Creepy Work Guy

So how does a sex positive female deal with the creepy, rude, sexual innuendo commenting guy at work. Knowing that it is blatant, sexual harassment, yet, reporting it will only produce a flurry of paper pushing between administrative flunkies. Then possibly creating a really uncomfortable work environment.

This guy is that guy everyone is familiar with. Overestimating his own sexual prowess, and looks, he constantly seeks to bring his locker room mentality around smart educated people.

Is there not a repellent available for these types of jerks ? What is a solution for dealing with this guy ? Insult his own sexuality ?

Comments ? Suggestion ?


4 Responses

  1. just tell him that you only go for bisexual men because you love to watch two men doing oral and anal sex with each other. that should stop him, and if it doesn’t stop him, post a craig’s list ad inhis name with his office email address.

  2. I wouldn’t waste my time with insults. Besides, with his type it is likely to inflame the situation.

    I would firmly and directly tell him that his comments are not funny, you do not enjoy his constant sexual innuendo and please stop it at once or you’ll have to report it. If the situation arises when this can be said loud enough for those in earshot to hear these statements that’s even better. It’s not yelling, it’s being heard, firm and direct and with witnesses.

    Good luck.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Its hard to dignify stupidity like that with a response. At least, the guy should at least try to be original or intelligent in his remarks. 🙂

  4. Hope there has been some progress on this one! This really isn’t fun. I thnk Hedone’s response is the most adult and responsable. The mean part of me really likes the idea of putting his details in a Craig’s List ad but then that wouldn’t be fair on the respondees.

    Seriously I think a private direct approach saying it is unwelcome is the first line, secondly is the outing his stupidity to collegues as per Hedone and thirdly I would start getting nasty/embarrasing replies stashed. That is my style – often a bit soft for others but works for me. Do what you need to G. It isn’t ok!

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