Big Fat Hairy State

Last week Judge Richard Leon dismissed on grounds of insufficient evidence obscenity charges against John Stagliano, charges that were brought during the Bush Administration. Not really a surprise that the charges were dismissed as it was a shoddy attempt at convicting anyone on anything other than making trite porn.

The obscenity charges against Stagliano took root during the Bush Administration; private uninhibited fornication was second only to terrorism in nature of evil during that time. There are however convictions ever day of small time pornographers, prostitutes, bdsm enthusiasts, kids sending txt message, there will be no limousine liberal grandstanding on courthouse steps for their freedom.

But not a shocking outcome even if the trial had gone forward, the case didnt meet any of the criteria to be obscene, and a great deal depends on the how zealous the government would be at the time. Nothing can save a person at the mercy of the deep pockets of the government; as the mafia knows all too well. I guess thats one decent thing about the new Justice department in not challenging this, they got there hands full elsewhere.

Lyndon Johnson once stated that if you call your opponent a pig fucker, your opponent will have to run around denying they fuck pigs. Essentially those of us in the kink world are all one crazy prosecutor away from being locked up, just remember what happened to Tommy Chong. There could be a hysterical prosecutor in some town and whether he gets a conviction or not your reputation is smeared your broke financially, and he gets elected to office.

This case is a reminder again of how bloated, inefficient, and over reaching the State apparatus has become not just threatening big time producers but all of us who are merely wanting to live, laugh, and have fun before it all goes black.

Jay Morgan

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