Sexual Articulation

The other day Georgia told me of a situation in which it was obvious that an older man, situated in a seat a short distance from her. He was half turned in his chair, staring directly at her, sitting next to his wife rubbing her back sensually with one hand. He had a shit eating grin on his face, looking directly at Georgia. Georgia knew what the guy was thinking, and noticed the guys wife oblivious. If only he could tell his wife what he was thinking, but I speculate each has been taught that such thoughts are unacceptable.

As a couple we can talk to our partner about children, money, career, but somehow sex gets left out of that discussion. Expressing your desires about sex is not easy for some, yet we enter into relationships without discussing our sexual desires. It takes trust, comfort, and time to bandy about such intimate details, but still wedding bells must ring. The initial lift off of primal urges clouds our thinking, emotionally we try to connect with someone, mutely, anticipating there approval or disapproval.

In expressing what we find attractive, especially when we mention other people does not mean we want to orgasm with them, its should be treated as seeing a wonderful work of art or nature to be appreciated. Sexually Georgia and I play together, all our sexual interactions with anyone else includes the both of us. If we play with others we both play together but its not a rule we sat down and made. It has evolved as our desire to make each other happy prohibits us from playing with someone else without including the other.

Five years ago I couldnt imagine myself making that type of statement; it shows what love trust and commitment can do for a relationship.

Controlling Desire

There has been a bit written lately about monogamy vs non monogamy, and whether a person can be happy, or is happy. As I was writing a post reflection on my sexual growth over the last twenty years, some of what I read caused me to think a bit more about my previous attitudes about relationships.

When I was younger I thought of sex very simply, not knowing much about the female body, I knew a little more about mine, just rub here and wait five minutes was about the extent of it.  I was blissfully unaware that the all powerful sexual desire would sometimes trump my better judgment.

I think back to why did I get married ? For several reasons I am sure some are familiar with, to please my mom, to have a convenient lay, and to move out of the town I was living at the time. Living in a repressed town with little opportunity causes one to want to move to greener pastures.

I did what my mother expected settling for what was comfortable, what was easy. My ex wife and I lived together for a few years before we got married. Marriage is about control, the church wants to control your life saying this is the only way to have a relationship, happy or not. Society expects you to get married so you will have a life together with someone. I believed the big lie, get married and you will magically live happily ever after.

Maturing through our relationship, my ex wife and I found that our needs were different, that we had diverging wants for “our future”. Instead of reading the writing on the wall we gave it the ol Dr Phil try to make our marriage work. It didnt happen, neither one of us could fulfill what the other wanted.

In my relationship with Georgia we have an electricity between us that keeps charging each day. It takes us to new levels, providing us the spark to keep the love lines open and surging through with energy.

Sex between us has served at times as a way to break through our insecurities, knocking down the walls that are barriers to trust and honesty. As I think now about my growth wondering why I wasn’t aware that such a level of comfort and happiness could be attained.

Getting past expectations and taking risks in life leads to many new discoveries, treasures waiting to be enjoyed and shared are hidden out there. Just because the trail your on now seems comfortable or safe, doesn’t mean its the only path to choose.


A Love River

Relationships are like rivers, never stopping, sometimes they flow fast, raging forward, causing changes to the the surrounding landscape. At other times, rivers are calm, slow, flowing easily, almost stopping in time, allowing the wildlife to enjoy the bounty of the water.

The relationship with our significant other is much the same way. Realizing that your love flows around, over, and through obstacles that are tossed in your current.

When something falls into that current, it does not cause the water to stop flowing. It floats momentarily before settling to the bottom, or causes the water to froth and flow around it. In the split second of time before settling to the bottom is the moment to realize that its only for a moment. No matter the size of the object thrown in the water, it cannot stop the love that flows between two people.


Sharing The Ropey Goodness

We met a M/s couple recently, who are new to are area, and have an interest in kink.  He was slender and confident, she the picture of dark desire, a very nice, pleasant couple; who shared with us mutual interest in business, eating healthy, and kink. We chatted a while eating a bite of pizza, talking about respective lives, interests, and the inability to attend enough play parties.

We made a group decision to take things back to our play space, delaying our drive only momentarily to purchase some liquid spirits. After arriving at our pad we talked for a bit, then got the rope out for a demonstration. I would not dare pass up a chance to show off G or get a chance to tie someone.

I did a basic suspension with Georgia stringing her up,  face down, then spinning and swinging her, getting her to laugh with delight. This entertained our audience quite a bit, displaying G’s legs languidly, her slender body sparkled in the reflection of the overhead light.

