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Over at Counterpunch Dr Susan Block gives us some lovely verbiage with her review of the Bonobo Handshake by Vanessa Woods.

And after a tweet about this new book, a wonderful easy to read dissertation titled Sex At Dawn The Pre Historic Origins Of Modern Sexuality. Anyone interested in any aspect of sexual congress should read this book. Certain the author(s) will be making the day time talk show rounds if they havnt already.


Real Men

I devoured magazines as a kid, this being the pre cable/satellite era, we had a selection of three channels showing essentially the same crap. Grocery stores always had the widest selection of magazines to escape the dreary routine of small town life. Whenever we went to acquire sundries I made a beeline to the magazine rack, especially looking forward to the first or middle of the month when the new issues were available. I went from comics, to martial arts to rock n roll mags, then graduating to the more brazen such as true detective, soldier of fortune, even popular mechanics. My grandparents always had a National Geographic and a Time magazine, I liked the Geographic better, it never failing to place you right smack dab in the middle of whatever exotic destination they happen to be describing.

However I missed the first generation of the men’s pulp magazines, before we crash landed in a world of airbrushed plastic, and tasteless consumerism. The pseudo homo erotic adventure stories, absurdly vivid tales of bosomy jungle women, excellent art work, these magazines would now be castigated for the politically incorrect portrayal of the post WW2 American male.

Bob Crane

If you havnt seen the movie Auto Focus starring Greg Kinnear you should, its a moody bio-pic whose subject is Bob Crane.

Mr Crane certainly wasnt the first to record his sexual conquests, nor the first tragic celebrity who was, in one aspect a victim of his times.

The movie is a subtle reminder of how parochial attitudes shape our impulses, motivations, and reactions. Certainly if circumstances were different and there was no “shame” in being curious or enthusiastic about sex, perhaps Mr Crane might have had a different life altogether.


Sex Nerd

My preferred activity, second to tying Georgia then teasing her mercilessly with whatever kitchen tool might be handy, is consuming history of all eras. Primarily from academic sources, give me a thick text discerning the evolution of the fur trade in pre colonial america and I am as content as a masochist strapped to a table awaiting that first strike of the whip.

Recently I came across dissertation by Robert Bienvenu titled “The Development of SM As A Cultural Style In The 20th century“.  I am impressed by the substance of this dissertation,very articulate, it provides a snapshot into a bit of sociological history in an area that has received little historical documentation.

Though not talking about rope bondage per se, its focus is on the gay leather sub culture, pioneers of fetish photography, the origins of the beefcake magazines, and evolution of leatherman clubs.

You can find the paper here.


His Sex Parties Were Off The Hook

So there is this book out that explores what Ghandi’s sex life might have been like. Surely a bit more enlightened than say, Martin Luther King’s reported shenanigans. Ever fascinated by history, not sure how much of the book is your standard tantalizing tales of non penetrative sex, but seems like an interesting read.


Damn Termagants !

Reading a bit lately about the feminist “movement” in its effects on sex work/activism. Found the following quote from an article by the late Murray Rothbard the sage of modern economic thought.

“But surely the attack on women as “sex objects” is simply an attack on sex, period, or rather, on hetero-sex. These new monsters of the female gender are out to destroy the lovely and age-old custom-delighted in by normal women the world over-of women dressing to attract men and succeeding at this pleasant task. What a dull and dreary world these termagants would impose upon us! A world where all girls look like unkempt wrestlers, where beauty and attractiveness have been replaced by ugliness and “unisex,” where delightful femininity has been abolished on behalf of raucous, aggressive, and masculine feminism.”

The quote reminded me of an experience I had while working for a crap shack retailer.

I had mentioned to one of my male co workers to look at the hot chick with the sexy heels walking by our store. I remember speaking in a language with my co worker in some banter that only two single guys in their twenties can understand, something like bend over Ill drive, your standard horny single guy humor. Later my supervisor wrote me a reprimand for inappropriate behavior. Not knowing that the the female employee, who was hot too, was eavesdropping while pretending to be on the phone, told the supervisor she was offended and uncomfortable working with me. Suffice to say my career at the retailer was short lived.


