Maui Wowie !

We have been stalking the folks at Maui Kink on twitter for a quite a while now, and we have developed a pleasant repartee. Such fun Twitter is, kind of like the worlds biggest bar !

I put up the link to their site on the left, and not trying to shill but they have some very cool handmade BDSM gear. Some really nice stuff that would enhance any serious kinksters collection of toys.

MauiKink carries everything from rope to floggers to canes.

Maui Kink rope varieties are nylon, hemp, jute, and some exotics like coconut, and palm tree rope. They also offer the really soft bamboo and silk ropes, you can specify your color, size, and type of end you would like when you place your order.

At Maui Kink they carry a nice selection of canes for the stern taskmasker, a cane for only the best of bottoms. I was delighted to see that you could create your own cane, specifying length, thickness, and handle type. Wonderful offerings !

Maui Kink also carries a nice line of paddles, fire cups, tooled leather work, and eco friendly gear. They have many accessories that take care of the little things like do it yourself supplies, and hand bags to carry all your gear.

But more than that, spending your money with someone like Maui Kink supports a small business that supports other small business. No middle man selling mass-produced toys made in some oppressive factory at Maui Kink, just handmade goodness.

~J n G

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