What A Way To Start a Sunday

I woke this morning, much earlier than I ordinarily would on Sunday.  The sun was just creeping over the horizon, the sunrise giving promise to the beautiful day.  I poured a cup of coffee and went out on the deck to enjoy the quiet per my usual.  It was so beautiful that I stood, letting the virgin rays of this days sun caress my body. Unable to stop myself, I stripped off my black slinky nighty I had worn to bed and stood on the deck as God made me, my skin glowing in the first amber light.  The slightly cool breeze giving counterpoint to the sun’s warmth, teasing the little hairs on my body like a lover.  I let my sunset colored hair out of its knot for the wind to play with as it spilled down my back. My nipples hardened to the winds touch, my body warmed by the rays of the glowing orb that was now just high enough to appreciate its perfect spherical shape. The sky was a multitude of shades of flame, raspberry, lavender and indigo that gave me a glorious visual palette that I can never truly reproduce as an artist.

It was an absolutely stunning sunrise…

Have a lovely day!