Sex Nerd

My preferred activity, second to tying Georgia then teasing her mercilessly with whatever kitchen tool might be handy, is consuming history of all eras. Primarily from academic sources, give me a thick text discerning the evolution of the fur trade in pre colonial america and I am as content as a masochist strapped to a table awaiting that first strike of the whip.

Recently I came across dissertation by Robert Bienvenu titled “The Development of SM As A Cultural Style In The 20th century“.  I am impressed by the substance of this dissertation,very articulate, it provides a snapshot into a bit of sociological history in an area that has received little historical documentation.

Though not talking about rope bondage per se, its focus is on the gay leather sub culture, pioneers of fetish photography, the origins of the beefcake magazines, and evolution of leatherman clubs.

You can find the paper here.


4 Responses

  1. oo the sting of the spatula! such a happy memory

  2. You have my attention JM. Stuff that rubs the brain cells just really does it for me. Shall we call it a sapiogasm?

  3. we shall !

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