Intertwined And Tied

The music plays, a bass-line pounds deep.

Lights flicker, our guiding glow.

Warm, soft, skin, skimming touch, with heavy rope, to bind and unwind you.

Musceles tighten, stress and release, balance, rising to the ring above.

I’m floating, falling, hovering, transcending pain and finding pieces of self.

And above it all is









and a supreme belief in another being.

Intertwined and tied.

Ode To My Cock~

To stroke…
To suck…
To lick…
To nibble…
Long, deep throat strokes that almost gag, but taste so good
Short, shallow, teasing of better things to come
Light, teasing, tongue-flicking,
Wet, shiny, glistening pre-cum on the tip of my tongue
Tracing my tongue from behind his balls to the glistening head
Swirling around and around before slamming my mouth down
Gripping the base
Tracing a wet finger down, down, and around his ass
Finding my rhythm
Up slowly, sucking every long hard inch
Down fast, hard and tight
Up down
Up down
Up down faster, tightening my grip on his cock
Following my mouth with my hand
Up down
He moans, throws back his head, thrusts his head deep into the hot sucking opening to my soul
And his face, in the midst of his climax, reflects the total release of his defenses, his self
His hot cum shoots into my constricting throat, a river of life, threatening to break down my inner walls and outer defenses
Sliding down my throat, a piece of him is mine
I lift my head from my own special joy
To look at his face, his eyes, his body
And I smile.

Obeying Orders

“Spread your legs for me”  he told her.

She did as he asked. She spread herself, draping a leg languidly over the arm of the black Verksam desk chair. He could see the bright red of her panties, the slight hint of fur beneath. She ran a hand up a leg, blushing back at him as he stood in front of the closed door, hands behind him on the latch.

Dropping a hand to expose her curvy hips further. She smiled coyly, sheepishly she asked “Do you like the view ?”

“Remove the jacket and shirt,” he spoke.

His face was stern, not acknowledging her it seemed. But his eyes, black dark eyes, shimmering pools of nothing were fixed on her. She removed her jacket, then top, exposing matching red bra holding her bigger than average breasts together.

Her breasts were heaving in time with her breathing, they were jumping for his attention, gathering his focus, she could see him looking at them and it caused her nipples to set firm, pushing outward from the lacy bra.

He saw her look back at him, her smile was replaced by a hesitant biting of the lip.

“Put your hands behind your head.”

She did as told, her tits jumped forward, back arching displaying her hips seductively. He took notice of the curve of her hip, it shot from head to toe throughout his body, coursing through him, his body became electric, the feeling in him percolating, his cock was beginning to harden.

He walked over to her, she was hypnotized by his gaze, the words he spoke, the lean muscles were tight against his rolled up shirt, veins sprouted from his arm. Predator like he stalked around her, his eyes looking her up and down. She was nervous about what his gaze said to her.

She trembled with her arms behind her head, moisture building between her legs, she was aching for his touch, the flood inside of her was beginning to overwhelm her already weak dam.  She felt his touch on her neck and the floodgates broke.

He took her other leg and positioned the limb so it was hanging over the opposite armrest. Being sure to lightly graze her flooded reservoir, she moaned at his touch, pleading for him to kiss her. She instead received a silk blindfold covering her eyes.

” If you obey my love, if I have to remind you of the rules, it will be lash time.”

She quieted when she heard that phrase, “if you obey”. Obeying, her mind dove again to the calm waters where gently she floated.

Her body began to sway within the confinement of the chair, her hands were now behind her back tied, attached to her ankles, to restrict her moving her legs together. She knew he enjoyed her moving her body slowly, displaying her tits for him, her lips pouting aching for his kiss, the kiss she knew was to come. Inhaling the memory of his body to hers, his hard skin next to hers, floating on the waves with her.

He then caressed her neck, even slower than before, lingering on each bit of skin, fingering it lightly as it were a delicate instrument. Then suddenly spun the chair slowly around twice, stopping her directly in front of him.

He now looked directly at her, studying her body, she was his prey, this morsel was to be consumed slowly, savoring every last bit. Not knowing when the next opportunity for a meal would come along.

