Ignore It, It Will Go Away

Interesting bit in the world of repressed adolescence, parental inhibition, and hypocrisy of authority.

An Arkansas school district experienced a crisis of sexual discovery amongst their youth recently. The school suddenly discovered  13 girls out of a total school population of 200 were pregnant.  So what precedent setting action did the school board take ? They called a meeting, brought in a paid organization that promotes sex abstinence from a Statist point of view, then called it good.

Thinking back to my own angst ridden days in high school; I remember there was a particular guy of powerful semen, he got three or four girls pregnant all on his own. It was a running joke amongst the teachers and students that that particular guy impregnated half the county.

The organization that has been contracted to instruct the students, a bizarre pseudo scientific self help organization that masquerades as a wise hipster, complete with abstinence pledge, is called Reality Check Inc.  They promote freedom from sex, instructing children that having sex is “not a fun thing”.

If your an organization or school that wants to teach kids about sex responsibly,why not take the  money this program will cost and instead purchase condoms to hand out to everyone.  The results would invariably be the same.

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