He’s so pretty! HNT

We post lots of pictures of my ass (and every other part of me for that matter), but typically Im the eye candy and Jay’s the brains.  Today he was doing his morning ritual of exercises, predictable as taxes, but happened to be talking to me and standing in front of the blinds with the morning sun coming through.  He was such a pretty sight I took a couple of pictures. I love the way the shadows around his muscles stand out. So Sexy…

Besides….he likes to be ogled more than I do! ;o)



2 Responses

  1. Nice arms Jay.

    Also, thanks for sharing your ups and downs of rope & rigging.


  2. ty very much, I try to keep them pretty for her 🙂

    Yw about the rope stuff, am very much a beginner, learning through trial and error. G is such a wonderful sexy test subject !


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