Spread Wide; Laid Bare

We have been so ‘tied up’ by life lately.  Ive been aching for some play time.  The quick encounters stave off the building pressure in my brain and between my legs, but it definitely doesnt scratch the itch completely. I feel like someone lost in the desert thats been given a sip of water, but is still so dehydrated that I border on crazed. Yesterday we finally had some alone time to play, and I got a loooong drink so now Im replete, at least for the moment ;o)

Jay has been wanting a spreader bar, and our morning started out drinking coffee on the deck, while he piddled around with tools and such.  After reading a particularly hot sex scene in the book Im currently reading, I found myself following his shirtless form around the garage, mesmerized by the play of muscle under the lightly tanned, smooth skin. He was playing with a long strip of wood, drilling 1″ holes through it at specific intervals. When I realized what he was creating,  I was instantly wet, and my pussy throbbing in time with my pulse.  We discussed it, clinically, detached, all the while my brain teasing me with the visual of it being used on me. After much sanding and discussion, I was told to go to the bedroom.  When Jay walked into the bedroom with the toy he had been working on, I was already naked and waiting.  He laughed that low, sexy laugh that always lets me know he’s contemplating sexy thoughts, and I simply said ‘I didn’t know what to put on….” His response was ‘you look perfect.’

Instructing me to lay on the bed, he began tying single-column ties on my ankles, and then securing them to the bar through the holes he had strategically placed. After a few starts and stops, to figure out how best to utilize his  new toy, my ankles were secured to the board about 5 feet apart. His evil, lascivious grin sent a shiver down my spine of anticipation. He threaded the middle section of rope and threaded it through the center hole and ran it up my body and ran it over the head board, and with a firm and forceful pull, my legs attached to the bar rose up toward my head leaving my round ass and moisture-drenched pussy exposed.  The rope came back from the head board and in a flash, my hands were tied together at the center hole.  He sat back on his heels to appreciate his handiwork, as a sigh of contentment escaped me.  The loss of control is such a release for me. Knowing the sexual release will be forth-coming is the cherry on top.

The next thing I know, I feel his warm, wet, skillful tongue drawing lazy circles around my already-hard clit, like he was eating an ice cream cone on a hot summers day before it melts. He covered every inch of my pussy and in moments, I was close to cumming, and then his mouth was gone, leaving me gasping for air, not quite ready to beg, but knowing that I would before too long at this rate.  He reached into the bedside drawer, withdrawing a thin crop, and a leather paddle. The crop was first, its leather tip flicking over my aching clit and nipples standing at attention.  Knowing my body like he knows his own, he knew I needed more. More dominance from him, more subjugation from me, more discipline, just more. Hefting the wide, leather paddle, he ran it slowly, methodically over my very exposed ass and pussy. A few gentle warm-up smacks, he began in ernest. I love my clit spanked when its hard, and after several well-placed, perfectly weighted spanks, my clit was on fire from the blood rushing to the entire area.  My ass, red and hot to the touch pleased him, and he whispered to me as he kissed me like it would give him life ‘I love you, and you are so beautiful, so hot….’.

Returning his attention to my exposed ass, he became more forceful with the paddle until I was writhing and almost unable to articulate the feelings and sensations coursing through my body.  Rubbing my ass between stiff smacks, running his tongue from my dripping opening, up between my reddened lips to the pebble-like hard clit, and back down as a reward. He maneuvered his body to the side so he could still reach my ass, and put his stiff, thick cock between my lips.  At first he only allowed me to play with the head, making it shine with the wetness from my mouth that mirrored my aching pussy. He then thrust it deep into my throat, almost gagging, but staying just this side of it. Pulling back so I could breath, I was further rewarded with a quick succession of smacks to my ass and pussy that were already on fire with need, and a finger slid inside my moist cave to play with my g-spot.  So close to coming, he stopped, not ready for me to cum yet.

As I lay gasping, a throbbing, aching, ball of desire, feeling almost incendiary, he untied the knot holding my legs above my head.  He lowered my legs gently, knowing that my hips would ache from holding my previous position for so long. My respite was short as he cinched the rope tightly to the foot board, leaving my hands secured to the head board, leaving my squirming body essentially spread-eagled for his visual stimulation, and waiting. Not knowing what his intentions were, I was surprised when he took the rope securing my hands to the head board, and ran it down the middle of my body.  Very carefully, a single strand of the soft rope was placed snugly against my hard clit, and up the long divide in my ass, and secured around my waist.  At first it was so tight against me, it danced the line between pain and pleasure.  He carefully, gently, lovingly adjusted position and tension on the rope until my responses told him it was perfect.  Every touch, gentle or not, to the rope threading over my clit sent gentle vibrations coursing over my exposed, hard clit.  Over and over he thrummed the rope, like Jerry Garcia caressing his guitar strings to bring beautiful music to the room, and unbelievable pleasure to my body and soul. I writhed my body against the rope, saturated with my wetness, ever so slightly rough, and slick against my clit, my pussy, my ass.  I tried to make myself cum. I really did. I wanted it so badly at this point I thought I would explode. I was a wordless, mindless,  uncontrolled ball of desire and need. Then he stopped.  I wanted to scream and cry at the same time, and fought for words to beg for more.

With a quick flip, his strong arms that can hold me so gently, flipped my body over, presenting his favorite attribute. caressing my ass, a few playful smacks and then I felt his hard cock teasingly sliding between the soft, round orbs of my ass.  My face buried in the pillows muffled my moans and cries, but my body betrayed me by thrusting my hips up so he could enter me and finally give me what I craved. He slid into me slowly, inch by glorious inch, completely in control.  He rubbed the head over my g-spot in the way he can only do from this position, making my body buck uncontrollably to try to get more of what I needed. Realizing I was reaching the point where I actually physically needed to cum, his body assumed a rhythm with promise.  I was so wet, so ready that within moments, I was close. So close to that pinnacle of pleasure, and he knew. He pounded my pussy, battering down the last of my restraints. I felt him getting harder, reaching that place inside me that he only reaches just before he cums.  In one glorious, deep, thrust, I felt him explode inside of me, and that sensation, combined with all the others, pushed me over the edge. I fell into oblivion. No pain, no words, just the rush of endorphins and the most exquisite pleasure I have ever felt in my adult life.  The bond between us strengthened by the mere act of the simultaneous orgasm that is the goal most couples aspire to but never actually attain.

To put it simply, it was the most erotic, intense, fulfilling, gratifying experience in my sexual history.

Amazing Baby, that’s all I can say. How he took pictures during all that, I cant tell you. but here are a few.



6 Responses

  1. im loving that! wow and double wow

    • I’ll say ‘wow’ again for you…lol…it was definitely one of the most erotic, orgasmic, physically, and emotionally fulfilling sex I’ve had…kudos to Jay ;o)

      Crap…now he’s going to get a big head over it…oh wait…that might work out for me…lol


  2. Me too! WOW!

    The Chef mentioned making his own spreader bar last night. I might send him this post for a little inspiration… I’m sure he’d get right on it!!

  3. Yes! Any input or tips are welcome!

  4. well maybe a how to is in order 🙂

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