Notes Of Wisdom Accrued

Life is a series of events that sometimes collude together providing experience a chance to meet opportunity. Growing up an introverted hippie type I was awkward with women, (understatement) and really didn’t score that much. No kink for me, the only really “adventurous” girlfriend would occasionally have semi public sex in a car somewhere, but that was about it. Aye though, having vise like grip on me she did teach how to properly appreciate a female body, her mind, and all the soft delightful skin from head to toe, but that’s another story.

The last couple of years with Georgia has been a rapturous sexual awakening for me, exploring various kinks or fantasies. enjoying the merriment, avoiding the not so merry. Georgia is a bit more, or was, experienced in exploring her more exhibitionist side, it took me a while to really getting to explore my kinkier side, getting passed the superficial elements of ones body or even sexual congress. I found that my tastes drifted towards the kinkier side, adding elements besides people, or just sex toys. Then trying to find persons who also share your same open minded attitude towards sex and sexual attraction.

I never thought I could love rope, but I have completely been smitten by its allure, seductive, soft, yet could be a little bit dangerous. Very much like Georgia, but anyway, never in life did I think these feelings or desires might be real, never would I have imagined them becoming a reality. Which, as life prepares one for what is to come, I don’t think I could have the same understanding or maturity to really enjoy what is happening now sexually.

Exploring what gratifies one sexually is difficult in the first place as being able to honesty express yourself without feeling bizarre, awkward, or ashamed, since cultural upbringing promotes a very conservative view of sexuality. Georgia and I do pretty well discussing what we like or dislike, not to say its all easy, there are times when we have to reinforce our support for another, reaffirm our love and commitment to each other. Getting over misconceived notions or statements a partner may make is sometimes a stumbling block for us, so having a good helping of patience when talking over your desires or dislikes is a very astute decision.

We made friends with a very cool, sexy couple, funny, attractive, open minded. We have mentioned before about our first get together which allowed us to break the ice so to speak and get comfortable with one another.

We were going to have another get together with them over the weekend, the excitement had been building, our focus these last few days have been on the other priorities of life so we only had the chance to flirt and tease about what might happen, not really discuss it at length. We did end up flirting about what Georgia would like to do with a submissive woman, I proffered up the typical two girls tied up blow job scenario, which drew a hearty laugh from Georgia.

Its been three years of patience, understanding, and communication to get where we are. A year ago we couldn’t have handled a situation like the one we had over the weekend. Rough waters have to be navigated, avoiding the swift current of jealousy by knowingly putting ourselves in a difficult situation. As we tried various scenarios of pleasure we took the experience talked about it then tried to nourish a seed of growth that brings us closer together.

The wisdom built from experiences over time will make the adventures on the road ahead much more exciting.


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