Erotic Surrealism

If you have to be anywhere near Paris, France this week, take a trip to the gallery Kamel Mennour, which displays an exhibition of surrealist painter/photographer Pierre Molinier. The man was certainly ahead of the curve during that period in French history. Using himself as primary subject he utilized props such as “dolls, dildos, stiletto heels”.

From the presentation:

“Pierre Molinier’s enigmatic photographs influenced European and North American body artists in the early 1970s and continue to engage artists, critics, and collectors today. In the 1970’s, Molinier’s health began to decline. He lost the will to live after he was no longer able to maintain an erection. Like his father before him, Pierre Molinier committed suicide at 76 years of age by self-inflicted gunshot wound while masturbating.”

You can check out some of his work here.


The Sexual Contradictions Of American Culture

After watching television for a couple of hours one might think Americans are exposed to countless images of sex in some overt or covert form. Obviously, sex sells, always has always will. I am not really arguing the point that there is too much sex. My point of view is that sex is treated very immaturely and negatively by mainstream pop culture.

Lets take the Tiger Woods scandal. The poor guy, this is what he gets for being really really really good at something, aspiring in his chosen profession to be the best that has ever been. Who gives a rats ass if he fucks around on his wife, his wife certainly will make him pay, pun intended. Now he has to go through the oprah guilt addressing his sexual desires, not addressing the real issue of his relationship with his wife.

Take the sitcom Seinfeld. I applaud the artistic means in which they employed sexual humor. Subdued, mature, without the junior high embarrassment or giggles. You knew that each one of the characters were having sex in one way or another. There was an episode where a plot point was one of Jerry’s friends had stolen a “sexual” move of his.  Despite what is said of the self important smugness of the show more shows should deal with sex with such intellectual humor.

The area of the world in which I live is very very socially conservative, most of the USA tends to be socially conservative, at least as a group. Which leads me to another question I have to ask. While most persons as individuals are pretty open minded, tolerant, believe when it comes down to it, in personal responsibility. George Carlin was right when he mentioned this point in one of his stand up routines. He mentioned that when people get together they then have an “agenda”. Of course the trash heap of history is piled high with examples of this fallacy.

I am reminded of George Orwell’s book 1984, Big Brother had removed the motivations for sexual behavior from Winston because it led to questioning of the states totalitarian policies. Besides the sensationalist stories that are recycled every few days seems to be what some politicians in this country would prefer as policy, e.g. the abstinence only tripe that is served in USA public schools.

I guess thats why I have always liked  Madonna, she seem to buck the trend, certainly she isnt first, but could very well be the last to do so.


Calculated And Precise Lovemaking

Here’s an amusing sex survey of students who attend MIT.

Here’s a taste of the intellectual goodness.

“It may not come as a surprise to some that Senior House takes the cake for both floorcest and anal sex. 52 percent of Senior House non-virgins say they have had sex with someone in their living group. 36 percent of non-virgins say they have had anal sex. The least floorcestuous dorm is the Phoenix group (NW-35), where nobody copped to having sex with someone else in the group. The least anal-receptive dorm is McCormick, where only 5 percent of non-virgin girls say they have had anal sex.”


Susan Block Defends The G Spot

The sexy intellectual Dr. Susan Block obliterates one of the latest regressive studies of the lore of the G Spot. Enjoy the reading, sexy intelligent women to me are right up there with my love for G, jam bands, and chips with every meal.

From the article: “Is this science or is this nursery school for anxiety-ridden adults? It certainly is going into research with a blatantly biased, not to mention silly, ax to grind. It’s reminiscent of 1850s-era gynecologist William Acton writing, “The majority of women (happily for them) are not very much troubled with sexual feelings of any kind.”

“When are some people, especially people who call themselves “scientists,” going to accept that making great love does not always come as naturally and easily as a teenage wet dream, just as making gourmet cuisine is not as simple as stuffing a Big Mac into your mouth?”