An Awkward Party

Over the weekend Georgia’s closest female friend, along with her husband, and brother invaded our home for the night. Not an entirely an unexpected visit, just add three more persons for dinner bringing our total up to eight, modify the menu a bit, then wait for our guests to arrive.

One of our guests was a guy who has/had a thing for Georgia. I wouldn’t even call it a thing, its really pure lust, you can see it in the guys eyes that he is completely mesmerized by her. I dont have a problem with him lusting after Georgia, I have been in his shoes a time or two, as I am sure have a lot of other guys.

Sometimes guys see something really, really pretty, it could be female, it could be something that makes loud noises and goes fast; and something happens to our brains. Rational thinking is in no way possible and the male reverts to a catatonic state complete with a bit of drool down the chin.

Georgia had told me stories of this person before, we had a laugh about it. Knowing this I was a bit apprehensive, but not irritated or feeling the need to pummel the guy. Not really my style anyway.

Which got to me thinking about handling this in a sex positive kind of way, still keeping an eye out for what would be outrageously inappropriate or disrespectful to Georgia and myself.

As the night wore on, it was amusing to see him situate himself next to Georgia, make the obvious, lame comments, throwing in the pass with the hand on leg or, standing behind her stroking her back with his hand. As the night wore on, her best friend remarked to her about it, apologizing for his behavior, asking G if she needed to say something. G declined, she can handle herself, and if he kept up the stupidity she would make a point of really embarrassing him.

In observing all this I was thinking about how personality really matters. This guy was really not suave, or cool, even though he was trying to be nice, he got caught up in the shiny object trance. But even the next day, it was a bit more of the same behavior. Though he did fix the canondales gear system.

In the end, Georgia and I laughed about it, glad that he doesnt live close enough for it to become a nuisance.

Happy in knowing that we dealt with the situation in a much more positive way than we had in previous relationships.


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