At Home Suspension

We have had quite the whirlwind weekend, add the sunny short shorts wearing weather, a pinch of an empty home, and cupful of deviant lust, and you have a consumable brew of erotic libation.

So I installed some hard points in the bedroom, which was pretty straightforward, and will post about later. At the same time we purchased some rope to try out the aforementioned hard points.

I will have to elaborate when my thoughts are fully processed, but the process of tying then suspending someone regardless of whether you are going to have sexual congress or no is always a surreal experience. It’s a transformative process that happens between two or more persons, transcending each others emotions they on some level develop an erotic synergy.

G loves the sensuous nature of the rope around her body, I in return enjoy the connection I have with her body. Each time I tie her I discover her lovely figure again, her shallow curve from her lower back down to her thighs. I run my hands down her long lean legs, skin that is softer than the rope in my hands.

The pictures aren’t the best as we just snapped a couple quickly.

The first tie we did was purely aesthetic.

Then we finally got to the suspension part.

That’s G suspended, it was intoxicating having her in that position. I was able to turn her, gently rock her, tease her, tie the rest of her body.

It wasnt that hard to get the hard points at all, there was minimal impact on the structure of the house. When we move it will be as easy as unscrewing the bolt, then filling the tiny hole with a dab of spackle, and no one will ever know they were there.