Intertwined And Tied

The music plays, a bass-line pounds deep.

Lights flicker, our guiding glow.

Warm, soft, skin, skimming touch, with heavy rope, to bind and unwind you.

Musceles tighten, stress and release, balance, rising to the ring above.

I’m floating, falling, hovering, transcending pain and finding pieces of self.

And above it all is









and a supreme belief in another being.

Intertwined and tied.

Loving Rope Suspension

In between attaching new hard points around the house, I tie Georgia in various ways, sometimes when she is tied I will tease her body mercilessly. We are becoming lushes for suspension, since having a solid joiner to attach our rope to, we have not wasted a chance using it.

Last night we fooled around a bit to try things we had talked about, seeing how the knots held, and what positions were most comfortable with Georgia. Yes, we are using a solid braid nylon as we just do not have enough hemp to suspend with.

Our first few forays have taught us a few things such as: nylon is soft, a bit slippery; since its softer it will burn or chafe if you are not careful, or provide proper aftercare for any rope burns; we need a bigger O ring. Finally communicating through the entire process is key, I have gotten much better about this as initially all my anxious thoughts were about how to tie the damn rope, but now I am much more at ease which means I am much more communicative with G. Plus it makes for a much more erotic act.

Clinically speaking its been quite a bit of fun, nor has it been as physically taxing as one might think. Still though you have to work up to being suspended for longer periods of time, stretching before and after, if possible, are very beneficial to the overall experience.