Shower Time Reminder

You know, there are times that your wife, husband, partner, lover, will do something that reminds you that they really do love you, care about you, then demonstrate that love and caring. Sometimes its the nice back rub after a long day of work, or a quiet moment in each others embrace, or simply saying bless you after a sneeze.

The last couple of days around the ol’ homestead has been one of preparing for the invasion of far flung relatives. Preparing for an invasion of this kind requires a flurry of tidying, cleaning up the remnants of the kids adventures, and fixing that loose towel rack you have been meaning to fix for three months now. Georgia has had her focus on preparing for the logistics of the visit so our play time has been on the back burner a bit.

So this morning was one of those times when Georgia reminded me she loves me. We kissed a bit this morning, casually mentioning the plans for the day. I took the time to play with her naked ass bent in front me, then we got in the shower. As I was beginning to shut the water off, she told me to stop what I was doing and turn around. She knelt in front of me, taking my cock in her hand, stroking it while plunging her mouth on me. Georgia feasted on my cock, porno style ! Furiously back and forth with her mouth and hand on my hardened cock, taking it deeper, providing a firm hand to arouse my cock even more. She squeezed my cock hard with her hand and mouth as I came, her other hand pulling me into her.

Its these moments that remind me how much in love with Georgia I am. She knows that the last few days she have been a distraction, thanking me for my patience and support this way I fall in love with her all over again.


One Response

  1. I’m not sure who’s the luckiest here. You or Georgia? I think Georgia got the best deal.


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