Her legs spread and tied in such a manner, allowed him perfect access to her fuzzy strip of fur between her legs. Covered in red lace, he stroked it slowly, causing her to moan deeply. He then produced a pair of scissors cutting away the barrier that separated him from his prize. He cut away the thong very brusquely, causing a slight whimper from his pet.

He then stood up to give her what he knew she was wanting, taking his time, to let his breath be felt on her skin, flowing  into her mouth to the ends of her feet, washing over her. She was stretching mouth open for his lips, he paused, then kissed her wetly, his tongue swirling around his, she was sucking him into her.

He leaned back from her, looking at her desire, her face wanting him, yet unable to tell him so. She could not ask him for anything, for that was against the rules, accepting this made her desire him even more so.

He returned to her aching pussy, inserting his fingers, tickling her clit, spreading her lips to tease her mercilessly. She had come once already, which was allowed, but now her swollen clit was pleading to cum once more.

He then pulled her hips to the very edge of the chairs leather seat. He then pulled a wooden ruler from the desk area, lightly tapping her pussy, she responded to each slap hungrier than the last, moaning for him, pleading for him to allow her to cum.

Slap !

“Not until I say my pet !”

Slap ! Slap !

He quickened the pace, seeing her face flush and moans grow louder. He stopped slapping her clit, her breathing was fast, he could tell she was about to cum again, yet he wasn’t going to allow to cum yet. Not until he had his dinner.

He decided that he should quiet her, by placing his cock in her mouth. The chair having superb adjustment easily facilitated this. He pumped his cock furiously into her mouth, her sucking it hard, he dove farther into her mouth. He enjoyed her sucking his cock right before she would cum. She attached her mouth to his member, sucking it firmly and not wanting to let it go.

“I am about to cum” he gasped between breaths

She knew as well, his cock was throbbing hard against her mouth, she felt his explosion inside of her, hungering for him desperately, her hips moving to an unseen cock.

She wanted to cum now, she pleaded with the cock in her mouth, as he came, she was begging to be allowed release.

He looked down at her, the cock inside her, eyes looking back up at her, pleading for his permission. Licking his cock with her tongue slowly, she asked even more seductively.

He gave her permission, but only with the paddle. And only if she could cum for him within fifteen seconds. If she did that then she would be allowed to fuck him tonight without any restrictions on orgasms.

All it took was five seconds and one slap of the paddle.

As she came all she could think of was fucking him later tonight !

A Quick Spank

Mia was naked, bent onto the table her round ass displayed seductively. She was blindfolded, her hands were bound in leather cuffs behind her back, her face laying on a pillow facing her left side. Her legs were spread exposing her ready lips, light brown pubic hair glistened in the light.  Marko was standing behind her naked save for spanking new white Nike shoes on his feet. He had just spent the last few minutes oiling both their bodies, taking his time to massage Mia, fondling her breasts,  allowing her to relax her mind, letting her body swim in the ocean of relaxation.

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Trantali Prisoners

The drivers whip cracked at the heads of the large oxen beasts laden with a wooden yoke over their shoulders, the beasts kept their pace solemnly. The Trantali driver was shouting  “on mokes on mokes”.

They were pulling a long low wooden trailer with poles in each corner sticking up to eight feet in the air, attached to the top of the poles were long beams that created the skeleton of a box. The design was purely functional as it was a slave wagon full of new slaves fresh from the Sundrin Hills. The slaves were all standing, hands cuffed by metal bracelets, linking each bracelet was ring, and through this ring a chain was attached which hooked the slave hands above her heads to the long beam running the length of the wagon. The slaves were naked and gagged, consistently without purpose it seemed they were whipped by the Trantali guards that flanked the slaves wagon on foot and horse.

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The Capture Of Andrealius

Her name was Andrealius, a daughter of the royal house of Harrsalin. She had the misfortune to be traveling in lands roamed by the rival Trantalia clan. The Trantali were a tribe of marauding, half civilized barbarians known for the vicious temperament as regulators of the slave trade.

Andrealius was crying with guilt about what she had gotten herself into. She hadnt meant to travel so far. She was tired and merely wanted to lay down to rest. Just a short, quick rest.  Her body was aching from the long ride.