By happenstance it turned out to be the deftest I have ever tied Georgia, it was a simple tie, yet held her quite comfortably. My reward of course for tying G so quickly is that I forgot exactly how I did it so fast.

Then our female guest wanted to be tied, and with her Masters permission she was about to be. Honestly, I was quite apprehensive. I was confident in my ability, confident with what sort of tie I would use, for better or worse. In my mind I reminded myself of the basic rules of rope safety,  trying to suppress the nightmare images of the bottom dropping three feet down face first on a hard surface. I was looking forward to the opportunity though; since usually I am tying Georgia, this was a different person, with a different body type. I needed to make sure she communicated with me, and I with her. Even though her role is a slave, communicating and watching their response is crucial to ensuring good productive playtime.

I stuck with simplicity, wraps around the trunk of the body, tying hands, breasts, hips, and ankles. Making sure the knots were tight, confident nothing would slip, checking the wraps again, I felt good about what I had done. Once I had her tied, she went airborne and it looked something like this.

After the first time suspended, we let her down for a few, asked her how she felt, checked her body, then to my surprise she wanted to be suspended again. How could I say no?

It was a stimulating erotic evening, being stopped only by the lateness of the hour. Smiling satisfied with each other G and I communicated effectively.  Also, we learned some important lessons in rope suspension for an audience. Experiences like this strengthen mine and Georgia’s relationship. We become closer to each other as our minds begin to think as one when we share play space with others.


Fantasy Play

So how much does one express oneself in the arms of another lover while riding the cascading sheets of orgasmic intensity. Do you tell your cohort all that is in your mind. Do you speak about seeing your partner in some various form of sexual pleasure ?
Some have said that what is said in bed stays in bed, and shouldn’t be taken further or too seriously.

While I would agree that is true in many different aspects, I think alternatively it is important for people to express their desires in bed, talk about them, explore what you like and don’t like.

I think of this reflecting how the kinky/sexual relationship I have with G has grown. Certainly its not limited to merely our sexual dynamic, but has enhanced the relationship in many many positive ways.

At times Georgia and I tell each other all kinds of particular raunchy, or not so raunchy, fantasy’s when we have sex. Saying these things to each other has been the extra seasoning to our saucy mix that is our life together; raising our intimacy, honesty, and communication.

In the middle of sex we are as vulnerable as we will ever be to another person.  Being able to speak freely without judgment frees us from the shackles of pre existing beliefs. Breaks though our fears of the unknown, to experience that what was once thought of as taboo, or forbidden. Georgia and I started teasing each other about being watched, which led to playing on the cam, which then led to daring make out sessions in public, to risque clothing, to then jumping wholeheartedly into rope bondage.

At the same time, other areas of our life have been made easier with the increased trust. The demands of the workplace, home life, non sex interactions with others, all of these particular stresses becomes much easier to handle.

So as I tell G while her long legs are thrown over my shoulder; I want to tie her up and have two women tease every inch of her body at my instruction. I get a greater turn on knowing that she’s thinking the same thing, only its me that is tied up !

From The Bottom View

Jay has mentioned our weekend o’ rigging…so I thought I would add some of the practical knowledge we gained.  It was definitely everything he described sensually, emotionally and physically, and then some. I could ramble on for a couple of pages about how much closer I feel to him after the experiences of the weekend. But I thought I would touch on what we learned in our adventures.

First, if your not in very good shape (and even if you are), I highly advocate stretching pre- and post-. I am 38 y/o and weigh between 135 and 140 lbs and have been fairly athletic my whole life.  I have had surgery (cervical fusion) on my neck, and my spine in general is not nearly as bendy as it was 15 years ago.

So we have had much discussion about how best to suspend me without hurting me, since we are fairly determined to become semi-proficient riggers/rope sluts.   I was amazed to find what would be a comfortable position just laying there was not the case in suspension.  For example, Jay had me suspended by hips/waist, knees and chest harness, with my feet dangling at 90 degrees.  Initially it was fine, but after about five minutes, my knees started aching, a problem that was alleviated when he place a tie around my ankle and looped it through the rig, supporting it.  The same was true of my hips.  The compression of the rope when the majority of my weight was on the rope (kind of like a swing) was fine initially, but by the time I was let down (about 30 minutes I think, but my sense of time was somewhat skewed at that point), I was feeling the ache.

