Currently Contemplating

Since we have the hard points installed, tested the rope, and have banished any who might intrude this evening. I am contemplating as to what sort of deviant sort of pleasures I can come up with to inflict on Georgia. I am going with the orgasm denial theme, she has to ask, nay beg, to be allowed to cum.

Also thinking of doing something like:

1. Georgia naked her hands tied above her head. I could, from my desk chair tease her with the flog, the paddle, the meter stick, the leather belt. I can tie one of her legs, to the hard point, lifting it to provide better access for stimulation.


2. Still going with the naked with hands tied above her head. I could clamp her nipples, her clit, enjoy spanking her ass for a bit, the slide an anal plug inside her. Then while she has those attached have her watch some porn she likes, or have her video chat with someone.

3. I could suspend her with her back to the floor. spread her legs wide, inflict on her some clit enjoyment with various toys, maybe my tongue. Then flog her nipples a bit while I tease her with my cock just out of her reach.

Still undecided…


Landlord Friendly Hard Points

I have always wanted to tie Georgia above our bed, with her just out of reach, while I lay beneath her, teasing her ever so mercilessly. But we have been hesitant as our house is a rental and really didnt want to damage it in anyway. But the founder of the local fetish group is an owner of many houses and apartments, so he gave us some pointers.

So we finally answered our question; how do we put hard points in our bedroom that wont cause the landlord to go batshit crazy ?

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert in any way, shape, or form, the story below is for entertainment purposes only. Any inspiration derived from this article is at your own risk.

Excluding the hammer and nail, here are the tools I used below. The eye bolts are 5/8 by 4 inches long, I used a 3/8 drill bit to drill the pilot holes.

Most of this is common knowledge but I am not really a handyman type person; sure I used to help people build shit but never really paid much attention to what they did. I was busy prattling on about the shitty injustice of the situation I was having to endure.

Find in your bedroom, or whichever room you want to install the hard points, then go upstairs in the attic.

If your house has a pull down ladder access to it then it is extremely easy to get into the attic space. If not then find some way to get up there. Alternatively if you might be flush with cash from the track, then you can go to the local hardware store, they got all kinds of technical gizmos and all that will help you locate the boards running across the ceiling.

I went up into the attic, pretty damn hot so be prepared to sweat. Warning: there is probably fiberglass insulation in the attic. Its always best to wear a mask of some type over your mouth, and something for your eyes. Fiberglass is itchy, you dont want to breathe it in, and you dont want it in your eyes. There are other types of insulation, this is just what I have to deal with.

In the photo below you will see the insulation, the exposed rafters and floor joists. Tread carefully and make your way to the area you are wanting to install the hard point. I have the area I went to circled below. Be cautious of wires, cables and the like as you make your way to your destination. The area where I am going to is circled below.

Find your location where you want to install the hard point and remove the fiberglass so you can expose the dry wall and the board running atop your ceiling. You will see I have done this in the photo below. I had a hammer to tap on the drywall, Georgia could hear where I was and said I was in a good spot.

In the photo below you will see the fiberglass moved away from the board exposing the drywall for me to hammer the nail into. Hammering the nail into the drywall will mark in the ceiling where to drill the guide hole for the eye bolt.

I was in the correct spot, with the correct tools, my next step was to hammer the dang nail through the drywall. I placed the nail as close to the joist as I could.Then hammer the nail through.

I went down to the bedroom to see where there nail was pointing through. Georgia and I discussed if it was in a good place, we agreed it was; then decided where to put the next one.

I went back up to the attic to repeat the process.  Once we had the nails in place to identify where to insert the eye bolts.

The next step was to get the drill and the 3/8 in drill bit. I drilled a hole through the drywall into the joists, feeling the dust from the hole fall down we knew we were in the correct place.

Once the pilot holes were drilled I installed eyebolts. I inserted the eye bolts, turning them first with my hand then using a pair of pliers to sink them the rest of the way.

So when we move, it is only a matter of unscrewing the eye bolts, applying a bit of drywall compound or the like into the hole. Voila, no no hole, landlord doesnt notice.

We tested for security, we could both hang on them. Put our tools away, then had a drink to enjoy our handiwork. Then get ready for some evening suspension fun 🙂

Enjoy !


BDSM Excursion Gone Bad

Evidently Robin Mortimer, who was the honcho of British RPM Motorsports, died during an BDSM scene.

