Sexy Fruit

The other night I was slowly rolling my tongue around the fresh cherry Georgia offered me. I swirled the round morsel along my lips gently applying pressure, savoring its goodness, the slightest taste of juice was beginning to seep onto my tongue. Georgia was offering me more, insistent I eat them quickly. I deliberately ignored her request, taking my time to feel the fruit along my projected strip of muscle. Becoming excited, amorous, she was forcing them into my mouth, onto my wet tongue, now bathed in juice. I objected, but it was counterfeit, which she knew, provoking her to be more forceful, pulling me into her, grunting loudly for me to swallow.

I relented and did as commanded, feeling the ripe of explosion of the fruit fall along my chin.


Healthy Sexy And Kinky

We all like to look sexy naked, G and I exercise pretty regularly, some weeks more than others, but we try to be consistent about it.  We do yoga, lift some light weights and try to play some sort of sport.

But really the key to our overall health is the way we choose to eat. We eat primarily nutritionally dense foods, i.e. lots of fruits and veggies. To us that has been the key to maintaining a healthy weight. Sure we do enjoy the sweet decadent stuff, but we dont buy it, or bring it into our house. The added benefit of eating this way is if we miss out on exercising a day or two, or sometimes three, our bodies still maintain our desired look.

It took us a a long time to come to this realization since I was raised on a farm, ate what we killed, and was taught that meat makes men strong, and milk makes your bones stronger. The blank stares I get from people when I tell them I dont eat meat or dairy, is always followed by the question; Where do you get your protein/calcium, etc ? I point out that a serving of broccoli has almost the same amount of protein as the same serving of meat, and more calcium than milk. The thought that always comes to my mind is if milk is so darn good at making strong bones then why do we have such high instance of osteoprosis in our society ?

There were two books that I read that changed the way I look at eating. The first is The China Study, by Thomas Campbell, and the second is Eat To Live by Dr Joel Fuhrman. Both books look at the causes of obesity, additionally they provide evidence of the disease preventing benefits of a plant based diet. Especially check out Dr. Fuhrmans website Disease Proof.

Now before you scream Vegan! we dont look at it that way. Eating this way has many many benefits over a traditional “diet”, first there are no calorie counting, carb counting, or anything like that. When eating nutritionally dense food first you dont have to worry about eating too much of any one food, your body will naturally distribute the nutrition where it needs to go. Second, treat meat, dairy products, and processed food which are high fat, carcinogenic foods as sides, a small portion to add to your meal.

I have always been a thin person, but had the “Buddha belly” thats inherit in the men in our family, after changing my food choices I dropped a little over 30 pounds, most of it pretty quickly. Georgia, dropped a little over 80 pounds when she changed her diet, both of us even when we dont exercise stay within about 5-10 pounds of our preferred weight.

It takes work for persons to change their diet, I couldnt have done it alone or without support. But after a few days your taste buds begin to change, the excess water weight disappears, eventually you will find yourself craving sweet fruit or creating super healthy dinners with your partner, cooking sweet treats for that sweet ass !


Makin’ Bacon Naked

Sex-O-Teric served up this absolute delicious link today, a cooking show with naked women.

Nice spatula’s !