So the pre- and post- stretching is definitely something I will continue with in the future.  Loosening up joints and tendons, warming up the flexibility of the spine, loosening up the hands, knees and other distal attachment points, and of course, preparing your core for the stress of the suspension are a must.  I also think it gives you, as the person being tied up, a few minutes of quiet to focus on your body, and your partner, get in tune, and prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually, for this type of play.

The other thing I found interesting had to do with how tight the rope has to be tied.  That may sound silly, but as a nurse, I am acutely conscious of the potential for injury, and would kill to go to one of Sophia Sky’s classes in Seattle, WA about the anatomy of bondage.  Jay and I communicate constantly any time he ties/suspends me.  Primarily its part of the learning process of the emerging rigger; but additionally, its a safety issue with regard to cutting off circulation to a limb, compressing a nerve bundle, or causing muscle spasm from an accidentally  misplaced knot.  As bizarre as this sounds, having the rope tied as tightly as possible to your hips/chest initially (before your ever off the ground), without cutting of blood supply or lung expansion room, actually makes it so much easier when your off the ground.  There is less slippage on your body (read ‘rope burn’) and less potential for accidental injury when the rope moves from its intended position.

Also, we will be doing some research about the best harnesses for suspension.  There seems to be lots of reference about what is called ‘grounded rope bondage’ from amazing riggers and rope-experts, most of whom we have links to on our sidebar (Twisted Monk and Graydancer being our favorites). We have also learned a considerable number of ties, harnesses and pretty finishing knots from the Knotty Boys videos. But as to actual suspension harnesses, we continue to search.  We have a friend that is sort of ‘mentoring’ us in this area, but he admits to not having a ready subject to practice on/scene with, so he hasn’t done a lot of suspension either. But let me tell you this, the harnesses that look sexy and sensuous on the body are NOT designed for suspension.  Jay initially tried a harness that looped around my neck, with double coin knots down the center of my body at regular intervals, ran the rope between my legs (see aforementioned rope slippage injury potential) and then laced up around my waist from the back. It was intricate, and pretty and I loved the way it felt on the ground.  When he ran the rope from various points on the harness up the the rig, the pressure on my sacrum and the ligaments on my inner thighs was almost immediate pain (and not the good kind!) So any advice on good suspension harnesses, please forward to us straight away!  We watch all the video we can search on the net, watching how different pro-riggers get their subjects off the ground, but are always grateful for practical, hands-on knowledge/experience.

With all of that, would you believe we had an amazing time, and cant wait to do it again?



Spread Wide; Laid Bare

We have been so ‘tied up’ by life lately.  Ive been aching for some play time.  The quick encounters stave off the building pressure in my brain and between my legs, but it definitely doesnt scratch the itch completely. I feel like someone lost in the desert thats been given a sip of water, but is still so dehydrated that I border on crazed. Yesterday we finally had some alone time to play, and I got a loooong drink so now Im replete, at least for the moment ;o)

Jay has been wanting a spreader bar, and our morning started out drinking coffee on the deck, while he piddled around with tools and such.  After reading a particularly hot sex scene in the book Im currently reading, I found myself following his shirtless form around the garage, mesmerized by the play of muscle under the lightly tanned, smooth skin. He was playing with a long strip of wood, drilling 1″ holes through it at specific intervals. When I realized what he was creating,  I was instantly wet, and my pussy throbbing in time with my pulse.  We discussed it, clinically, detached, all the while my brain teasing me with the visual of it being used on me. After much sanding and discussion, I was told to go to the bedroom.  When Jay walked into the bedroom with the toy he had been working on, I was already naked and waiting.  He laughed that low, sexy laugh that always lets me know he’s contemplating sexy thoughts, and I simply said ‘I didn’t know what to put on….” His response was ‘you look perfect.’

Instructing me to lay on the bed, he began tying single-column ties on my ankles, and then securing them to the bar through the holes he had strategically placed. After a few starts and stops, to figure out how best to utilize his  new toy, my ankles were secured to the board about 5 feet apart. His evil, lascivious grin sent a shiver down my spine of anticipation. He threaded the middle section of rope and threaded it through the center hole and ran it up my body and ran it over the head board, and with a firm and forceful pull, my legs attached to the bar rose up toward my head leaving my round ass and moisture-drenched pussy exposed.  The rope came back from the head board and in a flash, my hands were tied together at the center hole.  He sat back on his heels to appreciate his handiwork, as a sigh of contentment escaped me.  The loss of control is such a release for me. Knowing the sexual release will be forth-coming is the cherry on top.