Time to time these thing happen, and usually there is an incredibly sensationalist story covering the truth, but reasonable comment does happen

Thankfully, and perhaps surprisingly, deaths from sado-masochistic sex sessions are rare, and whilst we can argue about the rights and wrongs of the people involved, consenting adults should be allowed to explore their sexual fantasies, provided it does not affect others or involve minors.

You read the article in its entirety here.

Thanks to Ropecast for the heads up.


Comfort Levels

Being a sexual explorative couple, part of our recreational time is spent having something to do with sexual activity. Either rope work, writing, communicating stories, surmising sexually about various peoples we see, or attend semi adventurous parties.

As any couple we have certain desires and requirements that must be met if we want to get to know someone beyond the length of a flogger.

G and I are not superficial, we are not perfect, we do not expect perfection in others; our simple criteria is a positive disposition. Having an open non-boastful attitude or being gracious is what will put us at ease. Being comfortable with someone leads to better communication which leads to honesty which then results in everyone having a good time.

For example there is a guy who ties Georgia, while teaching me the ropes, pun intended. He has a gentle disposition, tolerant of questions, and generally non-threatening.  A hell of a nice guy who needs a nice submissive in his life, but thats another story. G and I have a certain degree of trust with him. She trusts him when he ties her, she enjoys it, and they have a very sweet connection.

Its not always like this. A couple of weeks ago, G and I went to meet a person who might have be a candidate for some photos, kind of help him expand his portfolio, and maybe help us with some decent photos. There was a problem though, the gentleman was a bit hung up on his own bravado. He had photography he shared, he used lighting well, but they were merely blonde wanna-be models posed in vicky’s lingerie.

To digress a moment, G and I are very comfortable with talking about sex frankly. Yes she is attractive, she is fun to be around, we both are. But we are together, as a couple we play, as a couple we share everything. This concept never seemed to occur to this guy.

Which after a first meeting wouldn’t have been all that bad except for his not engaging me. He seemed only interested in Georgia, cornering her one-on-one while I was distracted with someone else. Then had the audacity to actually ask me if I wanted to be involved. I looked at G quizzically, making sure I heard correctly  and said sarcastically, ‘no I will just stay home and twiddle my thumbs.’

It also demonstrates its not all about physical attractiveness, but the difference is persona, your disposition. Seeing that G and I are a unit together, dealing with us together is the best way to start any relationship that contains the sexual dynamic, either photographer or rigger.

If I am tying up someone besides G and she has a boyfriend then I include him as much as her. For him its more erotic than it is to me, I do my best to put him at ease to allow them both to communicate and enjoy the experience. Yes, photographing or tying someone for whatever purpose you are going to be near the private lady or man parts, but it doesn’t mean in the end you want to have sex with them.


Truth Dying On The Vine

We were sitting in the bar, its long oak table stretched beside us, its solid surface decorated with various drinks of gold, red, and brown. The altar of various tribes of spirits in front of us as we looked backed at our reflections. We were listening John Pilger on Democracy Now as he was speaking of “a war on truth telling” regarding this article, exposing a small part of the soap opera that is our imperial regime.

Jeez guy who wrote the article must have really pissed someone off, a colleague remarked, putting his glass to his lips.

He told the the truth, he reported what he saw, and who is to say that perhaps, his subject wanted did things he wanted the reporter to see, another of our group of four commented.

A patron from the corner hearing our conversation said; “I cant believe a man of that rank not knowing what he was getting himself into when allowing a reporter to follow him, if he is that naive then he deserves to be fired.”

I agreed with the sentiment by this commentary, and got the feeling the story was written as though the general was working with the reporter to lay the groundwork for either a political career, or a Hollywood film development deal.

Isn’t there an old army saying he was so dumb even the other generals noticed.

Which led to more drinks, then extended ramblings about the larger questions ignored by the laughable mainstream media.

Always at War with something aren’t we ? The war on truth in whatever form, the truth about sex, the truth about our government, the truth about processed food, the list goes on ad nauseam.

We looked back at our beers while on the tv the obedient media wolves continued to descended upon any offensive interloper. Enforcing a strict omerta on anyone who dare speak out, whether it be politics, sex, culture, or education.

At Home Suspension

We have had quite the whirlwind weekend, add the sunny short shorts wearing weather, a pinch of an empty home, and cupful of deviant lust, and you have a consumable brew of erotic libation.

So I installed some hard points in the bedroom, which was pretty straightforward, and will post about later. At the same time we purchased some rope to try out the aforementioned hard points.

