Adventures W/Rope: Lessons Learn-ed

Over the last week Georgia and I have been able to have some quality practice time with our rope; my technique is finally starting to evolve for the better.

Having a small about of hemp rope, but a little more nylon rope; I am seeing the difference between nylon and hemp. I enjoy using both materials; each has its own benefits depending on the situation. Nylon is  available at the local hardware store, and I live in a geographic region where your only option for hemp is online.

Hemp looks really really good against skin; Georgia’s skin tone is such that it really brings out the color of the rope. The way the material lays purveys a raw earthy sort of tone about the rope, hemp mysterious allure can almost take you back in time it seems. On the other hand nylon is fun ! Soft in your hands, its like snuggling against your favorite blanket. Nylon looks good and there are some sexy pics with nylon, but I love the hemp look, hopefully soon we will have some more to play with.

As far as stretching or that type of difference I haven’t done enough suspension with hemp to notice, the hemp I have is 6mm and not long enough to do enough wraps for good suspension; 8mm is better for G’s skin and body type.

When rigging Georgia I have to be mindful of her neck when I suspend her, I try to keep her head above her body and square over her shoulders. No easy task. So all of my ties are done with that in mind; which suffice to say has been a fun process figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

And one last thing I really need to get a bigger, better O ring.


2 Responses

  1. Love the detaily bits about what your learning through and about using rope. Especially that bit about the difference between hemp and nylon. I visited a lover a while back and we experimented with different ropes. Visually I had always loved the nylon with its smooth silkiness. When the ropes actually went on my body my fave was a home made one (hand twisted twine!!). Something about the scratchier texture had more…mmm-mmm factor.

  2. Thanks for the feedback S. We have some hemp coming soon and cant wait to get my hands and her body next to it.

    Finally getting to the point where we are experimenting with suspensions that are more conducive to sex. Which is hard sometimes with all those ropes in the way, lol.

    Rope has provided such a foundation for more play, twirling G in the air while shes tied, then doing wonderful naughty things to her body.

    Investigating floggers as we speak !

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