The next thing I know, I feel his warm, wet, skillful tongue drawing lazy circles around my already-hard clit, like he was eating an ice cream cone on a hot summers day before it melts. He covered every inch of my pussy and in moments, I was close to cumming, and then his mouth was gone, leaving me gasping for air, not quite ready to beg, but knowing that I would before too long at this rate.  He reached into the bedside drawer, withdrawing a thin crop, and a leather paddle. The crop was first, its leather tip flicking over my aching clit and nipples standing at attention.  Knowing my body like he knows his own, he knew I needed more. More dominance from him, more subjugation from me, more discipline, just more. Hefting the wide, leather paddle, he ran it slowly, methodically over my very exposed ass and pussy. A few gentle warm-up smacks, he began in ernest. I love my clit spanked when its hard, and after several well-placed, perfectly weighted spanks, my clit was on fire from the blood rushing to the entire area.  My ass, red and hot to the touch pleased him, and he whispered to me as he kissed me like it would give him life ‘I love you, and you are so beautiful, so hot….’.

Returning his attention to my exposed ass, he became more forceful with the paddle until I was writhing and almost unable to articulate the feelings and sensations coursing through my body.  Rubbing my ass between stiff smacks, running his tongue from my dripping opening, up between my reddened lips to the pebble-like hard clit, and back down as a reward. He maneuvered his body to the side so he could still reach my ass, and put his stiff, thick cock between my lips.  At first he only allowed me to play with the head, making it shine with the wetness from my mouth that mirrored my aching pussy. He then thrust it deep into my throat, almost gagging, but staying just this side of it. Pulling back so I could breath, I was further rewarded with a quick succession of smacks to my ass and pussy that were already on fire with need, and a finger slid inside my moist cave to play with my g-spot.  So close to coming, he stopped, not ready for me to cum yet.

As I lay gasping, a throbbing, aching, ball of desire, feeling almost incendiary, he untied the knot holding my legs above my head.  He lowered my legs gently, knowing that my hips would ache from holding my previous position for so long. My respite was short as he cinched the rope tightly to the foot board, leaving my hands secured to the head board, leaving my squirming body essentially spread-eagled for his visual stimulation, and waiting. Not knowing what his intentions were, I was surprised when he took the rope securing my hands to the head board, and ran it down the middle of my body.  Very carefully, a single strand of the soft rope was placed snugly against my hard clit, and up the long divide in my ass, and secured around my waist.  At first it was so tight against me, it danced the line between pain and pleasure.  He carefully, gently, lovingly adjusted position and tension on the rope until my responses told him it was perfect.  Every touch, gentle or not, to the rope threading over my clit sent gentle vibrations coursing over my exposed, hard clit.  Over and over he thrummed the rope, like Jerry Garcia caressing his guitar strings to bring beautiful music to the room, and unbelievable pleasure to my body and soul. I writhed my body against the rope, saturated with my wetness, ever so slightly rough, and slick against my clit, my pussy, my ass.  I tried to make myself cum. I really did. I wanted it so badly at this point I thought I would explode. I was a wordless, mindless,  uncontrolled ball of desire and need. Then he stopped.  I wanted to scream and cry at the same time, and fought for words to beg for more.

With a quick flip, his strong arms that can hold me so gently, flipped my body over, presenting his favorite attribute. caressing my ass, a few playful smacks and then I felt his hard cock teasingly sliding between the soft, round orbs of my ass.  My face buried in the pillows muffled my moans and cries, but my body betrayed me by thrusting my hips up so he could enter me and finally give me what I craved. He slid into me slowly, inch by glorious inch, completely in control.  He rubbed the head over my g-spot in the way he can only do from this position, making my body buck uncontrollably to try to get more of what I needed. Realizing I was reaching the point where I actually physically needed to cum, his body assumed a rhythm with promise.  I was so wet, so ready that within moments, I was close. So close to that pinnacle of pleasure, and he knew. He pounded my pussy, battering down the last of my restraints. I felt him getting harder, reaching that place inside me that he only reaches just before he cums.  In one glorious, deep, thrust, I felt him explode inside of me, and that sensation, combined with all the others, pushed me over the edge. I fell into oblivion. No pain, no words, just the rush of endorphins and the most exquisite pleasure I have ever felt in my adult life.  The bond between us strengthened by the mere act of the simultaneous orgasm that is the goal most couples aspire to but never actually attain.

To put it simply, it was the most erotic, intense, fulfilling, gratifying experience in my sexual history.

Amazing Baby, that’s all I can say. How he took pictures during all that, I cant tell you. but here are a few.



