Sex On Sex Off

There are moments in life when your mind is drifting in a cloud of erotic thoughts. Times when your partner makes that one simple movement, twist of the hip, flip of the hair, thats felt at the bottom ones balls.

Such as when after say, yesterday, G and I spending some time together, G paraded around me in a scantly apron, nothing else, while cooking dinner in the kitchen. Strutting around displaying provocative angles was a constant, but pleasant, distraction. So precisely when I am slapping her ass playfully, dropping sexually charged kitchen references, the mobile rings from a very vanilla person. Its at this time when mentally you have to downshift, but your body doesn’t respond immediately. Then your left standing there trying to have a conversation while sporting some very stiff wood.

Physiologically speaking its a rush in itself, feeling the energy of your body flow from one area to the next.


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