought we would share. Enjoy !

A couple without the Mohair.

Then we added the Mohair.

Since Georgia had her hands tied, I thought I would take the time to tease her, pinching her, tickling her, til she had enough then started fighting back !

It was a good way to pass the time. If you would like to have the wonderful Mohair rope next to your skin, check out Maui Kink’s site. Right now you can get 15% off your order, listen to Graydancers Ropecast to find out how !


Swing Sex

Never before had we incorporated some sort of swing into our play. When we do suspensions they have been typically for photographic or rigging purposes, the sexual tension becomes as thick as….well its thick.

The other day I happen to tie Georgia in the perfect position for intercourse. Finally we have discovered rope bondage for sex ! Logistically speaking we stumbled upon the position, physically it was an amazing sensation.

Georgia’s hands were tied, she was suspended horizontally to height of my hip, I held fast to the ropes as I thrust into her, would pause then twirl her in the air in different directions. I had a delightfully sadistic time playing with her, I withdrew a few times, teasing her creamy skin to stimulate a more volcanic eruption from her.

It was so erotic, excitement of the new experience being almost too much to handle. Alas, as we finished the session and I untied Georgia, both of us glowing telling each other we couldn’t wait to do it again.


Candle HNT

Oh yeah…its Thursday.

Ceremonial Bondage

I mentioned ceremonial bondage in a twitter reply the other day. Certainly it can mean a lot of things to many different people so I wanted to play around with the idea, research it, and maybe see what kind of scenarios one could come up with. Consider this the first steps at untangling a string of an idea.

In the following set of pics, I am thinking some sort of rite of passage for a woman moving from one phase of life to another. Yeah its thrown together and impromptu spur of the moment idea so apologies ahead of time.  I did try my best at a dragonfly sleeve which turned out to be a really fun tie.

Jay N Georgia

Rigger And Rope Slut

The last couple of days we have enjoyed a feasting like junkies on rope bondage. Taking turns tying and suspending each other, learning what works, what doesn’t work, why stuff hurts afterward, and what not to do next time. I spent a couple of hours suspending Georgia, twirling her in the air, moving her around, pinching her ass, it was all very sexy.

I learned a great deal, most importantly I figured how to really tie G, how her body and the rope react to each other. I am learning to become one with the rope, and the person I am tying. Knowing exactly how the rope snakes over her body, where it will pull on her, where it will tighten, or lose slack.

We have communed on a deeper level these couple of days, many different ideas are percolating into a potent brew which we will share soon.

A lovely pic of G enjoying the suspension.

Intertwined And Tied

The music plays, a bass-line pounds deep.

Lights flicker, our guiding glow.

Warm, soft, skin, skimming touch, with heavy rope, to bind and unwind you.

Musceles tighten, stress and release, balance, rising to the ring above.

I’m floating, falling, hovering, transcending pain and finding pieces of self.

And above it all is









and a supreme belief in another being.

Intertwined and tied.

Loving Rope Suspension

In between attaching new hard points around the house, I tie Georgia in various ways, sometimes when she is tied I will tease her body mercilessly. We are becoming lushes for suspension, since having a solid joiner to attach our rope to, we have not wasted a chance using it.

Last night we fooled around a bit to try things we had talked about, seeing how the knots held, and what positions were most comfortable with Georgia. Yes, we are using a solid braid nylon as we just do not have enough hemp to suspend with.

Our first few forays have taught us a few things such as: nylon is soft, a bit slippery; since its softer it will burn or chafe if you are not careful, or provide proper aftercare for any rope burns; we need a bigger O ring. Finally communicating through the entire process is key, I have gotten much better about this as initially all my anxious thoughts were about how to tie the damn rope, but now I am much more at ease which means I am much more communicative with G. Plus it makes for a much more erotic act.

Clinically speaking its been quite a bit of fun, nor has it been as physically taxing as one might think. Still though you have to work up to being suspended for longer periods of time, stretching before and after, if possible, are very beneficial to the overall experience.


Interstate Hard Drive

So we had a bit of traveling to do this weekend, shuffling off to drop our kin with seldom seen loved ones. Such is summer, a time of adventurous excitement in some far off mysterious place. Even if that place might be less than a 100 miles away; at least we went to another state, which is entirely like a whole other country. Passing into a picturesque valley complete with a decaying red barn beside a dilapidated white house. Rusting farm equipment stood as quiet sentry over the highway. We felt nostalgic and free as the radio took us on a trip through the laid back seventies, we enjoyed the sunshine on our face as we turned our heads smiling at each other through dark sunglasses.