The Trantalia caught her napping on the banks of the river Thysone. Andrealius had been traveling for three consecutive days before collapsing into a rush of thickets, only to awake on her left side with hands bound to feet, mouth gagged, staring at the back of a woman’s bushy, tangled head in a position identical to her own.  She saw the black leathers of the hairy, bearded guards, and immediately recognized it as Trantalia. Trantalia viewed women as a commodity to be exploited for profit. The Trantalia were a powerful tribe, rivals to her own people, and relations in the last few years had been tense. The Trantalia had ceased all trade with Raelonius, then delcared them a hostile nation.

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My Neighbor

Her lips felt soft against the sagging weight of his testicles. Her lips sucked them as they were grapes dangling in front of her. Her pink tongue slathered the cleft of his inner thigh. Reaching with her right hand she squeezed his upright cock, feeling the pulsing goodness exciting her to lick him even faster.

His name was Davis, he lived next door to Anna, who at this moment was thinking why she hadn’t met this Davis guy before. She was merrily slurping at the hardened cap, Davis hands were running through the dark locks, pushing her deeper onto him. Anna swallowed his cock, plunging her mouth down on the shaft and Davis’ cock disappeared into her mouth.

She started sucking him faster, Anna’s head bobbing up and down to her own rhythm,  Davis’ pelvis thrust into her mouth awkwardly. As his cock was throbbing against her tonsils, she thought of her office manager penetrating her from behind his large hands holding her hips tightly. She imagined her office manager would have a good size cock too.

The thought excited her, she removed her mouth from his cock held it firmly in her right hand while she proceeded to straddle him. Anna’s warm pussy covered him tightly, their  musky aromas blending in the air. Davis’ toes curled while letting out a loud groan, as she had all of his organ inside of her. Hungering for his mouth, she bent her slender body towards his, massaging his cock slowly with tight magical walls.

She straightened herself upright, nipples still pebble-hard, both out of breath, gasping.

“I dont want you to come yet”  Anna said, dismounting Davis. She stood up, walked to the end table drawer and slyly removed a pair of handcuffs. She turned, dangling them seductively from her right index finger, she looked into davis’ eye.

” I want you to hand cuff me bend me over and fuck my ass.”

Davis stood up, his cock still hard protruding from his sweaty body. He stepped towards her took the hand cuffs still without saying anything. He grasped her shoulders and roughly spun her light body around. Her breasts swung wildly which turned Davis on even more. Cuffing her wrists behind her, he spread her legs with his own feet. His cock was missile-like now, her pussy wet, swollen, pink with anticipation as he slowly nosed the head of his shaft into her.

She groaned, “Oh fucking god, that feels so amazing, I love your cock” Anna cried, ” fuck me!fuck hard!”, she was almost whining the words.

Davis slid his cock inside of her wetness, a tight pussy, he felt it clench around his cock hungrily. It filled her up, and she kept moaning “fuck yes” then began screaming for him to fuck her harder.

He grasped her hips, sliding into her deeply, thrusting harder, his rigid body becoming tighter, veins bulging. The slapping of their bodies kept the tempo of Anna’s screams of delight. The deep animal groans came and went.

“Fuck me harder fuck my pussy !” she cried. She was pushing all of herself into him. Her head between her legs, slightly bent. She loved being handled like this. To be used so thoroughly, like a toy to be fucked, she wanted to get the most out of this neighbor but she could tell he was about to cum.

Davis was driving his cock into her faster with each thrust, he was to the point of elation, his love piston pounding hard, then everything stopped. He exploded into her, his body sagged, and hr struggled to keep from falling over. She leaned back into him straightening herself, his cock still inside her, she arched her neck nuzzling against him.

“Your cock is so fucking amazing, I had no idea you could be so neighborly.”

“Anytime I can be of help, or you know, if you need to borrow some sugar.” he replied running his hands over her hard nipples.

“Hah!”she said, “I will remember that, now if you dont mind I need to clean up”, kissing his cheek, then tilting her head to the door.

Davis, surprised at this lack of thought for his feelings, mutely walked out the door. Anna, seeing him leave, just smiled, and turned to go shower.