Midday Backdoor Bliss

So while Georgia is taking in the warm spring sun, bathing naked on the patio, ipod at her side. I had been doing some writing, researching, and some general tidying of the domestic quarters.

She had been listening to the Mistress Matisse podcast which lit a fire of salacious hunger inside of her. She walked in from the patio, long languid strides softly dropped across the carpet, giving me a telling glance and a seductive smile. I continued to stare, losing myself open mouthed as she strode by, visions of her head back in ecstasy fluttered through my mind.

After a few moments of birds chirping, the cat batting around a plastic easter egg. I noticed out the window, the quiet was broken by the rude noises of a lawn mower spitting away the dandelions. Turning back to my desk, I heard Georgia from the back room calling for me.

Taking a moment to finish a couple of thoughts, I saved the documents I was completing. Grabbing my cup I shuffled off to the bedroom. Finding Georgia on the bed, naked, acquiescent, wanting my body. Instantly aroused, I stripped my clothing, on the bed I plunged, her magnetic skin pressed against mine. I find myself going through a legs upright turn on phases. Anytime I see G’s legs lifted in the air or dangling I feel like I have just injected Mr Burns rare fox love potion.

Her red hair was spilling over the back of the pillow, losing myself in her emerald eyes  I leaned in for a lingering kiss.

My cock hardening, her playing with herself, in honor of masturbation month, I gave her my adamantine cock. Sliding it deep into her mouth. Feeling her tongue exploring my fleshy dagger, I felt myself getting harder inside of her.

I had brought out her favorite dildo, a nice larger than average cock that was her favorite. Moistening the tip then gently massaging her hardening nugget she moaned as the vibrations rumbled through her.

After teasing her with my cock for a few moments, and tease her I did. Keeping it just out of reach of her tongue, not letting her use her hands, moving her head onto my throbbing cock.

I withdrew from this position to set myself on my knees between her legs, my rigid cock laying upon her exposed pussy, aching for satisfaction. My cock slid inside of her, her response was to move into me, reaching a slender wrist over my shoulder, nails finding their way into my skin.

I took her ankles, spreading her wide while she worked the dildo on her clit as my cock found its proper rhythm, G had come twice at this point. Seeing her swept up in the moment, breathing hard, calling out my name for more.

I slid out of her, resting on my feet, her legs still spread for me. We were going to take it a step further and enjoy some anal play. Our take on anal play is pretty simple, you dont want to go in fast, it takes time, we usually talk and tease about a few days beforehand, which we have been. I then tease her ass, inserting a finger, she gets to the point of orgasm so many times her body readily takes and accepts my cock. Georgia is now fucking herself very hard with the vibrator while my cock slides slowly inside of her, her ass squeezes my cock hard.

Leaning back in a drugged stupor, I explode inside of her, Georgia climaxed again, I was a statue, feeling myself melt beside her. Deflating beside her, we shared still moment as all lovers do before rising to play a bit more in the shower.

Such a beautiful day.


Georgia Gets It

This story is a continuation, here is part one.

After a bit Dolly stretched her body, we all refreshed with a beverage, then, it was time for Georgia to be played with. Georgia had been wanting a female to play with for a while, Dolly didnt disappoint in the least. The cuffs no longer restrained Dolly, she was feeling invigorated, deliciously gazing at Georgia who was now on her hands and knees, while Dolly was behind her.

Georgia’s head was positioned perfectly in between Kenny and myself. Dolly requested a glass dildo from the toy selection on the table, then began kissing Georgia, while rubbing G’s ass. During this time G couldn’t resist the urge to enjoy Kenny’s cock, fellating his member, it hardening in her mouth. Georgia’s lean back was arched for perfect positioning. Stripping off the excess clothing G was wearing, the lingerie at this point was just getting in the way of feeling G’s skin, the sensation her body next to yours when she is aroused.

Georgia had her ass up in the air, while Dolly was starting to fuck her with the glass dildo. I was taking a few pictures, delighting in the wonderful display of a woman with tied in rope, wearing leather cuffs, fucking Georgia with a beautiful glass dildo. After a few pics, I was getting so turned on by what was happening that I had to put the camera down to assist Georgia in fulfilling her fantasy. I have this great picture of G cumming, a beautiful portrait that conveys the rapturous joys of orgasm.

Georgia was inhaling deeply Kenny’s cock, she swallowed all of him, her hands pushing his hips into her. I then took the opposite side of Kenny, on my knees, my cock hardening, G’s mouth lubricated my cock sensuously, using her tongue and mouth in concert with her own pleasure.