Georgia looked every bit like a postcard-island-paradise,  in her orange sarong, topped with an orange tiger lily bloom tucked into her hair. She laid back in the seat, stretching out her long legs as much as she could providing me a tease of the matching thong hidden underneath. She lay back in her seat feeling quite relaxed, free, elated.

The sarong was seductively exposing her the orange pink line of her thong, a soft mesh center hid the small mound of her reddish bush. She reached a hand up to stroke the back of my hair as we swooped down into the same valley, that looked the same as the valley before. I laid my hand on her slender leg, feeling the muscle of her upper thigh, dancing my fingertips along her knee, tracing a line back to the intersection between her legs.

The traffic was flowing by, truckers, bass boats, bikers all drifted passed us. Unaware of the exposed woman in the passenger seat of the car they were passing. My hand was now stroking G’s moistened clit, her hips were grinding against my hand as she writhed and ground against me with all the urgency of the passing 18 wheeler loaded with fruit. She used my hand as both vibrator and dildo, regarding not as a piece of flesh with its own determination, but a device for her instant pleasure. She came delightfully, excited by the possibility of a passing truck looking in, seeing her exposed flesh for a quick moment; providing mental fodder for those lucky enough to see her enjoying herself.

Bathing in the afterglow of her own relief, she looked at me smiling, telling me she loved me. I smiled back, enjoying the freedom of it all, the highway, the music, the woman I love. Wishing that for a moment there was no end to our journey, wanting the road to go on forever.

Impromptu Slave

It was one of those subdued mornings, birds chirping excitedly under the flat gray sky’s, dampness hung the air as I felt the cool breeze through the opened window.  I wanted to stay in bed, bury myself into Georgia, her feeling my erection grow into her; we are pathological morning sex people.

Usually when we have a day together we have quite a bit of play time to break up the routines of the day; but this day was one distraction after another, household chores, and last minute visits with friends departing town. I had to withhold my impulsive want to wrap my hands around G’s hips, lusting after he walking in a green sarong.

When we finally had a moment together at the end of the day it was all about connection between us. Our attraction to each other was intense, drawn to each other in the most primitive way. She looked into me with submissive green eyes as she stood giving herself to me, knowing what we both ached for.

There were no words between us as I began to remove the sarong and black tank top.  I turned her around, feeling naked skin beneath my fingers that was electric to the touch. Standing behind Georgia, I pressed myself against her skin, feeling her melt into me, I then started to wrap the rope around her breasts, finishing by tying her hands behind her back, then looping the rope to the O-ring dangling over us. I then instructed her to sit on her knees, guiding her down, I grabbed her round ass firmly, running my hand in circles over the hot skin. I then covered her eyes with a black scarf, fixing it properly on her face, she was now completely submissive to me.

I brought over the paddle, told her to bow as far as she could the rope holding her in place. Her tightened ass was presented for me perfectly, the first smack caused her to emit a slight excited squeal, her not knowing it was coming made it all the more sexy. I gave her red cheeks another swat, each time lingering with the paddle, swatting her ass a few more times, she embraced each slap, wanting to feel the firmness of the hot leather against her supple round behind.

I told her to rise up from her bow in front of me, letting her feel the absence of the paddle against her body, making her hunger for it all the more. I told her she was my slave, my pet, my toy, she was craving me inside of her, she told me so several times. Repeating to me.

“I love you, I love your  cock, may I please have it ?”

Telling her to open her mouth for me, she obeyed, looking around through covered eyes searching for my voice, straining against the rope she was reaching out with her tongue for my body. I enjoyed the pleasure of seeing her want me, she was writhing, her hips moving on an unseen body, her lips open and wet for me. I step forward to her, inserting myself into her wet wanting mouth, I was stiff, thrusting into her she submitted to me completely, giving herself to me, as my fat wet cock worked back and forth against her lips. My hands ran through her red hair, holding her head against my cock, using her mouth to harden my ever stiffening member, I let her catch her breath as she visibly came twice for me.

Standing her up and spreading her legs, I inserted my happy, smiling wet cock inside her moist tight pussy. Her body was impaled on mine as I thrust into her savagely. I was a warrior plundering the village, enjoying the spoils of a hard earned campaign, Georgia thrust back into me, satisfying her own carnal lust, our connection together was intensified even more by our mutual orgasm, both of us channeling each others energy. Intoxicated by the endorphins coursing through our body Georgia slumped into me, as I held her next to me. Slowly I untied her, bringing us back down to earth, easing our transition back from our journey and into the distractions of the day.