Couldnt Help It

Each day she was usually in the same place, today she was standing there sipping a coffee and reading a book, something with a  picture of a buxom woman in a land of mushroom dreams. He caught her eye, and she caught his, they smiled, each felt an eruption of vibrations.

He stopped said “Hello, is the book good ?”

She replied something to the effect of “Yes it is good…to kill time.”

He didnt really hear her, he was intent on looking into the round dark eyes, eyes that reached into him deeply, the gentle parting of her lips when she spoke gripped him all the more tighter. She felt the same about him, she noticed his long dark hair cascading down his broad shoulders, lean shoulders the biceps were exposed, taught and tan this man was specimen in front of her.
He offered to refill her coffee.

She replied “No thanks, but can I tell you something.”

“Yes, you sure can.”

” We have seen each other every day in this spot for a couple of weeks now, we make the same goo goo eyes, and I am going to guess we both are thinking the same thoughts. Lets fuck! “she spoke matter of factly and quite sexily too, dangling her coffee in her hand, she closed her book and looked at him hungrily.
“Well where shall we go, my lovely friend.”

She said follow me.

He followed here through the office building to the elevator, trying not attack each other that second, they nodded politely to the middle management couple in the elevator with them.

They got off the elevator and him following her past the sterile cubicles of workers, to a row of glassed in offices, he followed her in and she closed the door.

There had been no words spoken between them, they were merely acting on animal insticts. Both were attracted very intensely to each other. Wanting to take the other wildly, it didnt matter how, against the wall, bent over the desk, on the ground, both just wanted to be naked with the other.

She motioned for him to sit in the chair. She locked the door, and spun his chair so his back was to the door.

He was about to say how he really liked the Jackson Pollock on the wall, when she straddled him grasped his head and kissed him deeply. Her tongue diving into his warm mouth, her hands running through his hair, feeling his skin, his large hands and growing hard on. He was so enthralled by her feasting on him in this way he never noticed that the chair had wrist cuffs and she had him clamped down in the chair unable to move his hands.

“I like to make sure I get fucked properly” she told him licking his ear.

Guiding his pants off, his penis saluting her smartly, swollen and hard, she cradled his balls in her hand and soaked his cock with her mouth. He began to moan and exclaim loudly. This she had to stop, the walls were not thick and people would hear. She had an easy solution to keep this man quiet. She stepped around to her desk and out of drawer produced a ball gag and quickly had him muffled. He was a little hesitant first, eyes widening, muttering what the fuck, but once she caressed his cheek and squeezed his cock he was quite docile.

His cock sufficiently moistened, she unzipped and removed her slacks, she wasnt wearing panties. She then turned her back to him, and very very slowly guided his cock into her pussy. She arched her head back, her long silky hair fell onto her back and she let out a deep quiet moan. Feeling him inside her she began to slide up and down, ever moistening, slow to begin, feeling him swell even more and begin to pump his hips faster. She held him down, her ass slamming down onto him, her grip on his cock was very firm. She had absolute control of this mans cock. Her sleek legs straining, her pussy squeezing tighter she was ready to make him cum. She increased her rhythm and felt him climaxing muffling louder and more intensely under his gag.

When they came together the world stopped for a moment. Each wallowing in the post adrenalin high, feeling each others wetness. They stayed that way for a minute, he didnt even want his gag removed.

She finally got off of him, removed his gag, and the straps from his wrist.
She zipped her pants, and straightened her blouse, checked herself in the mirror, turned towards this wonderful stranger and stated.

“You can leave now.”

Night Of Play Part 2

Driving through town, Mia still in the back seat tied, and him at the wheel. Murphy came to a hotel, driving pass the lobby parking lot, he cruised to the back of the building. He parked in front of a row of rooms, all with sliding glass entry ways. Turning around to her and smiled, Murphy gave a yank of the rope and her hands became free. He then handed her a blindfold that she guided around her head, covering her eyes, and she smiled and told him she was getting quite excited.