Georgia began feasting on my cock, stiffening in her mouth, my fingers going through her hair, pulling her deeper onto my muscle, Georgia sucked the head harder, then faster, almost bringing me to climax. I could tell Georgia was getting off hard with Dolly using the tool. Georgia was fucking back against the glassy phallus. Her muted moans of ecstasy disguised the earthquake of orgasm Georgia was having.

Her moans filled the room, we were all getting very near climaxing together. I mounted G, her tightness covering my cock, I furiously pumped into her. Excited by knowing other were watching, I slammed into G, her nails digging sweetly into me. Melting into her, getting off on the sensations around me. G and I held on as long as we could before finally letting go into heavy gasp into each others arms.

All having to refill our drinks, stretch our legs, as we sat around to chat gazing at each other in a post coital glow, we couldnt help but crave more.

To be continued…


Girl On Girl In Rope

So it was a Saturday evening, spring is the current fetish, trees in bloom, bees buzzing, flowers pollinated, animals frolicked. Our friends Kenny and Dolly were destined to arrive at our home for an evening of our own spring time frolicking. Rapid texting throughout the day as last minute food decisions were made, a lighting concept was decided upon, snacks gathered to be spread upon the table.

Georgia awaited excited by the nights potential activities, she was getting wet thinking about what was to happen, it was a trial the entire day to keep our hands off each other, awaiting the debauchery of the evening for fulfillment. Always it seems before an encounter like this your mind wanders in exuberant nervous anticipation of what might happen, or what you would like to happen.

Georgia and I each discussed some possible scenarios we would like to try. It’s the anxious thoughts of how to initiate pleasure without it being forced or awkward.  We feel pretty comfortable with Kenny and Dolly, they are very easygoing, open minded, and intelligent. Georgia wanted to have Kenny and I hold Dolly down on her back using her tongue to lick Georgia’s clit.

Georgia and I were busy lighting the last of the candles when they showed at the door. Inviting them we stopped in the kitchen briefly, Kenny fixed the margaritas, while we all smiled at each other hungrily.

After some settling in the girls decided to get dressed into something much more comfortable as the cliché goes. They trotted out various outfits, Georgia trying on a couple before settling on a slinky black number, Dolly came out wearing a purple lace body suit, both extremely sexy .

Our guest brought along a bag of toys that we were pouring through like we had just robbed a local Adam and Eve store, various clamps and dildos were displayed, several bondage devices were examined.

As Dolly stood, we began to decide what to do first, there was so much to be had, I think we were all kind of overwhelmed. So I decided to get some rope to begin tying her. Mouth watering at the chance to tie hot bi female, I started tying a simple chest harness around her. After a suggestion or two from the gallery about how low to go around her ass, then which knot to tie around her front, I went with the double coin knot.  The chest tie was hot, exposing her tits, her nipples were getting hard as Kenny and Georgia played with them while she was being tied.

After getting her tied, compliments were paid to her, she like having herself tied in such a way. We then went ahead to cuff her hands behind her back, cuffing her Georgia and Kenny in earnest began playing with her nubile petite body. Dolly was getting off on being restrained, her moans, seeing her exhilaration while she was brought to climax. Georgia was having her way with Dolly, kissing and teasing her, savoring the moment, I was getting hard watching them kiss, Georgia’s hands caressing Dolly’s ass. Kenny was lightly fingering G’s pussy, G writhed on his finger, all three were in an intense state of erotic euphoria.

Dolly’s knees were weak, Georgia and Kenny were attached to her body, licking, sucking her nipples, her clit, bringing her to moan in pleasure. She dropped to her knees, enjoyed some of Kenny’s cock while padding was prepared for her. She laid on her back hands still behind her, Georgia began to apply some gentle licks of her tongue, to Dolly’ s wanting clit. Dolly was on the floor, moaning that she wanted some cock. Kenny took off his pants, his member stiffening at the sexy sight of his Dolly getting licked by a sexy woman. His cock was in her mouth, Dolly was sucking away, taking all of it as it were the last cock she would have. She turned looked at me hungrily then Kenny invited me to join. I certainly couldn’t resist my cock was pulsing at the site, my cock entered her mouth, the warmth engulfed me. It was what she was wanting, what Dolly was needing at that time. Georgia was enjoying the wet pussy, while our cocks were being slathered and stiffened. It was all I could do to not let myself just explode in her mouth. There were many more things to explore, and pleasures to be savored.

Just the beginning of our evening…