Currently Contemplating

Since we have the hard points installed, tested the rope, and have banished any who might intrude this evening. I am contemplating as to what sort of deviant sort of pleasures I can come up with to inflict on Georgia. I am going with the orgasm denial theme, she has to ask, nay beg, to be allowed to cum.

Also thinking of doing something like:

1. Georgia naked her hands tied above her head. I could, from my desk chair tease her with the flog, the paddle, the meter stick, the leather belt. I can tie one of her legs, to the hard point, lifting it to provide better access for stimulation.


2. Still going with the naked with hands tied above her head. I could clamp her nipples, her clit, enjoy spanking her ass for a bit, the slide an anal plug inside her. Then while she has those attached have her watch some porn she likes, or have her video chat with someone.

3. I could suspend her with her back to the floor. spread her legs wide, inflict on her some clit enjoyment with various toys, maybe my tongue. Then flog her nipples a bit while I tease her with my cock just out of her reach.

Still undecided…



Some sultry music for ye, Georgia couldnt resist, on the bed touching herself seductively.

Enjoy ! you might get inspired…

Currently Inspired

Shes naughty, oppositional defiant, a brat. Being mischievous, she started by dumping cold water on me in the shower,  then she walked around naked, slapping my hands away from her, snapping my rear with a towel, hiding my shoes.  With all this stubbornness on her part some discipline might be in order.



On my mind right now…

Me: Sitting in my office chair, cross legged, sipping a dram of whiskey, black slacks, white button down shirt, sleeves rolled back a bit, imperial style shoes buffed to a high shine. Contemplatively tapping a slim cane on the edge of the desk.

Her: on her knees, wearing a black thong, her hands tied behind her back to the edge of the wooden desk, shirt ripped to expose her puffing breasts. Her mouth is covered by the black scarf I had her purchase today. Her eyes anxiously fixed on the cane rising up and down softly on the desk.