Murphy  got her out of the car and lead her to the room.  He decided not to bind her wrists together as this might attract some unwanted attention. They entered the room and he sat her down on the bed.  Murphy had dutifully prepared the entire room, candles, music, incense burning, the sandalwood filling their nostrils.  He had prepared a standing truss to be ready for when they arrived, then helped her up from the bed, guiding her to the truss. Murphy then tied her hands to the ring at the top of the truss and began wrapping her chest and waist in soft purple rope. He was tying around her, touching her, kissing her, letting her not feel the warm sensations of his skin and breath. He began telling her that tonight she would be his toy to play with, that one of their fantasies were about to be filled. She couldn’t see as he sent a quick text message and let out a giggle.  ‘Your going to enjoy tonight baby !’

She moaned in excitement, feeling herself moistening, her knees getting weaker, and increasing her anticipation as her body was wrapped with the rope. She noticed that he hadn’t taken her clothes off and was even more excited as taking her clothes off was something always done before any rope play. Her thought was answered as she felt a sharp tugging at the straps on her top and around her tits. The clothing was being cut away, so that it displayed itself in threads in a very sultry way. This caused her to moan out loud, and exclaim to Murphy that he was turning her on like never before and she was about to explode in a wave of orgasms. He stopped tying, held her cheek and in a late-night-dj voice, told her she wouldn’t cum until she asked him if she could, and she had to ask very emphatically and with much enthusiasm. She told him ‘yes, sir’, putting the emphasis on sir. Their play was a mixture of silliness, and mood setting, very sensual and fun. They knew what each other liked and would make sure that they would each jump into the rising tide, simultaneously cresting together awash, waves hitting a beach.

Murphy had Mia tied the way he wanted now, her hands now behind her back, her body looked as though it walked through a spider web of rope. He began to attach a single long piece of rope to the top of the harness, bringing it down again to loops he had fashioned around her ankles. The rope was various colors, purple, black, white, green, But there was a specific order to it; purple around the body, black around wrists and ankles, green to trim the sensuous parts of the body, breasts, pelvis, around her pussy, the white to support the body in key stress area, to minimize potential for injury. It was a work of art, and he then finally had the long lengths of natural colored rope and hoisted her up, legs going back, head slowly lowered foward, she was now parallel to the ground, laughing, and he gave her a gentle nudge to get her swinging.

At that moment Murphy walked to the bathroom where Veronica was dressed in head to toe black rubber suit, only the eyes, lips, breasts, ass, and crotch exposed.  A chain was fastened  to the towel hanger in the bathroom, the other end to a small o ring on the womans collar. Taking it in hand he removed it, then commanded the girl to come with him. She got up walked in front of him, he slapped her ass firmly. He walked Veronica in front of Mia, hanging face down blindfolded, lips parted her head was tilted in the direction of Darby and he. He positioned Veronica and had her kneel in front of Mia, he pulled on the back of Mia and led her to kiss Veronica’s lips. She kissed back and the girls explored each others tongues. He then ordered Veronica to lay down directly beneath Mia. As she did, he lowered Mia on top of Veronica. They could just touch with their breasts, but only barely with lips and tongues.  They strained to get a touch of the opposite warm, wet mouth.

Murphy, unbuckled his belt, removed his pants and was completely naked as he got down on his knees positioning himself to one side, his cock and balls were on Veronica’s mouth. The ladies attacked his cock with their tongues licking and moaning for it, trying to take it in their mouths  while he teased it away from their probing  tongues. His cock was growing harder and brighter with their saliva. .He took his cock in one hand and entered into Veronica’s mouth. He forced her to take it, her tongue wrapping around it, as he pushed to the back of her throat. He could feel her throat resisting, as he pulled it out, repeating the motion a couple more times. He then gave it to Mia, removing his had as she opened her mouth wide for it. He guided her to his engorged cock using the rope.  She sucked to hold on to it, her hands being behind her, using her mouth as expertly as she could.

Murphy held his cock inside her mouth the same way he did Veronica’s, pumping his cock in her throat. He eased her away and let her swing slightly, she moaned slightly and asked for him to give his cock back to her.
I have plans he said.

