Sex Appeal Redfined

At Violet Blue she considers the term erotic capital, which is some sociologist new buzzword for what in the past we called confidence and charisma. I was thinking of this in relation to Georgia. She has quite a bit of “erotic capital” men (and women) seem to be drawn to her, its quite a fascinating phenomenon to observe. Georgia is sometimes blinded to it, but she is comfortable with herself, confident in her work, mind, and body.

Which got me thinking about what I find attractive sexually. I don’t go for the stereotype, what appeals to me is sexually something unique, not only physically but mentally as well. Intelligence appeals to me, being intelligent brings about confidence which boosts appeal in other areas of your life. Those types of women, like my Georgia are the ones who make my knees weak.


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4 Responses

  1. I always find myself attracted to people that have something odd about them.
    Usually it is manerisms or quirky habbits, but it can be visuals too.

  2. it so depends on my mood the only thing that is constant it height, they have to be taller than me and even better if taller than me in heels.

  3. mmmm…heels !

  4. Erotic capital, eh? I’ll be throwing that term about, I like it.

    Your Georgia is lucky that you cherish her so.


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