On my mind right now…

Me: Sitting in my office chair, cross legged, sipping a dram of whiskey, black slacks, white button down shirt, sleeves rolled back a bit, imperial style shoes buffed to a high shine. Contemplatively tapping a slim cane on the edge of the desk.

Her: on her knees, wearing a black thong, her hands tied behind her back to the edge of the wooden desk, shirt ripped to expose her puffing breasts. Her mouth is covered by the black scarf I had her purchase today. Her eyes anxiously fixed on the cane rising up and down softly on the desk.

5 Responses

  1. wow!

    sounds amazing, can so picture that x

  2. Great imagery. I’m there with you. The anticipation made my pussy quiver.

  3. hmmmm….sounds yummy….sexy thoughts percolating 🙂

  4. Very sexy image-let. You could do a series of these types of posts. Bite sized lust inducing morsels.

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