He swung Mia around so her ass was to him and Veronica. He then lowered her so her legs were touching the ground but the rest of her body was perpendicular. Her head was in perfect position to provide oral satisfaction. He walked Veronica over to Mia’s face, turned her so her ass was to her face, he bent Veronica over so Mia could lick her pussy and circle Veronica’s ass. He approached Veronica’s face with his cock and held her head in both his hands while he fucked her mouth hard. He could feel Veronica’s hands on his hips as his cock worked all parts of her mouth. She was moaning and slobbering on his cock while Mia bounced back and forth with her tongue on Veronica’s pussy.

He then commanded Veronica to put on the black dildo, around eight inches in size, a cucumbers thickness, as Veronica buckled the dildo onto her, he lubed the shaft so it would ready. He then led Veronica to Mia’s ass, he sat Veronica on her knees and directed her to start licking Mia’s pussy, in long slow licks like eating ice cream he told her. He held her head in his hands, guiding her up the furry slit that was wet from anticipation, swollen and aching for penetration. He spread Mia’s lips so Veronica could lick deeper.

Mia was moaning, loudly, announcing she wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard. Wanting to lick the hard nipples of her playmate, she begged him to enter her, to feel his cock, his touch, his hand on hers.

He replied that she would have all that, and more…

~Jay Morgan

A Night Of Play Part 1

She was dressed in a simple leather miniskirt, slinky black spaghetti-strap tank top, black high heels, with a single simple strap around the ankle. Sexy simplicity, the basics, black always has great sex appeal, and her summer sunset colored hair, looked great against the black. She had thin, silky lips, bright green eyes, and sweet smile that could light up the darkest tennessee valley. Legs long and tan, topped by a round ass that gave a hello to everyone when she walked down the street. She was standing in the wide open living room waiting for him.

His voice from the back of the house asked her if she was ready, she replied yes  she was, he spoke back commanding her to get down on her knees, and close her eyes. She complied, using the coffee table to rest her knees on the carpet, High heels can be very awkward at times. She put her arms behind her back and closed her eyes. Visions of him were filling her head, his smell, his skin, his touch on her, the way he tasted, all the incredible ways that he could bring her to ecstasy. Her eyes closed and thoughts of him on her mind she heard his footsteps, and then he spoke again. Alright my love, open your mouth for me. As she did, she felt his finger on her cheek, caressing her chin, running around her neck, exciting her to draw her breath deeply and moisten her pussy. His finger found her mouth and traced her lips, he told her to stick her tongue out farther, and she did, reaching for him. He traced her wet tongue with his finger delving deep in her mouth, she expelled it with a sexy resounding pop !

He removed his finger and replaced it with his cock on her tongue, taking her head in his hands he moved his cock in her mouth, telling her to close her mouth and thrust his cock into her, telling her to hold it there for him til he moved back. He could feel her throat tightening against his cock, her pulling back and he held her head there, feeling her straining, beginning to gag on his cock, the saliva circling him, her tongue flailing against his hardened muscle. Her arms caught his hips and she tried to pull back, he eased out of her slowly, letting her swallow and not drool on her outfit. He wanted her ready for tonight.

Standing over her naked. His large erect penis shining in front of her, told her that if she does all she is told tonight, she will get to enjoy more of his cock, and he will give her the hard fucking that she always desires.

As they drove into town, he had her sit in the back seat, in the middle, with her arms and legs, tied to the doors. She was spread eagled and he had adjusted her panties to expose half of her lightly furried pussy. He touched her clit for a brief moment, she gasped, she was very wet right now and despite the logistics of the getting situated in the back seat, he could tell from the smile on her face she was enjoying it very much.

He drove down the road deejaying her favorite music, and keeping the rearview mirror angled so he could look at her pussy. To think about it, enjoy the way it looks, feels, and tastes. He imagined kissing it licking it with his tongue while she writhed her legs around him.

While driving he was telling her the sexy bits of thoughts that made him want her more every day, then segueing into a list of rules. Tonight you will be at your sexiest and sluttiest. I want you to make eye contact and flirt with any sexy person you see, and the ones I will point out. There would be times when he would command certain tasks for her to do. He told her if she did not do as he wished, or questioned his actions, she would take a spanking to the ass while watching him jerk off, nor would she be allowed to cum until he directed her too. She asked him if she understood all of this and she nodded her head, smiled coyly and spoke, ‘Anything you wish baby.’

To Be Continued..