Intertwined And Tied

The music plays, a bass-line pounds deep.

Lights flicker, our guiding glow.

Warm, soft, skin, skimming touch, with heavy rope, to bind and unwind you.

Musceles tighten, stress and release, balance, rising to the ring above.

I’m floating, falling, hovering, transcending pain and finding pieces of self.

And above it all is









and a supreme belief in another being.

Intertwined and tied.

Old Timey Part 2

Finally got some time to review the photos we took, make some notes, and plan for round two.

The challenge we encountered was getting the correct lingerie for the period, the granny pants were easy but where do you find bullet bras ?

Enjoy !

The whiskey bottle in the last pic was spontaneous, inspiration for the next time !


And Who Fucks On Altars Anymore ?

I really enjoyed the HBO series Deadwood, unfortunately when HBO creates a good thing they seem to immediately cancel the program.

Here’s a scene in which, Mr W a fierce sadistic top, and agent for George Hearst patronizes a high end brothel. The character wonderfully played by Garrett Dillahunt, plays a psychotic who, as the madam describes is “a specialist…who enjoys being cranky with his women”.

This scene highlights this tension apparent as Mr W explains to the madam his nostalgia for traditions of the past.

I miss this show.