Poser Women

I dont often pay heed to the anti porn/sex crowd, kind of similar to an angry homeless women shouting at her grocery cart you cross the street to avoid. You know shes more of a harm to herself than anyone else, but you still want to keep your distance.

While this group had a conference making the best use of its time speaking about degenerate men in basements. I was looking for them to say something about the corporate exploitation of its teen age demographic ? Or how bout taking on Cosmopolitan magazine ? I first grew hard over naked boobs in Cosmo magazine, or is it ok to for them to do it since they trowel on the makeup of self serving stylish aesthetic.

I noticed too that they are against violence, but I guess its ok as long as the women the violence is done to look different from them.

You can find out more about the anti porn conference hysteria listening to Kink On Tap’s latest show.


Just One Piece Of Clothing

As our scene intensifies, her arms are tied above her, small clamps pinch her nipples as the slender crop slaps at her clit.

She is moaning. Each time the leather of the crop hits her clit her legs shudder, I take time in between hits to linger on her skin, applying pressure, outline her hungry opening. I slap some more, a bit harder than the last, she tries to close her legs to enhance the sensation but I dont let her. I apply several slaps in a row to her ever wetter pussy. Turning her around I have a go at her ass, having her count out the ten slaps that are applied to each cheek.

She knows what she has to do, she must beg for my cock, beg for the enjoyment of having it inside of her, beg for pleasure of calling it hers.

Not content for the moment as I know she has more in her to give. I attach a small clamp to her clit, causing her more excited shouts, and wispy chants of giving her more. Sliding a finger inside her, probing her, feeling her tighten and moisten around me, I ask how many times she has cum. She replies with a mumble of six.

Knowing that I can take G to the point where her orgasms are continuous, I push on, pulling on the clamps, kissing her deeply, whispering in her ear that she is mine.

More slaps, but with the paddle this time. Her senses are overloading, the pleasure between her legs has now enveloped her body and mind, shuddering with uncontrolled orgasms. I free her hands, she obediently goes to her knees to inhale my cock with a determined fury. Feeling her about to push me over the edge, I take her to edge of the bed, bending her over, I ease into her. Thrusting ever harder I am holding her body firmly, unable to move she can only succumb to more pleasure as I seek my release.

After scenes like that the most important toy we have is the one below. Anytime we have a scene like that G slips into that and we lay together coming back down the mountain top.


Your Thong Is Showing

Georgia and I were discussing if the type of underwear a woman wore indicated anything about their sexual proclivities ? Certainly its subjective and has about as much merit as someone who has short hair is an uptight insurance salesman, but its fun conversation to have.

Georgia wears thongs, and she is pretty sexually assertive. We know of a couple of other women who identify in the same way.

Now we realize that not all women are of the same mold, some women dont care for the thong, some dont care for underwear at all.

We were kind of disappointed though to find out that the woman G was flirting with a granny pant fan.


Trimming Georgia’s Bush

My three favorite pubic hair patterns.

The Landing Strip

The Diamond.

The Heart.