I will have to elaborate when my thoughts are fully processed, but the process of tying then suspending someone regardless of whether you are going to have sexual congress or no is always a surreal experience. It’s a transformative process that happens between two or more persons, transcending each others emotions they on some level develop an erotic synergy.

G loves the sensuous nature of the rope around her body, I in return enjoy the connection I have with her body. Each time I tie her I discover her lovely figure again, her shallow curve from her lower back down to her thighs. I run my hands down her long lean legs, skin that is softer than the rope in my hands.

The pictures aren’t the best as we just snapped a couple quickly.

The first tie we did was purely aesthetic.

Then we finally got to the suspension part.

That’s G suspended, it was intoxicating having her in that position. I was able to turn her, gently rock her, tease her, tie the rest of her body.

It wasnt that hard to get the hard points at all, there was minimal impact on the structure of the house. When we move it will be as easy as unscrewing the bolt, then filling the tiny hole with a dab of spackle, and no one will ever know they were there.


Sex Is Strong In Ukraine

Interesting post by the sage of sexually smart Dr. Marty Klein taking a working holiday in the Ukraine.

He said:

I was told over and over that Ukrainian women dressed to kill because there are too many women chasing too few men. Why? The answers reveal plenty about Ukrainian society.

First, many men drink so much that they’re uninteresting companions, poor sexual partners, lousy marriage prospects, or violent. Second, many men clearly have poor job and financial futures—they’re under-educated, under-motivated, and living through a poor economy. Third, many men are unprepared for women who are now feeling more entitled and more independent.

The result: the few guys who are good catches can be very, very picky. For better or worse, young Ukrainian women are competing for these guys by advertising their, um, beauty. Or sexuality—take your pick.

Reminds me of dating in college.

Read the rest here


Poser Women

I dont often pay heed to the anti porn/sex crowd, kind of similar to an angry homeless women shouting at her grocery cart you cross the street to avoid. You know shes more of a harm to herself than anyone else, but you still want to keep your distance.

While this group had a conference making the best use of its time speaking about degenerate men in basements. I was looking for them to say something about the corporate exploitation of its teen age demographic ? Or how bout taking on Cosmopolitan magazine ? I first grew hard over naked boobs in Cosmo magazine, or is it ok to for them to do it since they trowel on the makeup of self serving stylish aesthetic.

I noticed too that they are against violence, but I guess its ok as long as the women the violence is done to look different from them.

You can find out more about the anti porn conference hysteria listening to Kink On Tap’s latest show.


Just One Piece Of Clothing

As our scene intensifies, her arms are tied above her, small clamps pinch her nipples as the slender crop slaps at her clit.

She is moaning. Each time the leather of the crop hits her clit her legs shudder, I take time in between hits to linger on her skin, applying pressure, outline her hungry opening. I slap some more, a bit harder than the last, she tries to close her legs to enhance the sensation but I dont let her. I apply several slaps in a row to her ever wetter pussy. Turning her around I have a go at her ass, having her count out the ten slaps that are applied to each cheek.

She knows what she has to do, she must beg for my cock, beg for the enjoyment of having it inside of her, beg for pleasure of calling it hers.

Not content for the moment as I know she has more in her to give. I attach a small clamp to her clit, causing her more excited shouts, and wispy chants of giving her more. Sliding a finger inside her, probing her, feeling her tighten and moisten around me, I ask how many times she has cum. She replies with a mumble of six.

Knowing that I can take G to the point where her orgasms are continuous, I push on, pulling on the clamps, kissing her deeply, whispering in her ear that she is mine.

More slaps, but with the paddle this time. Her senses are overloading, the pleasure between her legs has now enveloped her body and mind, shuddering with uncontrolled orgasms. I free her hands, she obediently goes to her knees to inhale my cock with a determined fury. Feeling her about to push me over the edge, I take her to edge of the bed, bending her over, I ease into her. Thrusting ever harder I am holding her body firmly, unable to move she can only succumb to more pleasure as I seek my release.

After scenes like that the most important toy we have is the one below. Anytime we have a scene like that G slips into that and we lay together coming back down the mountain top.


Your Thong Is Showing

Georgia and I were discussing if the type of underwear a woman wore indicated anything about their sexual proclivities ? Certainly its subjective and has about as much merit as someone who has short hair is an uptight insurance salesman, but its fun conversation to have.

Georgia wears thongs, and she is pretty sexually assertive. We know of a couple of other women who identify in the same way.

Now we realize that not all women are of the same mold, some women dont care for the thong, some dont care for underwear at all.

We were kind of disappointed though to find out that the woman G was flirting with a granny pant fan.